Illustration by Martha Rich

UMMM... excuse me, but when it comes to sex toys, why should girls have all the fun? Luckily for us, SCIENCE™ has developed new and exciting boy toys for us fellers to use solo or with a partner—and even better? Some of them aren't even gender specific! So go ahead and use them on everyone and everything! But which ones to choose? If you're just now dipping your toe into the sex accessory pond, here are three boy toy "MUST HAVES" chosen by Jeneen Doumitt and Evy Cowan of Portland's best sex-positive toy shop She Bop (909 N Beech).

Tenga Egg

If you're unfamiliar with masturbation sleeves and nervous about shelling out dough for a top o' the line model, give the Tenga Egg a stroke. The inside of this stretchy sleeve is covered with rubbery omnidirectional nubs that feel like an army of sexy tiny soldiers are marching around your wiener. (Or women soldiers. Whatever. Stop being so weird about it.) Best of all, its only $8.50! That's a lotta bang for the buck!

Pfun Plug

Prostate massage. Let's talk about it. Some guys like it, some don't, and some (sadly) don't know. If you're unsure then, for the love of God, find out—because you are literally sitting on what could be a goldmine of sexual fun. Prostate appreciators should definitely give a looky-loo at the Pfun Plug—a stainless steel weighty plug that's designed to expertly and ergonomically massage the prostate, has an easy grasp handle, AND can also be used for G-spot-finding fun with a lady pal... if you swing that particular direction.

Neo Ring

Love the way cock rings make you look—like a sexy MONSTER—but don't love the way they feel? Try the Neo Ring which is a stretchy alternative to metal, and has a buzzy surprise on top! The enclosed vibrating bullet activates on touch, or can be set for nonstop stimulating fun. Wear it "up" for G-spot action or "down" for external anal massage. See? Everybody's happy! (And how!)


While providing slippy-slidey fun, lubrication is also often a necessity. For the fellas, She Bop suggests the cowboy-flavored Ride Dude Lube that's thick enough for anal play, but is also water-based and paraben-based (so it won't ruin your other toys, or give anyone cancer... which is kind of a boner murderer to say the least).