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...what I really want is to toil on long enough that our days become reruns, our steps and missteps become choreographed jazz & tap 08.08.09

debo, i love your guts & want to kiss your whole head! yes, even despite disco duck. looking forward to many more superbowls. happy v-day, lover!

effie + echoik = fornevers girl, they won't believe it, but here we are. i love you the mostest. -your monsser, monsser, monsser destroyer

I am your tugboat, pressing on through Pushing for love, and pulling for you Crawling across the warm soft sand By the lovely beaches of Bonnieland

Lovely Lobkin! I'm still delighted to have met you. Let's make this next decade as gumbly as the last one. Be well, sweetness.

New Seasons Sellwood, Briana, & Andy! Miss you all! Happy Valentines Day from San Diego. Love, Maria


Thank you for not taking no as an answer. Thank you for being somewhat like a sloth tied around my neck, in a cute way.

"NYKLES" Kara, I will not be ignored. Now get your ass over here and eat this glass of cherries! You have always made me laugh... now, make me holla. Be mine?

#2 your the best! as good as #1, but just #2. thanks for always being there. your the greatest sissypoo i could ask for. until out next adventure.your #2

$$$$$ JORDAN $$$$$ I love you like a fat kid loves mashed potatoes! Your vagina mouth makes my claw hands quiver. We be doin it and doin it well. xoxo, baby T-rex

Τζοσουα L is for LOVE, baby O is for ONLY you that I do V is for loving VIRTUALLY everything that you are E is for loving almost EVERYTHING that you do

'NEENERS Recognizing your scent.... Hearts, K.E.

'STUMPS' I guess you dig men in little black dresses and stilettos... I love you with all my heart and can't wait for Seattle. I'm sure it will be great. ;)


*** PUPPIKINZ *** Everyone readin this would love to have a spunky-cudly one who fixes cars, scrubs kitchen floors, gets wild in hot tubs - yet thrs only 1 PK -Bmine?

***NOAH*** A black eye looks good on you, for real. Happiest of Valentine Days even if it's not celebrated traditionally. -Your Bestest Friend

**SNATCH & LAUREN** I think you guys are gay for me (which is understandable). Clean up the backseat once in awhile and maybe I'll hang out more often. Peace -Sally Kane

**SPECIAL AGENT K** I still dream U will strike that & reverse it. Much love loaded with the wrong kind of kisses - high C

*HEARTS* Six months or five years, however you count it. I love your more with time, my dear.

*JOHN JOHN* If we're still together I'll give you the ol' front back side to side. If not... Your loss. You're unintentionally funny & I think it's sweet. -S


-BV uuu. how i love ya baby. won't you give me a special valentines love bite? -MT

. Yes, I know my luck too well. And I'll probably never see you again.

... I go out walkin' after midnight out in the moonlight just hopin' you may be somewhere a walkin' after midnight, searchin' for me

1 LEA YOUNG LOVE U WOW! 3 years that is like 30 in lez years but they have been the best I am glad that I have been here 4 u w/ every thing from MR. to OUR$ prb I love u

30 OUGHT I love you more than I can tell you in this little magazine. Please be mine forever and ever! Yeah, and you really do have a cute ass.

742 Here's to Cork, Mashed potatoes and RED. 742, I Love you. See you at dinner. Will you read to me?

A again the chance to tell you how i feel, with the hope that somewhere deep, for you its also real, & hoping in some small way, you too may reveal...

A BEAUTIFUL FLOWER You are the flower and I am the bee, so let's get down and sticky

A-BOMB You give me all I need. From the gyrations of the penis panther to a tenderness that melts me at my most tumultuous. You have my heart. Love,Babe

A. I'm rather fond of that rocket in your pocket, and I'm glad you are my special friend. I'll snuggle with you in the planetarium anytime. --h

AARON yous is my favorite. i want to nuzzle you all the time. thanks for letting me be you babes.

ABBY Happy Valentine's day, sweepstakes prize :] You're the only girl in this whole city who can make me glow. NRRRRDDD GRRRRL!

ABILENE I fell in love with a girl of 19. Where is it you shall take me? Is it in the mountains high. Or is it the deep blue sea. I love you more each day. B

ABP I lava you infinity. After all these 2 years.. you've become my best friend and I can't imagine spending my days, my nights without you. Foreva eva.

AC/DC You, I'm waiting for you You, you set my desire I trip through your wires Ihre Leibekuchen

ACCIDENT You're the best wife ever! I hope we can climb mountain/sleep in the same bed cause you're my insomnia cure. I feel a trip to the ocean is due XOXOXO

ACTUAL A heartfelt "you the best." lovin so many things: comfy skirt fest, breakfasts, cabin fires, bug bites. you make every moment exciting and I love you.

AD I love you. Calm down. Everything will be al right and you'll finish your homework. Heart, GB

ADA I wanna eat yr face. Let's make out. Love and kissez!

ADAM Thank you for being my best friend! I still get giddy every time I see you walking down the street. I love you more than Neptune loves salmon. K-Kat

ADAM You are my best friend, the love of my life and the one I want by my side always. I love your guts! Erin

ADAMATIC You are truly the king of the school. Your basketball stat knowledge is something to admire and cherish. I wish you all the cola the world. mad cola.

ADRIEL you are so awesome! don't worry, things will come together for you. in your career and in love!

ADRIENNE MY DARLING I Love You, baby! You and your poo-faced little dog, too... Happy Valentine's Day

AEDEN, We love you. If your sister wasn't our mother we would be with you forever. Someday we will make you king of our home planet<3 Bean, Izzi and Ginger

ALAN No matter what, your heart beats on the inside but lives on the inside.

ALAN We are opposites sides of a coin. We are worthless without each other. Make heads or tails, it's an act of god for us to land on the thin edge.

ALANA Before I met you my heart was a crap taco. Now it soars with the eagles.

ALANNA MY CUNTFACE! My dear cuntface and soon to be bride, we were born to be together like the cuntfaces we both are! I love you very much! xoxo Robb, your cuntface

ALETA AND DORA Since I couldn't afford the three-way broken heart necklaces, I am writing to wish that our love triangle continues until we turn to dust. Love, Big B

ALEX AT ROCCO'S I just want you to know that I care. I invite you to a night of whiskey and Lord of the Rings.If you would so choose I will give you the one ring. Kev

ALEX DEMARCO! Ooooh my pumpkin brittle babycakes! I'll make sure to keep my tush super freaky-fresh for you this valentine's day. I love you so! Nicolexoxo

ALEX, You are my favorite.You are my moon and stars. Thank you for your devotion, love and AMAZING sex!<3 Lilly a.k.a. teh love of your life

ALEXI SWEET we have been going for ten years and your kitty is still as hot as ever. as they say you are the bomb as they say. now come here and kiss me

ALI I love you - you're the best I could ever wish for or hope for!

ALICIA W. You have your eyes on the prize..i have my eyes on your thighs. The ring is the thing, but it's you who makes my heart sing. Pure Love. Your Boo

ALISHA I want to wake up next to you and count all the feathers.


ALLEGORICAL BUNNY It's a shame you had to go and lose yourself down the rabbit hole. Those bathroom stalls will never be so fun now. I hope the journey is rewarding.

ALLISON I love your face. Thank you for your love and the way you make all the silly things in life all the more fun. Happy Valentine's day sweetheart. BOOM.

AMANDA Another series of seasons have passed, and we're still (happily) listening to each other snore! Thanks for 5 great years! I love you, baby! -Ryan

AMANDA I love you as much as you love bacon-possibly more. You are so sexy, smart and fun. I can't wait to milk goats and slaughter pigs with you. Love-Benny

AMANDA VEGAN The last couple months have been amazing! Thanks for being such a great girlfriend, and for all the baked goods! X to the O Charley


AMBER Do you remember last year? The red heart drawn around your Valentine? I love you. Here's to dreaming about where we'll be this time next year.

AMBIES i love you ps kimsy loves you too. pps too bad we have to go on a trip w/ your family on valentines day. valentines day remix next weekend?

AMIE Happy Valentine's Day babydoll. It's our last one alone! I love you. Thanks for everything.

AMORICANO You're the juiciest gift my life has given me. I love you. I love loving you. May we grow stronger and happier always. And sexier too.

AMY AND LIL' MAMA Thanks for always getting me food and coffee. One of you needs to stop biting and scratching me. You know who I'm talking about. All my love, C.

AMY FUZZ BOTTOM Dearest, I love you. Washing your dishes turns me on, join me on the couch?

AN MEINEN SCHATZ... ...Erika. Alles Liebe zum Valentinstag! Ich liebe dich von ganzem Herzen! Maybe next year we will have a puppy to share the love. KEG

ANANDA MEOW MEOW I can't wait for Summer nights full of synchronized swerving and scandalizing Portland. I love you and want to share my bed with you forever!

ANDREW We have something special, you know it and so do I. Lets get married! I love you, Always and forever... Cher

ANDREW, Happy Birthday! Happy Valentine's Day, Happy! How we doin'? You're beautiful, hilarious, ridiculously talented and you rock my world! I love you! -AK

ANDREW, I'm so glad to have met you this year! I appreciate your patience and upbeat attitude. I look forward to poses and other fun in the future!

ANDREW, BLACKBIRD Happy valentine's, love. Our first of many, as I absolutely do want to spend my life with you! I love and admire you so much! Your dove, Audrey

ANEKAH My lil' A. I love you so much little muffin pants. I love your sense of humor, smile, stubborness and gentlness. I am proud to be your mama. Kisses

ANN Hubby Kip is never going to please you like I can, so why don't you leave him and join me in my mansion in Hollywood? -George

ANN ROMULAN I'm the luckiest guy in the world that you told Emperor Klaktu to buzz off. I'll be your Kipster forever. Love, Monk

ANNA The only thing you ever did for me was a Mercury valentine.You dont deserve me and you will probably die as you lived. A lonley fridgid headcase!

ANNIE BANANIE I'll be your Panda if you'll be my Kitty Kitty. I promise not to buy you anything for VDAY <3

ANNIE POO I miss you and I'll be home soon then we can finally do all of the Portlandy things that we love to do. Love, Hoolia Nation

ANTHONY LAUCH Just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day to my sweet little love slave. Love you TONS!!!!!!!!!!Love Amoreena

ANTOINETTE Your carb-filled dishes and fine black booty make me one happy man. You rock more than Scott Bakula ever did! Loves and kisses, Z

ANTONETTE Who said blacking out could never be a good thing? You're the best thing i've ever stumbled upon! Love ya babe!

