1. Milk pail time capsule housing, F.L. Carlsen Dairy, Oregon City

2. Wine, France.

3. Tinctures of cocaine and strychnine, popular soda fountain additives

4. Commode handle, Agamemnon's Palace

5. Pabst Brewing "shortboy" prototype, approx 8 oz.

6. Standard packing dunnage (then and now)

7. Restroom key fob, The Lonesome Chaparral Club

8. Vanilla scraping and muddling tusk, King of Palau

9. Balustrade finial, Legion of Pride

10. A "pappy-cacker" or "barkeep's 15" closing pistol.

11. One-press olive pitter and pimiento stuffer

12. Bone luge bib, The Zut Galors

13. Church key, Our Lady of the Vespertine Epistolary

14. Bitters dispenser, The Altivar

15. "Pinhole whisper" pins (speakeasy membership lapel badges)

16. Chicken and egg rolls from Sam Li's Pekin (reheated nicely)