I’d seen you before outside this same grocery store in the Pearl, and I made it a point to always give you a dollar cause I like our small talk. I showed up again a few nights ago and you were outside, only it was very cold and rainy and you were sobbing so hysterically it made me want to sob… the perils of trying to quit a lorazepam addiction cold turkey. I didn’t want to bother you so I went in but could only think about you out there. I bought a variety pack of those Lance cheese & peanut butter cracker sandwiches cause honestly I’ve had a weird craving for them all week, broke $100 and went back out to give you the $97 in change cause, of all nights, you needed it more than me. Your eyes lighting up and then that crazy hug where we both cried, like I was ed norton being jammed into meatloaf’s manboobs. It was still cheaper than my regular therapist and even more helpful. I walked home in a weirdly cathartic daze, that was one of the weirder and more spontaneous moments in my life and I wish I had more. Take care friend.