ANUSTASIA<3CLITTORIA I need you in my life like my gallon size industrial FDS. W/O you my day just stinks. BFF's or I call ALL the 3 letter agencies! Love you mean it!!!

APOLLONIA NICOLE You're hot, and the love of my life. God only knows where i'd be with out you. Plus you're the smartest chic i know, did i mention sexy mommy? Luf u.

ARAN: I love you SOOOO much. XOXO Nicole

ARASHI Y You're a great friend! I'm glad we're playing phone-tag lately; one day we'll play real-tag b/c I know I'll win- I saw you fall into that puddle! KK

ARIEL through and through, life's not so bad as long as i've got you

ARON SMOOGINCON Without you, I'm just a grumpy old bear hiding out in my pot-smoking lair. Come back from Corvallis. I la-la-love you.

ART I love you more than my XBOX 360, and that is a lot. Love, Rose

ASH THE FJB With open arms I await your return, ash. Glad you got the Clausey clausey taken care of, though. I love you.

ASHLEY M You are my Juliet, my forbidden love. This Valentine's let's be together and not worry about the future. Let's embrace our forbidden love! Love you!

ASSY The Beaver and I love you! XOXOXOXXO

ATOMIC MEOW MEOW love me. love me. love me. love me. love me. love me. love you. thanks for little Z.

AUBREY It's been a crazy ride with many sacrifices, but I wouldn't have had anyone else as my copilot. I love you babe! And you're the bestest! Hah!

AUBREY LEE DINSDALE You came to my life during troubling times, you stuck with me through the lies, you help me to see through others eyes, hope we never say goodbye

AUSTINA*~ i love you sooo much!! hugs, highfives, earrubs, kisses, and... where'd the chocolate go?...

AUTOMOMMY 6 years of effortless love..and loving you is still the easiest thing i've ever done..without you i have nothing..i pledge to you my undying love.....

AUTUMN O Dark-Eyed Beauty, you've taken so much: my sleep, my heart, my emptiness. How far must I climb before your heaven can be touched?

AZAD I like you more plus one. you rule.

B If you love something let it go. If it comes back to you then you know. Our love is delicate. I will wait for you always. Love, your girl

B My NJ love, it's been over 5 years of traveling, loving, exploring, living, and having fun together. U R the best. XOXO, E

B! kissing outside of siam,in pagoda & philosophy:world. what's next before cinqueterre amore mio? meeting you on planet M has rocked my world baby.xoE

B-RAD happy valentines day, sweets! we's gon' do it tonight! wooooooo! love, molly d


B.F-IN'.F.F. Europe, Mexico, Spain, Minneapolis, its all the same. Our stuff is bonded in some sense forever dear.

B.LOVE The last year has been an adventure I couldnt imagine Ur my heart and my future Happy Anniversary Byron I cant wait to see whats next Love GingerBear

BABE OF THE POWER I like you i like you i like you i like you get me! Thank you for an inspiring sesh of a year, I'm so glad to know you, and I love you so mush. -bear

BABE! i love our place and little ruby and our new life together. but mostly i just love you. i'm so happy to be back home with you where i belong.

BABO Thank you for being everything I've ever wanted or needed. You make me happier than i thought possible. I really really really kind of like you ;)

BABY As my roommate I adored you. As my lover I preferred you. As my best friend I fell in love with you. I am so lucky to have you in my life...A x

BABY Glad to show you how important you are to me -- you know I will do anything for you. Thanks for being mine. I am so proud of you, Sarah. Your man

BABY Happy Valentines Baby. I love our family we have together. All three of us is so happy. I can't wait to grow more with you. I LOVE you!!

BABY BABY BB! After 20 years, I still think you're the coolest. I'm more in love with you now than ever. The Chief and I wanna thank you, once again, for having us!

BABY BALOOGA I'll love you forever, I 'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be. I'm so overjoyed with our beautiful, loving life together!

BABY CAKES did you just touch my ass?

BABY CAKES You're hot...Can't wait to ride down to San Fran with you. I bucking love you times a super million. xoxoxox

BABY HOLLYN GEEFERT Give me some sugar, god damn your toes taste nasty! You pickle me with delight. Hallelujah! I love you and every type of worm in your body.


BABY SNAKES! I love you with all my heart! You are the best friend,lover,wife and mother of my child I could ever ask for. Thank you for being the best part of me!

BABY SNUGGLE FACE I just wanted to tell you that I love you lots and I am so glad that I have you in my life. I am excited to see what the future holds for us!!


BABY, BABY, PUMPKIN O sweet baby o'mine. The last six months of wif to my husband has been a delight. I love you more than the spoken word can say. Love & Smakdoma, TC

BABYBEAR Meowmers is cute that's certain, on your toes she likes to put a hurtin'. She really is fuzzy, that I will say, screw her name, happy valentines day!

BAGBE You're the best! Let's get married or something?

BALL Without you, I'd be lost. Thanks for sticking with me over all these years. Your love and patience is unmatched. I love you more than you know.

BAM I wish you tok me seriously about waking me up when you get home. Maybe Saturday? I know this isn't IsawU, but it's close

BAMA Here's to the strange magic that occurs when a man from Panama and a redhead from Brooklyn cross paths! Much love baby. You're fabulous.


BANANA JUBJUB MUFFIN Lets just "make" all day! Love you lovey, But no babies, I don't care for that fad.

BARRY DALE You make everyday a valentines. Your love keeps me alive, I never want to know a life without it. Forever your wife ~ Melissa Ann

BAYBEE! Thank you for being NOT being vanilla!!! I do love Rocky Road!

BEAN Even though you piss me off real good sometimes, I couldn't imagine my life without you. I love you boo. Psychedelic feelings included.

BEAN no matter what u go tru in life. Know that I always got ur back. You give, you take away but I will love you just the same.xoxo

BEAN Thank you for always letting me be who I am, and even finding it amusing some of the time. I love you oods and can't imagine life without you. Forever

BEAN! You are my little bean and all cute and stuff and I lubbins.

BEAR Even after 18 years, six months and some days, I love you - still AND moving. I am, as always, your Girl.

BEAR (LITTLESUNBEAR) Asshole,unfortunately for me,Iloveyou more than i could imagine loving another person.Youre cute,I'm ready to makeout again,hope you are too L,Little

BEASTIE MCMONSTER Last year's might have been fake but this year's definitely isn't. You are the bestest hubby ever. Wanna play snuggle bunnies? I chest tattoo you...

BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL The edges of our hearts or jagged lets let love smooth things out. ur so beautiful inside an out. i'm addicted to it.i'll always love u,Cuddle Monster

BEAUTIFUL SUZ Everyday I wake up next to you, I feel blessed. The way you make me feel loved is undescribable. I will always love you no matter what life may bring.

BEAUTIFUL UNICORN My Beautiful Wonderful Wife, I love you! I love your big red kite, I love your complete madness, I love our life.Happy Valentine's Day Darlin.

BEBE DRAGON There is a time and a place when I first saw your grace. I dare say that was the day my heart was no longer my own. Yours now...more than breathing.

BECKY I am sorry I won't be in town to spend V day with you. I hope you will make it a special day nonetheless!!!

BECKY The best part of the snowstorm was all the plowing. I heart your sexy vagina!

BEEB you are my beeb

BEEZY-BEAR I'm so happy to have you in my life! All of you: the spatula thumbs, Jewish sense of humor, kind smile, revealing the dark, reveling in the laughter..


BEHY113 Loved you since I met you, and I always will. As we walk thru the dark forrest of life we will fear no gods cuz no god!

BELLA We have the most beautiful eyes. You will kill me for calling you sweet for everyone to read but you are. To me. Thanks for all the ice cream. <3

BELLA BEAR Things might be tough, but you will find your way through it all with some grace. Believe in yourself! Jake and the Gang sure do and so do I.

BELLIE Hope you have a super fabulous 'chick-chicka siii' V-day. Ur sista!

BEN you are my lover, my friend, my knight in plain clothing. i'm glad we've stuck it out for so long, and will always love you even if my sister doesn't.

BEN JAMMIN JAMES you are the best self-destructive tendency I've ever had. In bed. Love you Benny Bear...

BEN W. Your performance as Sebastian was amazing, you are lovely enough to almost make me want to become one of those normal people who has Relationships.

BENDAN I love you more than ever and cannot wait to welcome LilC to our lives so we can be a lovin' trio.

BENHARD I see you all the time. Knitting here and there, being all bikey and drinking your coffees. The right person is sure to come along and love you up. -S

BENJ You and I are meant to be. I knew that 16 years ago when we met and I know it now, despite some of the challenges of late. I love you.

BENNY oooh, do i love you. you may not like valentine's day, but i sure like you. let's sail off into the sunset.

BENNYTASTIC If I had to choose between you and Bacon, I'd pick you. You're the best Daddy a girl could ask for. I love you Bunny! Amanda B.

BENSON BECKWITH III Although my dearest love you are far away in ol mac, my love for you will forever be strong...i dunno you have a cute butt and i love your face. <3Em

BEST DRESSED BECKY When Im with you ..you make my tight pants even tighter..and knock me off my creepers..ILOVE YOU! Lloyd Dobler

BEST FRIEND BEARS I love you more than we love Ugly Dolls. For you, I would leave the Congo. Let's live in a tree house, make babies and start a brand new colony <3

BETH I must be crazy! I can't stop thinking about you! I miss you and love you so much.. spend V-day with me? I'll even cook.. then we can play! Love, R.

BETHY <3 Thanks for letting me drag you across the country, and for listening to all my complaints. Could not do any of this without you. kisses sweetheart.

BETTIE MONROE You are Beautiful, smart, funny, charming, quick with an quip and also first to aid me when I am down and out. As a best friend and lover you are tops

BETTY Tulips are purple Daisys are Yellow Lets get kinda naked And do it in Jello

BFF Too bad I fell in love with you after you moved out of Portland.


