Guess what, Sallie Mae? YOU SUCK!!!

The words "customer service" and "Sallie Mae" DO NOT go together. I have NEVER met such an uncaring organization. IN FACT! I am going to write an article on why students should NEVER get their student loans through you. YOU SUCK!!! The worthless law degree that I obtained with your loans have left me unemployed and unemployable. I told you back in August that I was unemployed, only to get the unsympathetic response of, "Oh, we don't have an unemployment deferment. Who gives a shit if you're living in your car, giving blow-jobs at the local truck stop just so you can have a fucking meal at the end of the day. Oh, and by the way. We'll fuck up your credit even more so you can never get a job again. Make sure you pay us, sucker. Have a nice day!"

I've told you once, and I'll tell you again. Being an asshole and calling me several times a day to "remind me" that I have a payment due isn't going to get you your money any faster. What do you want me to do? Suck for it? Fuck for it? Break into someone's car so I have something to pawn for it??? When I get it, I'll send it to you. I'm not a dirt bag who avoids paying her bills.

Your dirt bag