BIG DADDY LUCIFER I belong to you. Every piece of me, my heart, my soul, I am yours. I love you. I will be everything for you. Be my Forever Valentine? xoxo Princess

BIG WILLY For the love of gawd, show me the monkey!

BIGALOW HERMELING To my dearest,best friend & lover... I love you more than their are stars in the sky. We r so lucky to laugh,love, and fart together. XOXO, Heaven J

BILLY P. i wanna put you in my pocket so you are there whenever i am having a Billy-Snuggle-Fest withdrawl. Your kisses are my cocaine. I wanna spank you ;)

BINGIE You are my rock. I love you and our darling daughter Echo. Thanks for your constant affection. Love, Poppy

BINKY PANTS it's hard to express on this teeny little slice of newspaper how much you mean to me. I love you!

BIPPIE LONGSOCKINS Your the beat thing since Foie Gras.

BIRDFLAG Thank you for being the best boyfriend ever -- If you were a YouTube video you'd be a funny, sweet cat video that people hate to admit they love.

BISCUIT! It's Peanut! I want to stand naked and drunk on the porch of our island home with you and howl at the moon on our 35th anniversary. Is it a date?

BK You are the best boyfriend ever cause I always eat on your side of the bed so crumbs don't get on my side and you never get mad. Thank you! Love J

BLAIR BEAR! 1 miiiiilllllliiiiiooooonnn hugs and keeses to you!!! you'll always be my favorite lil CB! <3

BLUE EYED BOY Be mine forever? Starting June 28th? You wear a three piece suit. Me? A peacock feather. We'll sneak behind trees and make out. It'll be awesome.- PJ

BLUEHAIR @ C&S NORTH You're really pretty, and I always want to ask you for your name, then get tongue tied when you come by. Sorry. I'm a bastard, but it's ok. -O

BLUEY & SCOOTS You can lick my face anytime. Love, Jenny

BOB I freaking love you and I am so lucky you are in my life. You make my heart go pidily platter platter. Love you, sound in motion.

BOBBICAT You fuckin' roxors my soxors. I have never meet anyone that loves me and my beautiful brown booty so much. Meow Indeed! Love, Booty Brown Bear

BOBBY V Happy Valentine's Day Hunny!! I love you!! Love, Your Babe

BOBITO Sex chat boy friend. You make me lawls and you make me happy and thats why I can honestly say I love you. I still think I could out rap you though 1v1

BOO After all these years you still give me that warm feeling. Your difficult but adorable Valentine.

BOO BEAR as the sun rises your love stays with me... as the moon rises your love stays with me.. forever and always..

BOO BEAR i love you in the face!

BOOB, OH I MEAN BOO you're effing rad and i love the way you make my nether regions wiggle.

BOOBER CUTIE PIE Six years and counting!! We're awesome!! Love you and the Z so much!! Happy little kitty day!! Cutie.

BOOBIE POO you are the hottest damn thing i have ever seen. thanks for moving to portland with me so i can give you free classifieds of love in the city of cupid

BOOFERS You are my favorite person. .....Poop.....

BOOGER You are my favorite thing in the world and I love you more and more each day. You are my one and only, perfect, forever girlfriend! Keese, keese. MWA!

BOON SHAKARAKA Hi, Love. You are my COMMODE DRAGON!!! That's why I love you. Happy St. Valentine's Day.

BOOP Onions are my love forever. So much to do and love you so. Blub.

BOOPIE I love you and my pussy loves you too! Let's get another kitteh, my darling.

BOOPIE! You are my favorite - Lola and I love you very much, but only I get to be in the bed. Thanks for making me dinner and being my bestest friend.

BOOTY Let's pebble and spoon the night away! Love, Bunny

BOPOJO 30 Rock Marathons. Listening to you know who. Six weeks of Gchat. Mr.T. That laugh.That Mind.That body.That face (with food all over it). I love it.

BOY FROM DIGITOPOLIS I <3 you -Girl from Dictionopolis

BOYD POOL MASTER Boyd, you are my favorite pool player. The way you hold the stick, the way you crack balls, your one-eyed pool is supreme. Lets eat a kabob sometime.

BRADLEY JASON D It was love at first sight, Getting thrown out of bars, Riding our bikes and flipping off cars, I'm in love with you babe! It makes me see stars!

BRADLEY-KELLY Please stop switching our relationship status on Facebook. There are no words for our love. You cannot scribe the INTESNSITY of our passion. -HtotheO

BRADWORTH I love you more than my chickens. I love you more than sushi. I love you more than composting. Let's talk about how much we love each other soon.

BRAIDS You're pretty much the best ever, - Joe!

BRAIN I love you so much!!! Can't wait for the compilation CD "Rebrainrub 2050". That'll be a good one.

BRANDON, here's to our hot sex life, and doing everything together. and here's to never, ever being your wife, but being with you forever!

BRANDYN my love for you burns like it does when I pee after having sex with you. thanks for that.

BRANNON W. Dear everyone, did you know that Brannon has an incredible six pack? The next time you see him, you should ask him to show it to you. He loves that.

BRAT i love you like long walks and cats. love, bde

BREEAUNA I knew it was meant to be the moment you peed on my chest.

BRETON FINGERS Darling dearest, you are most wonderful. None popped Dr pepper. we will be famous together. Cuz it's all the beauty within ya, Virginia.

BRIAN I never imagined it could be like this. My body tingling, my heart overflowing. You are all I desire and more. Come, let us make love deathless.

BRIAN BOI-TANO forget brad. you're the one for me. love, angelina. xoxo

BRIAN, You made me your wife and it was the best choice I have ever made. You show me what love & friendship can be. Your touch makes me feel whole. Perla

BRIANA D I can't wait to wake up to your beautiful face every morning. We'll slide down the surface of things. Te amo, mi amor.

BRITNEY Though for now we must be apart, I know it must be you to fill my heart. I'll wait for you til the end of time, I'll do what it takes to make you mine

BROADWAY BRIDGE Yr sexy long red legs spread wide over the river leave me panting and sweaty. Another bike date soon? Without you, I feel so cut off. You amaze me.

BRONTOSAURUS mah monkey! you are the schmoopiest. i am so lucky to have you lurking about my life. let's make out in public. i love you so hard! meep! xo, bunny

BROOKE To the beautiful therapist/baker/pie maker. You make my world go round. I could live without your massage, cookies, or pie, but not without you.

BROOKY You are the best lay ever. Boy, am I lucky or what? Coffee? Tommy

BROWN EYED GIRL CS, pizza, poker You dance, a twinkle in your eyes Overcoming the past Dreaming of what will be I pause and take you in Your beauty overwhelms

BROWNSTAR I wish that i could be with you on valentine's day, yet i find myself on a couch 2042 miles away.I miss the shit out of you!I la la la.. oh never mind

BRUCE LEE Will you be my Valentine's? Love, Miss Saigon

BRUNCH CREW It's not what you do, it's how you do what you do - and we do it right! Thanks for the insanity! Beaver Heaver Holly

BRUSSELS SPROUTS MAN Kisses; cold feet; excitement; differing perspectives; touch; vulnerability; friendship; happiness; intensity; fondness; possibilities; you; me.

BRUTUS It's amazing how I still get butterflies when I think of you. I couldn't imagine life without my baby! Happy Valentines Day! - Your Bell Pepper XOXO

BRYAN A. You are the cheese to my macaroni. I loves you with all my heart, pooper, and nothing will ever change that.

BRYCE I love you more then words can say. Thank you for sharing you love and your life with me. Find this note get a secret treat!! I love you babe! Jessica

BUBBA We love you. Love Jenny, Gedde Lee and Lethter Victor Sammy Sosa Francisco Montoya

BUBBIE BUTT You're the cutest butt I've ever seen. I lofe you.

BUBSLOVESMONKEYBEAR I love you so much sweetie. You are the coolest guy ever. I can't believe it's been like 9 years! Big kisses. See you at home.

BUG Monkey, monkey, monkey, Squirtle! And an Arrroooo too! :) I love you Bug! Thanks for helping make the house a home.

BUG My lovely sweet Bug I love you to no end!! I hope we'll be together for many many more centuries!!! (since we're both immortal anyhow, hehe!)

BUG-A-BOO Since you came into our lives the rain, sunshine, stars, light, darkness, and everything in between has become more clear. we love you! mom & dad

BUN, Now you know that I heart everything about you. <3: Wolfie

BUNNY I hope some day they figure out how to surgically attach us is in a spoon. I just hope you don't have to poop for the next 60 years.

BUNNYBEAR Oh where could my bunnybear be? I love you more than cupcakes, piss in the face, but most of all I love you more than the most. How about 11 more?

BURCOLE Your Strawberries & Velvet R My Dream. U Are The Homeslice To My FlufferNutter. To Sweet Spots Always, Cat Tongue Rarely.I LoveU! Bunny, NakedDormChef

BUTCHER You are hotter than JCVD punching out a rattlesnake. I heart you to the core. - Pregosaurus

BUTTFACE!!!! You're the best! I love you and am so excited for our little muffin in the oven! We are going to rock the parenting together! loves and hugs! Boogie!

C Being with you has changed my life. I can't imagine my life any other way. Thank you for putting it all into perspective. 7 years and counting. --B

C-DOGG happy v-day. don't shit your pants... without me!

C.ETRULIA UMSBLAAGA, BST. You are ISHKA ISHKA UMSBLAAGA to me. I miss you every second of every day. C.Sharpe

CAAARI CAAARRRTER!!! Dang girl, you so FIRM. Thanks for being the best BFFT a classy lady like me could ever ask for. Let's go cruise for sausage! XO-MELANIE MARGARINE

CAHROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS You'll always be my special little valentine! Thanks for helpin me grow through these amazing three and a half years. so much love for you, lil TUSHY!

CAIN-A-LISH I love your more than dykes love pussy. your boy...B!

CAITLIN you are the star to my wars..the missing lego to my blocky heart..the zelda to my link..the kara thrace to my saul tigh...you put the awe into awesome

CAITLIN You are truly awesome, no one could ask for better as a friend. Xs and Os

CAITLIN DRURY This is the longest I've done this and I have no idea how it's working but it's awesome. What the hell would we be doing otherwise? I love you!

CAITLIN FROM BGAP Lucky black 13 is your number. you've been intriguing to me for a while now. happy valentine's day!

CAITLIN, Let me be the Henry Miller to your Anais Nin. I'll write you frustrated lovelorn letters, and you'll keep me at bay forever, and I'll relish the pain.

CAMERON MY LOVE You're a slow ride down a country mile. You're the smell of apple pie to the blind. You're the last light on July western sky. You I love. xo kra

CANDI MY LOVE 32969 i will for ever love you,you know it,s true.

CAPPUCCINOPIMPMASTER There is no one better than you at making my mouth water! Thanks Robert Jungic!

CAPTAIN FANTASIC You continue to thrill me after almost 2 years of lovin'. I'm the luckiest Babycakes in all the world! Thanks for being mine, Sugarbutt.

CARLY My job might be boring but I've been too busy falling in love with you to notice. It's been wonderful and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.-shane

CARLYFACE MCBLACKY About 5 years since that timestopping hug at the max stop. Lots of shit in between now and then. I love you, and I wouldn't change that for the world.

CARMEN & SCARLETT You two are the cream in my coffee. Well, actually I love you even more than coffee. April in Paris can't come too soon! Love, Mom

CARMEN&MICHELLE you two are the best!you babysit drunk kids,save us from our horrible boyfriends,watch our bikes,plants,and let us sleep on your couch. also soo cute!

CARYN, My body aches to breathe your breath, and I will be the one to hold you down, kiss you so hard, I'll take your breath away. With love, Big Daddy.

CASEY Happy valentines day cutie pie! I love waking up in your arms, and your big hugs. These seven months have been some of the best of my life. Kisses. -J

CASSIE You're the raddest woman on the damn planet. This feeling in my heart is LOVE MAGIC. YEAH! I BELIEVE! LET'S FRENCH NOW! AND MAYBE BUY A DOG

CASSIELOU Your beauty runs deep...deeper then I could ever penetrate. Oh how my chode aches for thee.

CASUAL BREAKIN roses r red & frinkles r wrinkley,& i like the game we play with yer pinky, more corey mess's, wot do u thinky? je semble avoir perdu mon pantalon xxx

CAT WRANGLER Now that Reverse Cowgirl is in your vocabulary, there's nowhere to go but on top! Here's to more lovin', more snugglin', more Paris. I love you--Bub!

CAVE CREATURE, Just once, I want you to know how much you mean to me. You are my little treasure chest blowing bubbles in the aquarium of life :) Love,Sea Creature

CAVEMAN I'll wear your hickeys with pride as long as you're my squeezle even though you - hey, I heard that! And put away that fruit bowl. I love you FAFA!

CELINA The road we've walked has been a tough one, and there's no one I'd have rather traveled it with. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. I love you.

CGF IV We've come a long, long, way from tickle resistancey tests and Beuford & Beauregard, but one thing hasn't changed...I still love you a lot! -Nori

CHAD come with me my love to the sea the sea of love I want to tell you how much I love you forever, meagan

CHAD MI AMANTE Whether its playing Wii, drinking beer, reading or just plain bothering you, I love it all. Siempre Siempre Siempre, Nic. Besos!

CHADDIE As my Secret Agent Lover Man you have certain responsibilities. Not the least being, to make me happy. You are now being promoted to Senior S.A.L.M.

CHADLEY Moving here was the best thing we have ever done. I love you so much and I always will. YOU are my best friend and our lights will NEVER GO OFF. XOXOX

CHAELA There's somethin bout your love, that makes me weak and knocks me off my feet. I don't wanna bore you with it, but darling, I love you, I LOVE you!

CHAMISA How's this for a love note? Wish you were here. Wait, I'm there. Or I will be, in a few days, to give you that hug and kiss I've been holding back.

CHANTEL Pookie loves everything about you. Your the best baby.. Happy made up romance holiday to you!!

CHAR MAR SUPER STAR Baby I'ma want you Baby I'ma need you You're the only one I care enough to hurt about Lately I'm a prayin that you'll always be a stayin beside me

CHARLES - MY BABY Letting you and the world know, I love you mostest, greatest, and the bestest ever! You rock, glad I took the chance. Love always - your SWEET PEA!!

CHARLIE BOROWCZAK I love love love you with all of my heart baby. You are truly an amazing man, the best thing that could every happen to me. You are my everything.vhj

CHELSEA PIE Girl, I'm going to make you cream.. HARD. Your 'gine is MINE. I going to eat your ass again too. You Blushing? Don't act like you didn't like it. XOXO

CHICKEN BUTT You're my favorite and you make my heart smile... Even when you let Dakota on the bed. He's a good boy. Arrr Arrrrr Arrrr! Love loves, Baby Bok Choy

CHIP Dearest sweet beauty, you've taken me to spaces I've never been and couldn't have imagined. Wherever you want to go, I'm ready to come with you. <3 V

CHIQUIBABY! Crystal you are the sole flower to my cactus heart. extraño tu pelo enmarañado entre mis manos y mis uñas. pero no l'aunque. miss you chiquibaby.

CHLOE! Thank you for loving me not matter what. With my bad gass, wow playing and yelling. Thank you for making life fun and worth living <3

CHLOE-CHAN Thank you for loving me and my bum kidneys. When I become a Valkyrie in kitty Valhalla I will come claim you to fight for the Aesir dear battle maiden

CHOOCHERS You shamwowed my heart to the keenest shine. Love ya lots and wanna munch your muffins.

CHPOODLE Yeah, I'm a lucky 'tch. There's no one I (or chSi guy) would rather drink beer with for the rest of my life. Love you to pieces. SF

CHREEESTIAN & CHRIS! from The Bodyguard all the way to Fa la la la Lifetime and the Gook Market. Cheap wine nights will forever live in my heart. thanx for it all, LOVE U.

CHRIS There is nothing I desire more than having your big, hard cock penetrating my hot, wet pussy. I love you! Happy Anniversary!--Barbra

CHRIS To laugh often and love much... to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to give one's self.. this is to have succeeded. Happy V-Day!!

CHRIS J.C. since the first moment i saw you i knew you were mine. "i love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow" forever loving christian

CHRIS KOSKEY! "and there's a picture of a train!" You make my life a very happy one. So, thanks!

CHRISALAN 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110011 01101111 00100000 01110011 01100101 01111000 01111001 00100000 01111000 01101111

CHRISH AND CHRIS Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, but thy eternal summer shall not fade.

CHRISTIAN U are my love, U are my life. Although we cant be together on this day i am with you and i am waiting for you. When u get here we will start our lives

CHRISTIAN You are the light of my life, you are my everything! us two as vultures, traveling the world, tearing out the eyes of the unjust. LOVE YOU 4ever! -A

CHRISTOPHER I am so glad I gave you that lap dance! Five years of happily ever after and more to come! I love you my husband.

CHRISTOPHER BUNLOVER mylove: You luv me and my furry buns soo much! Baby, I love your furry buns too! We will grow old together, hunting for ambergris on every beach! xoxo

CHRISTOPHER L You are such an amazing guy, I am so grateful that God brought us together, I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us =)

CHRISTY Z. all my hopes, dreams and LOVE. Thanks for a wonderful year. You are my beautiful Queen. Love, Your Bertosaur

CHUCK I hate to be a whiner, but I sure miss your vaginer. From Pookie.

CHUCK I still love you after these four plus years together, but I'm not always good at expressing myself. Tal

CJ MAYO Happy One Year, Babycakes! It was one year ago today that you asked me to be your Valentine, and I've been smiling ever since. I love you so much mo.

CJT-OH HEART OF MINE I love your twignberries more than fruity pebbles, i love your farts more than cheese and I love you more than Seamus.

CLAIRE I don't really know why, but I Love You. Happy Birthday.

CLAIRE It makes me ecstatic that someone so sexy and fantastic is still in love with me! I love you so much cutie! me

CLAIRE-BEAR You're an amazing friend and I miss hanging out with you so much. I know you won't be home this summer, but don't forget about good ol' Portland :)

CLARKE! You have rehersal on Valentines day...this blows. Know that I love you and I'm so happy you're in my life, yo. You have no idea. <3 Em

CLAUDIA/JASMIN Queen says it best.."You're the best friend that I ever had". Friends Foreva! I love you! Let's watch some corny love movies soon.

CLEB SLOWVILLE Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all the love and tacos. Te amo!

CLIFF Let's do chores everyday for the rest of our lives. You make me incredibly happy. I love you so.

CLINT I love you bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches!!!!!

CLUCKCLUCKERS Happy unniversary. I hope you've forgiven me. You're still very important to me! Let's have that dinner already, can we?

CODY Like you!

CODY DEAN You are the hottest registrar in the ER. Thanks for falling for all of my "illnesses" and admitting me (into your life).

COLBY I love you so much baby. Your my everything. Have the best valentines day ever!!!

COLONEL R.J. BANES If there was no you, I'd be a much lesser me. You are my favorite of all the things that are my favorite things. Yours always, Lady Banes

CONSUELA THE KRAGON Your name was Oi, you wear a leather, have a chelsey mohawk, and dont take shit! I think you amazing, thanks for coming into my life babe. -Zemur

COOKIE BEARA 4 the past 3 years ur tiny eyes & big nalgas have kept my heart warm, so I can not think of any girl to deserve this free & little effort gift than u.

COOKIE CRUMB Going on four years now, and I love you more each day. XOXOXO :)

COOKIE PANTS Here's to 5 years of devastating bliss with my sweetest of sweets. Love you! XOXOXOXOX from your ladies -- Kenni, Bijou, and the Old Bag.

COOLEST Bo & Arrow. Mine. Yours.

CORA CORA CORA Some day we will play Bananagrams in Bora Bora.

COREY My lovebug. You moosh me like no other and my heart flutters when we play Super Mario RPG. Thank you for the best 11 months of my life. I love you!

COREY Snowflake, to me you'll always be the best thing that ever came out of MN. Will you be my Valentine? -K

CORIEI You rock my world like an urgent CCD, and line my heart with golden ASR's.

CORINNE There's no one like you I can't wait for the nights with you I imagine the things we'll do I just wanna be loved by you

CORINNE WALSH You are my best friend and I love you! I'm so happy you came to stay with me in Portland and I will truly miss you when you leave. Forever Yours, Amy

CORY LOVE You are so silly.I love you with all my heart and soul.My husband.lover.bff. fuck buddy.What ever you are.You are my everything. *xxoo*

COTANN, You're such a strange and wonderful woman, my indian princess.Give me a chance to make you happy.I want to lasso the moon for you,say you'll take it.S

COUSIN You are pretty ace, and I love your snuggles all the time, you lovely little thing. You're kind of a poof, but I adore you anyway.

CRAIG Thank you for proving that nice guys really do exist. I love you.

CRICKLES you are my best friend and i love you. but not in the "iwannalickyourweewee" way. xoxo Lala

CRISTOFER Thank you for transforming my energy and being more than another pair of earrings for my collection. Love, Lazy Bunny Jungle Kitty Electric Butterfly.

CRYING FINALS GIRL So, when you were on the verge of tears during our statistics finals... was that a bad time to ask you out with my graphing calculator? <3 Noah,

CRYSTAL You redefine the word friend, set the bar high, and make the rest of the world look pathetic. Love ya forever.

CUPCAKE holy crap i love you. be mine all the time.

CUPCAKE I love you soooo much!! You make me sooo happy!!

CUPCAKE why not? I adore you. I truly do.

CUPPO I love you with all my heart and I promise I always will. You're so talented, smart and beautiful. Never doubt that. Happy Valentines Day!

CUPRIK I wish you dreams of birds, of tigers, of hills covered in green, dreams of soft clouds that bounce when they bump in a sky of prussian blue. Mercury

CURT lets set this world on fire <3

CUTE JEW You pwn pac-man like you pwn my heart. That is to say, very well. I love you!

CUTIE MCFACEITY You're the best. Ever. I wish you were here all the time and not far far away. I love you. FACE!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

CYAN SCORPIONZ Let us dance beneath thee Velvet night! Naked stars reflect in ecstacy Undulations ov blushing tentacles Juicy Chalice in hidden temples

CYNTHIA I am thinking of that spot on your neck that makes you laugh and tickles me. Can we create more smiles this Valentine's? Love, your cow tongue boy.

CYRUS Baby Baby. Love Johnny

CYRUS Chick-a-dee, dee, dee! I'll food carry you green caterpillars and voodoo donuts until our feathers turn gray.

D STRING Hot punkabilly rockstar, I've been your biggest fan and your number one groupie since back in the day and will always be.Loves my Big String!

D W I love you. I think your amazing. I glad we're gettin outta this town. I'm sorry I made us stay this long. I love you. Love Professor Uma Branderbort

D.E.D FIRECROTCH Roses are red. Violets are blue. I know to get Daisies only for you! Thanks for all the adventures, Valentine! xxxoox O

DADA I think u r the coolest, smartest, strongest Dada ever! I love to sing with your guitar, kick my legs to the beat and snuggle you real hard. luv-Juno

DADDY You are so patient, loving, caring. I love you! I am lucky to have you in my life! We will rule to world some day! Kisses to you Daddy! XOXOXXX

DADDY, Mommy and I love you and we think of you every day! Happy Valentines day. Love always, R.J. and Toni

DADDY, You're the best nightcap a little girl could ask for. XOXO, Your Little Cum Slut.

DAGMAR Are you hep for some swing this spring? The groundhog says we still have many long weeks for snuggling and practice. 1,2,3 and 4, 5 and 6. XoXoX

DAISY Have a great time at the concert. Thanks for being a great pal. Eres algo my especial! Gracias por to amistad. Chales, Sra. Hoblit

DAMANIAN Happy Birthday, my Love. Show me how you do that again.

DAN I know I'm in love when I can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than my dreams. Thanks for making my reality the best reality ever!

DANGER CHAINSAW I love our snacks and naps and your constant boners. When you tongued my asshole I knew we were in love. To your hairy nipples: Stop Copies Me!

DANIEL HOLY SHIT!! I still want to kiss you again. So, y'know, let me know. Love, ...ah hell, you know who this is.

DANIEL-HED - Belly to belly, fish in the downpour - You have blessed my life. I want nothing more than to grow old with you and enjoy our lives together. Truly.

DANIELLE THE BOO Hello my bella italiana! Thanks for the dolce amore! All the cannoli!! So excited about the new house! Inky kisses and newsprint hugs from me to you.

DANIELONA We effin' luv each other. We luv to dance in the kitchen with us. We will live in our little forts until we are very old. Here's to us! CHICKA-BOOM!

DANIMAL My BFF.I love yea.Your a insperation and a wounderfull bud whom I can always count on.Drink.laugh.play.adventure.I'll always be there for you. *Hugs*

DANNY DOE I know we've had our rough patches, just hold on to our love. There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

DANNY K. I commandeered your apartment last year, it's only fair you invade my heart. Now we've started a band, share house plants, and swap clothes. ILOVEYOU!

DANNY MY MEATSNACK You are the best lay ever, your super hot, and your my best friend. I love you! Can't wait to smack that sweet tush of yours! Happy Valentines day

DANNYDANIELDANDANNY oh babe!nothing much else to say.think I've whispered everything else to you in bed or under somekindO influence.I can't bite you ashard asI like you!

DAN~ Mi amante, mi mejor amigo. Te amo con toda mi alma y quiera estar con usted siempre. ¡Besos! ~Aimee'

DARK HAIR & GLASSES, ...quite tall and somewhat grim. damn, but you are fine to look at. maybe someday i'll tell you so to your face.

DARLIN You still give me rocks with your sexy hips & blaue augen...drink-up gorgeous -rorry

DARLIN' CUP SMFJ I love you and your skin; supple, soft and gentle. You're better than the chick-peas and angora sweaters

DARLIN' DINNER, Dreamy, that's it... like a silent movie... and when you play the piano or zombie dance or kiss me, wow! and when we talk all night, oh, valentine!!!

DARLING BETSY, You are brilliant. In the set x={1,2,3...n} What are the odds of you being my valentine if P(X=x) & we are uniform? I look forward to more dates w/you

DARREN i love you so much...i'd love you even more if you quit farting in bed. happy VD-day babe, i'd kiss you if you didn't have the herp.

DAVE & CHARLIE we love you, but not enough to destroy you in doubles. prepare your best outfit and bring your best game. warm regards, Andrea & Josh

DAVE KILLER BREAD You are my fantasy and I am your destiny.

DAVESKI "What miracle brought you to me I'll never know" toes-to-toes

DAVIS I really do love you more than Obama.

DAWN RAE I've Loved you for almost 20 years. Here's my Love for the next 20. All Lovey Dovey in this frigging newspaper. I want you! Luv ya! Luv ya! Luv ya!

DAWNAM From the first time I saw you, I knew it was love at first sight. Being with you is like a breath of fresh air, let us never separate on this plight.

DB SWAN You salt & pepper hair, fast wit, and crooked glasses. Me - Smitten...shall we get another beach house soon?

DCBR (AKA PS!), The fabulous bearer of this valentine receives free massages for a year, a win or 2 at pool, and the best lovin' this side of Foster. Lucky me! KJ

DEAN MORIARTY I am the voyage you will make alone in a small, unstable, open boat for the rest of your life...

DEAN! 8/9/2008: minding my own business, shopping for zin commando--and you found me! Who knew my Concierge and Shirtless Chef would become My Love? BABY!

DEAR BRIAN D., Of all the names you call me; Sugar Snap, Sweet Pea, Honey Bear, Sugar Lump... I'm elated that as of tomorrow you can call me "Wife." I Love you, Katie

DEAR IAN, I'm further along our aging road, and you're still miles ahead of me. I'm still looking back to see your youth. And all I want is to kiss you.

DEAR MANDEE you are my favorite mandee on the planet. i look forward to raising our jude together until we are old and squibley. wrinkly faces together forever <3

DEAR NEW TABLE WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You make our home all warm and tingly inside. xoxo, TJ Sabrina & Aaron

DEAR SWEET DETH i finally got around to telling you in portland's finest paper that i love you so much and that you have to be my sexy valentine!

DEB I Love You Still and Moving

DEB What can my own praise bring? When you are the better part of me? O! How your worth, with my all now I sing.

DELAWARE BIRD! You make for one sweet adventure around the world! A man couldn't ask for a prettier little chickadee to love! Be my bird nerd valentine forever!

DENISE I should have married you when I had the chance. I burn in hell every day without you. Forgive me.

DENISE Will you be my valentine? xoxo Tim

DENISE-A-LICIOUS Happy Anniversary, Sugar Pussy! You're the Best! I Love You then, now, and 4ever :)

DENNIS I love you baby, and not just for your Rolex, thick head of hair, and willingness to watch Gossip Girl. You are my favorite person.

DENNIS I love you so much & I just want to spend the rest of my life loving you! You have my heart forever! Happy Valentine's Day my love!

DETH TATTOO DANI Yr so damn cute it kills me. I wanna know more about you, paint gold and fuchsia hearts with you, maybe get a drink, go dance, make silly. ~Spicy Ricy

DIAMOND EYE$ WI$E diamond dreams and hearts of gold, crossword nights and flashing lights. bikes on the bluffs, mouths full a muffs. you make my heart crunk.

DIANA Your skin is yellow, my skin is white, I wish you were in my bed tonight. You'll be in China, I will be here, know that I love you always, my dear.

DICK RINKLER, M.D. I hope this Valentine's Day we can rectify our love with the pull-out method.

DIGGS thank you for making my life amazing...and letting me smoke your nugs...and picking my nose. MWAHMWAHMWAH I LOOOOVE U!

DIRTY KIDS CLUB You guys have made out with me and punched toofies out in slippers with cleavage, wizard beards, and molester mustaches. Lets be in love forever!!!

DIRTY M! You make the bird's nest the sweetest with your dirty ways! xoxo, your Dirty Bird

DIVYAZA Sugarlicious shnookums, I love you, and my bicycle loves you too! Your name fills me with fire, and peace!

DLOVE Times have been hard but it's worth it with you by my side. I look forward to making you my wife! I love you Danalove!

DMNK I love you more than cupcakes :)

DOCTOR MUNKY Happy V-Day and Birthday! It still looks and smells great! Thanks for showing it to me! - Peaches the Assistant

DOK MAI FAI It was a good sign your preacher father liked me, but I knew it was love when you explained fisting to my parents. Trust me, I'm not going anywhere.

DOLLY Each day is as magical as the day you did the Lloyd Dobler bow in the middle of my street. I will sing to you until we are old chongartins. iloveyou!

DON After a decade of marriage, you are still sweet and cute (and of course smart). I'm looking forward to many more decades with you. Love, Edith

DORSEY I don't know if this will amount to anything, but I'm sure at this moment I like you, and hopefully, I'll still really like you when you see this<3

DOUG BABY PIE You are the best boyfriend ever moving your life to PDX to be with me. I'm so glad I picked you out of the 'right man for me' catalogue. -Shoe Moop

DR. CARTER Thanks for the BSG, avacados, dirty dancing in Mexico, and being good for my wife. You can palpate my mitral valve prolapse any time. <3 Master Malus

DR. CHINASKI Our time together is always special. Thank god you know what to do to take care of my ladyspace! You rock so hard I will make you some mashed potatoes

DR. FEELGOOD I loved you from the beginning, when I was 13 and you were a rockstar. Thanks for being my highschool crush, my best friend, my husband, my miracle.

DR. KEVIN Loving you is effortless. There's no one I would rather spend my life with and nothing I wouldn't do for you. Thank you for a wonderful 8 years bubby.

DR. MALUS I've known you for almost 7 years & I am constantly surprised & thrilled by you. I won't quit if you won't. 7-year-itch be dammed. <3 Master Malus

DR. SUPERSTAR You the bomb diggity yo! I'm so happy to have met you! You're hilarious and smart and the prettiest girl EVER! I can't stop falling in love with you!

DR. Z You heal me in so many ways...The most magical moments in my life involve dancing with you. I Love you!! -K

DRAGON Me luvie u so very much more then Baby loves food and all I want nothing more then Minty Dragon kisses for the rest of my life.

DREADILOCKS I love running my hands through your braided pussy hair and atop of your hair as well. You're the sexiest babe I've ever met. You are my soulmate- DWA

DRUGGLE my trap making, weapon smithing, excessive pie eating, mole traveling companion. No poison itch leaf for you if you get injured. Promise. <3 Duskberry

DUDE: Fuck it. I love you. Let's go bowling. Yours always, Maude

DUSTY SHACKELFURD Darlin... you're the King of my Hill, the Law to my Order, and the John Lovitz of criticism. Baby, forget America-- You're MY Most Wanted!

DWAYNE (AND FREYA) There is no one else I would rather be squished between every night. You have my heart and I adore you. You're reading this on the can, huh? Love, Jen

E MERL GIRL Happy greeting card day. Thank you for the years of amazing friendship. You mean the world to me and I will miss you greatly. With love...

E-DOG Word up to my Mer-Baby Button. It's gotta be baby-core. Snuggles and open mouth kisses. I will wake you every hour on the hour. Don't sleep.

EDIE You're my favorite transvestite, and you know how much I love those. Just power up that lesbian dinosaur love, and I'll keep sitting on your chest.

EDMOND & SPÖKA Pookah Bacardi, I cannot believe you're hitched! I'll still be your tart. To my other love, I like it when your bubbies smack me in the face.

EDO Let's make out in the lunchroom while in Nancy's personal space.

EDUB helluva year, right? here's to you feeling like you are giving yourself some lovenotes in the upcoming year. It's gonna take alot of love...

EL JEFE DEL GUANO I heart you. I'm glad you always feed me, and thinking I have a face that launched 1,000 shits. Twilight Zone and silent films for the next 100 years.

ELENITA te quiero mucho! - Martie

ELI We met one random drunken night over a year ago and who knew the best sex ever would grow to what it has. I love you babe! Keep your head up Portland!

ELISA AND CHULA You are the most beautiful girls in Portland, and I am the luckiest man in the world to be able to sleep next to both of you every night.

ELISE-BIZNATCH-KIM! Happy Birthday. Laugh it up (I know you will). Happy VD as well. Hug Maisy for me or something.

ELISSA D. L. M. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever encountered. I can only wish you well in every way known to man.

ELLE BELL LMNOP I love you Sister for always and always. You inspire me, cry with me, drink way to much with me, with out you I would just be plain SAD Big hugs xxoo

ELLIE I dont care that you dont eat meat, I can look past that. Lets smoke weed and watch FLCL together whilst scantily clad.

ELWOOD I'm so gay for you. Happy V-day. -Sherber

EM The band's gonna make it! I think we will too. You're my best friend and I love you. I hope I can always be your Raquel. Cup and Saucer soon? Love.

EM, Read see that me up will I Love and you Love you down and you and Happy Valentines Day Darlin'

EMI Happy commercialized corporate holiday my cute little rabid chinchilla! Still marry me?

EMIE There is little in this world to have faith in and trust...except you! xoxoXXXxoxo

EMILY You're the best and most important thing that ever happened to me. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for us! I love you. Matt

EMILY ANNE THE WH#RE I love love love you!!! Girl you so hot!!! come over and play with my turtle heads!! They're in the pool waiting for you!!xoxo lorraine

EMILY ARE YOU THERE? You're 1 of the coolest gals I've met in a long f*#@king time and can't believe Chris. Enjoy being single 'n sassy and I LOVE MILES-he's her dog. MS

EMILY G. we have so much to celebrate in february:our anniversary,valentines day,your show,my birthday and everyday together.can't wait.i love you sweetheart<3

EMJ You're so sweet You're so fine I want you all and everything just to be mine You're my baby You're my love Girl I'm just a Jeepster for your love

EMMA I'd rather spend the Great Depression with you than anyone else. Except Shakira. But she won't return my phone calls. Your ass is better anyway. Tom

EMMA thank you for not being such a dodo. i love you.

EMMA B You're so hot, you make winter seem like summer. You're so fine, you make the long nights worth the while. Sweet kisses on your neck! Love--DS

EMMA S you are the all I want and need. My everything bagel, cupcake, bossmac and super sidekick. 1000 kisses for you. lets make a tent you and me forever!!

EMMY i be's bein in luv wichoo! i be's bein speakin the truth baby. luv u

EMPERESS I love you! Thank you for your unwavering support through the thick and thin of life. I am truly blessed to have you now and forever. BYEAHS!

ERIC I thought I would give you the gift of a cheesy, mushy public valentine! So here it is, you are someone very special to me and you make me so happy!

ERIC The longer i know you, the more i adore you. Travelling to strange and warm places with you is any girl's dream. Thanks for being my sweet pig. A

ERIC You're the the Ozzy to my Sharon,the Gilligan to my Skipper,and the cheese to my macaroni.After 5 years,I still love you a ton.Happy V.D. -Lindsay

ERIC ESELOHAYEN Nine strange, wonderful years. Thanks for keepin' it surreal. I love you and everyone knows.

ERIK B. HUGGLESTON Captain there's no one I could want to spend valentines day with more. Thank you for sharing your warmth, beauty & good looks with me today.

ERIKA DURANT portland isn't the same without u. i miss u everyday. more than anyone else that claims they do. even 6,000 miles away, you're still my valentine.

ERIN Happy V day, love you, and can't wait to see you.

ERIN you are my saving grace my take it slow pace love you always and forever always bring you pleasure so fuck ya always!!!!

ERIN MMMMMMM! Erin! You have stolen my heart so completely, smitten me so sweetly. I will always be your Helenee.

ERWIN There have been times when I wanted to erase you like Eternal Sunshine, I am glad it wasn't possible. So many great adventures we have shared! XoXo A

ERYKAH I couldn't of asked for better daughter, buddy, and best friend! Happy V-Day!!! I love you!!! xoxo!!! MOO! MOO!

ESPS I knew the first time I saw you that it was love @ first sight. So with that won't you be my Valentine , sweetheart love JBDS

ESQ I love you more than hashbrowns with ketchup. Thanks for being the best husband and father a girl could ask for.

EST LITTLE PINEAPPLE The ad said I'd be guaranteed to tap that...so when's it gonna happen ;) *WINK* looovveee yooouuu

EST NAGASITA You are the shadow serpent that dances in spirals about my spine. I shall love you til the wreckage of the city is overgrown. - Batty

EST NAIRNAPOTAMOUS I'll be your Adama if you be my Roslyn. Though, without cancer and being all old. Yuck!. Maybe this is a failed metaphor. Whatever. I still love ya!

ETCHA-SKETCH U like to pinch; I like to bite. Thanks for being my gorgeous bf and letting me mark up ur sexy body. U should be here! Besitos mi Davidito! xoxo

EVAN Happy birthday big boy! Have fun poking that taint today!! I know you've been looking forward to it.

EVAN Thank you for everything! I am so in love with you and cant wait to marry and have beautiful babies with you! All my love & lust always - Violet <3

EVAN G. You make me smile. You make me laugh. You are amazing and I don't know what I would do without you.


EVELYN You give me a BONER! Love Mark

EVERY PRETTY GIRL I wanna be your boom king!

EVERY YOU EVERY ME Like the naked leads the blind. I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind. Sucker love I always find, Someone to bruise and leave behind.

EVEY POT ROAST to you and your popi. thank you both for being there when i truly needed you. i heart your butts!

F**K BUDDY sometimes love sucks, but you do it like I like it so when you want it you can have it, that's when I suck ...

F*CKING REPUBLICAN Be my valentine--im easy. Lets go! Love your favorite Slut.


FACE Not even all the mold in the world can stop me from loving you. I can't wait to roll around naked with you in our OWN HOUSE!! -Poo

FACELESS My passion runs deep for all that is right so let me take wings on this flight- ahead, behind, above or below it is only your face that I will know.

FACEY Two against the world babe forever and ever. I love you Always I want to be with you and make believe with you and live in harmony harmony oh yeah

FAIE Sweet Baby: I know things are up and down but I LOOOVE YOU...that's LUUUUUVVVV YOOOOUUU, adore you, and wouldn't want anyone else to be my Valentine!!

FARMBOY The Countess loves you on our second Valentine's Day together.

FARTFACE LoveNLaughter keep us 2gether..&the comfort of bodily fluid release-I poop,U fart,Desi pees,Sid pukes;Will post2012 be this rad?Hope so!Love,PoopShoot

FARTY MCFART I've really enjoyed having you as a roommate, heterosexual life partner. I'll miss you when you go. I love you and your asian awesomeness.

FATHER DE LASOMBRA You're the best friend I've ever had, and I want to stop thinking Valentine's Day sucks. May cupid bring us both cute revolutionary commie boys!

FATHER OF MY CHILD And so another Portland winter passes through our cold, cold hearts. This time with child. Good thing she's a snuggly glow worm!

FENBI: You are the greatest band ever. Please don't stop performing music. Ever.

FERIC pinch my ass, i'll squeeze your junk, fuck me good, 'cause you're my hunk! I LOVE YOU!

FINNIAN PADRAIG you are the most awesomest son a father could have all your thoughts and great ideas i adore them all but your warmth and purity i love the most xxoox

FISH GUY You're the one I want to fall asleep next to every night. You keep warm and safe and make me laugh. A lot. I love you Honey.

FISTYMISTY The Grumpity Grumps of Grumpville have sabotaged us! Let's fly away together back to the land of O. Love, the Princess

FIZZ I love you even more now than the day I married you. Come wiss me to ze casbah of luff for eternity. -Puddin

FLEETA What r u lookin at? Nothin. YOU. And u r amazing. Thank u for yer friendship n LOVE, my Prince. Cheers to psychic connections n good kisses. xo, Rad C

FLOBART My nubbins quiver with delight at the mere imagining of your nudity. You exude pulchritude and I fervently yearn for your friction. Love, Snurgly

FOG-DOG ALERT!!!!!!! Hello. I want to be your sexy mentor this V-Day and show you all about romance... I wish to be the mayor of your heart and rule with a velvet hammer:)

FORBIDDEN YETI LOVER YOU'RE a delicious lesson learned, cowboy. let's forever sexy-melt & bike into the sunset of a zombie apocalypse together. xo poonicorn...panties on!

FORT AWESOME I am 100% in love with everybody in your house. You guys are the bees knees. love greg

FREAXX OF TERMA let's get freaxy now, let's get fucking freaxy now. Hey y'all! Totes <3 u 3 & hopexors u QTs will b my best platonic valentines evar!! :-* :-*!!!!!

FRIDA M. Oh sweet dumpling of mine, my dogs and i peer at you, every time you leave 509. We think you are delicious. See you in a MINUTE- Maurice.


FUCKER I love you. always.

FUDGESICLE I want to rip you apart with my little t-rex arms. I awkwardly love you. Your Nunchuck.

FUTURE CHICK Hey this string keeps getting longer. Youre the best part of not having to work for assholes anymore!I love you tons. yeah, Portland people still suck

FUZZ HEAD who else would i want to gallivant around with? you are my favorite hippie in the whole wide world. you get it. and i fuckin' love you.

G I love fucking you so much I selfishly hope you'll stay in town, though you have every reason to leave. -C.

G MONEY It is so lovely to see your face every morning, across the sink, across the alley. Like sunshine on a rainy day. Like candy in a vegetable garden.

G TABLER You are one hot piece of dessert food let me tell you. I'd love to see what a destroyer looks like without it's shirt on. :)

G3 This seemed more romantic than a love note on the bathroom chalkboard at Eagle. I want you a million different ways. Be my valentine?

GABE H! We're not very good at the sayin', but I'm sure we'd enjoy the doin'. Happy Love Day Gabe!

GABRIEL Thank you for making the last 6 years wonderful, I look forward to the next 6 with you! I am so lucky to have found you and I love you tremendously!

GALL-A-GURR~* lets keep kissing, breathing, and dancing through life~ your the sweetest man-child EVER!**

GALLATOR you are the cutest cutie pants ever. now let's make babies already!

GARRETT E. You're the duck sauce to my egg roll. I love you.

GAYVID, For Valentine's day, I hope you find all the romance you've been looking for. And by romance, I mean a rimmer from a thai lady boy. Love, K

GAZELLE You have the most amazing hind quarters I have ever seen. You make me want to pounce! Love - Tiger. ps. When you talk I feel dizzy.

GEEBEE I guess I can take a break from Animal Crossing to tell you I love you. I love you!

GENE I'm crazy about you, love you like mad, and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Let's stay out of the hospital this year? many kisses. in bed

GENEVIEVE I love you so much, my sweet darlin'. What would I do? And where would I be without the benefit of your love and affection? FORSTAG! FORSTAG! FORSTAG!

GENNY Thank you for all you have done, both for me and for our community. You are a true leader. I am happy to be given this opportunity to call that out.

GEORGIE AND VINCENT Happy V-Day to my sexy rockstar husband and my little baby. You boys are the love of my life. Yours Truly Mrs. Devita


GESSI Hey there Pants for Pants! I hope are doering good in Phirry. Is time a move back. Everbody is miss you ands I wants to be on you. The Lumberjack.

GINGER I am so lucky to be with you. Life went from a insane toilet bowl of madness- to a happy toilet bowl of swirling joy and love. Thank you for love!

GIRL FROM 'THE FARM' you have opened my eyes to the moon. want to explore the stars tonight? or, will you share your coffee with me? (i prefer it sweetened... unstirred)

GIRLS CLUB I love you women, and hope you have great Valentines Day. Ciao Bella, Michael

GIRLS OF LDL AND DP Thanks for keeping me company and making the last three years memorable. -Andy

GISTINO A horsie in Portland loves his LA wolfie!

GOOFY BUTT, When you poke your fingers into my ribs, or bang indiscriminately on that ConcertMate 980...I giggle and love you even more. love&meow, Apple Mouth

GORDON Oooh, my old swim instructor. I hope you kept that spectacularly muscled picture I did of you!

GORGEOUS MCBUNS I love your furry face & your sweet kicks.Your smile infects me,your humor never fails to surprise,& youre the best at loving me.Now,give up the booty

GOSSIP NELLY XOXO I couldn't think of a better person to come and rob my cradle... I'll give you my milky milky co co puffs as long as you'll take em.Love u!xoxo -Wi$e1

GREG You're right, we ARE getting better and better. I love you more than ever! Let's make out.

GREGORIO & ED "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." -Lao Tzu I'm very happy for you boys. ox, M

GREY ANNE You and me are the same you know, we're supposed to hug and kiss and make imaginary babies. I would like to move into your songs and live there.

GRIFFONWYD I love fat people. Even fat people who never remember to get me a reciprocal Mercury valentine. Also, I think you are cute and generally lovable.

GUS Te amo bebé oso. Sólo quiero sentarme en sus piernas y ver westerns y comer frijoles y aguacate con cal durante todo el día. xoxox

GUY IN THE GREEN HAT i am working really hard to suppress the sarcasm & say something sweet. Here goes: you make me feel good.

GUY, I love you and I am happy we are together. It's no wonder I married you twice.

HAIRY MAN IN COWTOWN After almost 2 1/2 years, I finally convinced you to donate blood and think about trying yoga. You're awesome! I can't wait to live together! Love Kir

HALEY Girl...Dont cry girl. You know I love you!

HALEY You're as cute as a button Both on land and in the ocean I wish there were more stars to see to amount to all you mean to me love always, A.

HAMBERGER I love hanging out and doing all the crazy things that we do. So that guy is stupid. Let's be Valentines!

HANDSOME TREVOR One kiss and I'm consumed with heat as I taste a sweetness that honey cannot beat. We received a blessing from above, the gift of passion and love.

HANDSOMEST MISTER You better check this year. Even though I'm not in town, I'm still your Valentine. I love you, I miss you, I see you soon. How you get so handsome? :*

HAVE YOU MET KEVIN Let's get some Dutch Bros and slide down an icy hill or two, nome sayne? Be my Gerolsteoner Valentine! Love your Viking Warhorse.

HAY ASSHOLE yr as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside. luckily i am too. you mean the most to me and i'm keeping you forever so DEAL WITH IT. OHKAY?!

HAYLEY AKA LAMBIC I love you more every year we are together. I now love you as much as I love bacon and that's something! I could never live without you or bacon.

HEATHER Don't you ever leave me. EVER! I can't go on without you, especially in this economy. Uh, can I borrow 20 bucks? It's for your present, I promise.Plz?

HEATHER You're the woman I want to not-bear my children. Forever.

HEATHER O. When we curl up on the couch, under blankets, clutching out mugs of hot tea, and you smile your lopsided smile at me, I know I couldn't love you more.

HEATHERETTE girl you are the finest sushi servin' go-go dancer eva!! xoxo-M

HEFF i met you at an ugly sweater party dancing polka with you and a one eyed starfish pinata of candy cigarettes.what can i say? love at first sight.

HEIDI i love you so much babe! happy valentines day! sean

HERBIE Meow! you are the dearest man in my life, and one of the best friends i've ever had. thanx for listening to me. u make me purrr! I Love You always, D

HERE IS NO WHY What color was he? Blue. I steal a kiss from your sleeping shadow moves. Cause i miss you where ever you go. I love you bunny.

HERO Thanks for saving my life (how many times?) I will try my best to live as I know it is in my job description. anonymous

HI LOVEY You know I hate this holiday but since its the mercury Im allowing my love to shine! Lets fall asleep drunk and spooning. Sometime soon K? - Shmuman

HOLDEN'S MILF What's the deal? Last year I wanted to start making another rugrat. Nothing yet... So let's get to gettin' and let me impregnate you! You foxy MILF

HOLLY Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart. Thank you for being such a great wife and mother. I love you more with each passing day! xoxoxoxo

HOLLY ELYSE happy first valentines day. i adore you.

HOLLY-WOG Let's get a beach house and have millions of cats. I think you are neat-o love: Ponyboy

HOMEY Your kisses rock me the love you make rules me the sound of your voice sways me and your mind makes me wet. I LOVE YOU MY DARLING. I am so lucky.


HONEY BUNCHES, Just so you know, you mean the world to me and I want nothing more than to curl up on the couch and eat cookie dough with you. Love, your babygirl c:

HONEY BUNNY, You are my one true love and I'm thankful every day for how good you are to me. I especially like it when you give it to me good. xoxox. -The Muffin


HONEYBUNNY To my one and only, I love you with all of my heart. You may drive me crazy sometimes but I cannot imagine my life without you. Happy Valentines Day!

HOOLIGAN Please stop biting me.

HOOLIGANS. OUTLAWS. Yum! Your month-without-bathing dirt tan turns me on! Those train-hoppin' vagrants who get a girl drunk on whiskey in the train-yard; I love all ya!

HOOP DREAMS! BUSY PEEEENIS WHAT THE FCK?! you'll always be my favorite DJ, hoopsanna! reunion at TOATS COACH '09.. c-ya there! It's GURLHOOPS, b*tch! <3

HOORAH Thank you for being you. - Bruncle

HOPS Baby, I love you more than this box can hold, but I'll try to get close: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. Not there yet... --Barley

HORSE TATTOO GIRL Your sweet soul & timeless beauty garner you weekly "I Saw U's", but I'm the lucky fella that gets to call you mine. I love you and your rural dreams.

HOT 'N KEVI I love you more than frogs, camels, owls, dolphins, turtles, otters, and even mac'ncheese. I can't believe how lucky I was to find you. I love you so.

HOT DISH We had 11 days of sweet, sweet bliss. Honestly, I'm glad you ended it, cause I was a mess. Thanks for making the right decision. Seriously.

HOT LAUREL What I would do for another fling with you! Can't get you off my mind, wanna be my naughty valentine?

HOT LIPS SAM I have a crush on you even though you're married.

HUBBY I am so happy we got married last year! You are so wonderful and I love you so much! Happy Valentines Day!- From your Wifey!

HUBCAP VALENTINE You are the almond in my decaf latte and the chocolate chips in my yogurt ice cream- I look forward to life in our new home! Love, Your Wife

HUEVOS GRANDES Ya'll drink like sailors n' swear like em' too I love you like a tall boy Tom,Adub,Gary,Katie,Phead,Jeff,Gralex,Paul n' Linds and the rest of yous!

HUGNKISS you my main squeeze.

HUGO Te amo muchisimo para toda mi vida!

HUMPKIN oh how i love your leathery man hands, so good for spanking my naughty ass. i can't lick you enough my sexy love weasel, please do not remove tag.

HUNNY BUNNY Maby i don't have std's, Maby i don't have other girl friends, Maby i love you, maby i need you, Maby be my valentine?

I CAN HAZ LUV?!?!?! Salina Ralston, I take pride in being your crippled companion for coffee outing and other similar festivities. Footie-PJ party?

I.S. Scuffz can't get enough of that Scruff, it's no bluff. Life would be no pun without you!

IANTASTICO Ur little sweet a** needs to get bonediggity down on this slab of meat! Nukka. Hearts Janny J

ICA MY LOVE How am I so lucky?! I've had the honor of being yours for the last year and seven months and my love for you only grows daily. I'm yours forever baby.

IGNACIO Y ALEJANDRO you boys are my whole life...i love yous both....i'm glad you both made the swim out my balls....happy valentines

ILLUMINATI From the instant you got off that plane from Calgary, I knew. Together we'll be in the temple of love, first last and always.

INSIDEVOICES DRUMMER Thank you and the band for cheering up my sunday night at Valentines.

ITALIAN JOINT You are the meatball of my eye. <3

IYAD 4 years and 6800 miles later...maybe now's the time to get it right. Let's see. These Italian eyes miss their Damascene reflection. Ciao bello, g-girl

J i'm glad that you didn't stop coming to my room.

J J(insert dino) + J(insert unicorn) = Love for everrrr.

J (NEAR ALBERTA) I...just wanted to make sure you got one of these.

J.D. LOVELY-MONSTER The shape of your eyebrows is the envy of a 1000 homeless caterpillars; your feet remind the hobbit that he's not alone... You are an amazing person!

J.O. SWEETS You are my best friend and a perfect angel. I will always love you.

JACK THE SKIPPER Steady helm, wind in the sails, fathomless horizons. Together we'll chart the course. Love always, Your First Mate.

JACOB Two stories, tall ceilings, a funky attic, a big yard for my tomatoes, a huge claw-foot tub, hardwood floors, and a brand new dishwasher. Someday?

JACOB Watching WALL-E on my couch, snuggled under a blanket. More romantic than you could think. The way you look at me makes my heart swell. Love you.

JACQUE THE SNOK To my loving fiance: Lets make this Valentines Day a dirty one because next Valentines day, I'll have to act like your respectable wife.

JACQUELINE I miss and love you more than anything <3

JAIME Thanks for not being just another drug induced hallucination in my life. Montgomery Park eh?

JAKE Just wanted to wish you a happy Valentines day.Love you~

JAKE MONSTER PK Heart from blushasaurus Leah Monster! Not sure how it is possible but things get more amazing everyday with yous and me. So wonderful! P.S.freckles

JAMACITA, I know you've always wanted your name in the Merc, so, even though you're not my boo.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

JAMES "FATTY" S. You Give a New Meaning To The Word Corn hole. I love you man. For such a big guy, you have a gentle touch. I'm giving you the sausage cause I love you

JAMIE My life has never been the same since we met and I thank you for that every day. All my love, Barbara

JANELLEBY You're pretty and I love you.

JANESSA hey dude, you're my bestfriend and... dude, i gotta say i love you! .... thanks for being great:)

JANISSAURUS REX Sometimes when I see you I just want to eat you up like a big sexy cake. A chocolate cake, with sprinkles and lots of icing. But mostly sexy. Love you

JASEY BEAR You are my best friend and favorite person in this whole world. I hope you know I love you a little more every day and never take you for granted! Suz

JASMINE MAE I love you with all of my heart & soul always & forever. But WHY can't I just lock you in a closet?

JASON I F-ing love you! Your hairy ass, your foot stank, your drunken rages, your love for guns and animals! Bend me over! Lets buy the liberator tonight!

JASON Thanks for the great houseware, the dogs, the food, the legal, the bike fixing. You're a great former lover!

JASON You are my reason for everything. I love you forever!!! xoxo Caryn

JAWSHUA You're never getting sex again if you don't watch The Notebook with me.

JAY JAY 143 with all my heart!!! You're the best thing that ever happened to me! Me

JAZZY JJ Love you, I really, really do... Your sister, Sally

JBALIVE My p.b. to my jelly. My yin to my yang. Come on baby, let's do that sweet THANG! Roar! ;) I love you, GOOGLEPLEX!!! MWAH!

JEAN You hit me like a bullitt. Now I see you once upon a time in the west. When do we start burnin' rubber again on that two-lane blacktop? I'm overheatin

JEANNE Our lives suck, but at least we have each other. Twins. Best friends. In our Aviators! Both from Ohio. We will rule the world. Need Video camera! beso

JEFF Happy Valentines Day to the most wonderful valentine ever!! I love you with all my heart! Hugs & kisses!! XOXO - Sheens

JELLYBEAN Shut your face. Happy Valentine's Day! Even though you won't be here, I love you. GO BLAZERS. Love, Your Little Bunny

JEM, STACIE, SIERRA I really enjoy spending time with you. Lets keep this rewarding friendship alive. Love, Caroline

JEN-MY HOLLA PENGUIN so wrong of me to let my fears destroy. i am heart shaped & wanting you back even if i never get the chance. ur the strongest woman i know & i love u

JENN I've never loved anyone as much as I loved you. You were my one and only and my everything. Thank you for showing me what happiness really is.

JENNIFER You are my best friend and secret lover! The potato to my chip! I love waking up by you and i love our hottub chats! I want to be your bestie forever!

JENNIFER You are the hottest mama in the whole wide world and I can't believe that I have you to call my bride. Here's to life and love my angel. Always, Tony

JENNY OMG you drive me absolutely batshit crazy sometimes, but I still can't imagine anyone else raising my blood pressure like you do. I love you.

JER BEAR Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. I love you till the end of time! From your devoted soul-mate, Renee

JERBEAR If you've got the sling I've got the goods. Don't forget the whipcream and strip twister! Yours, Woody

JEREME THE DREAM Happy Valentine's Sweetie! three years ago we saw a crappy movie and our fate was sealed. I love you more 'n more everyday. Love, your Wife

JEREMY You are a pain in the butt sometimes, but you are my pain. Love Panda

JEREMY MY LOVER I love you in a newspaper!

JERK JERK JERK! You make my heart skid stop! Youre such an amzing person, and hands down my favorite brownie. Just sayin!

JESSE A I'm pregnant. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, MELANIE

JESSE BABY If you need a friend, don't look to a stranger, You know in the end, I'll always be there.

JESSI BLUE Hey sweety I know 09, is not going great but I want you to know I love you more then life its self. No more looking back only forward. Love DCB.

JESSICA Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you, Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye

JESSICA BUH-BEE <3 I LOVE u fully & unconditionally. U mean everything to me. I'm thrilled to spend V-Day with someone worthy of my time and LOVE! XOXO, Colleen

JESSIE You have stolen my heart in the best way. You paint me inside each time I'm in your presence. Each new day with you is an adventure. I am yours. 5863.

JESTER 0F UNHUMANITY little b0y so blue, the r0ses were dead, but we are n0t! here's to calming shaky fists and the mussing of c0mplicated hair. y0u drive me batshit crazy

JESUS H WATERWALKER Don't call us... we'll call you. Much love, Goathead

JHORDAN You are cool! And I am glad I know you! Keep going on your journey towards a happy life, I know you'll get there! Your friend, Ben

JHORDAN SOPHIA DAHL "I swear I'll never be the same again! ...what you're doing to me, I want done forever."

JILL I am tragically in love with you.

JILL You and Gianna make life very pleasant. Without you life would be a lot different. A hut, down by the river, washed away by flood. Body never found.

JILLIAN JANE I love you!!! You are such an incredible person, and will forever be my Little Italy. Let's make heart-shaped pizzas and dance to Mariah Carey.

JIMMY i adore you, the crosswords, all those tiny burgers, and the amazing horatio caine. i'll let you read dlisted over my shoulder forever. love k'leigh.

JIMMY W. oh my god i love u so much. will u marry me again? i will be the woman u married. promise. promise. xoxoxo -your sweetie

JIT Monkey - It's been about a year since you gave me that old candy heart. Thanks for mistakenly calling me on purpose. I love you. K

JJH you have been driving me crazy for the last month, but i hope we are friends for a long time no matter what happens. lmh

JNETTIE PANTS you're our favorite! oh and i love your soft hair... can i touch it?

JOANIE Dear sister, just wanted to send some luv your way this V-day! so happy that we live so close now. we must hang out more!!! luv ya, chase

JODEAN Your hair is still gorgeous! You always look super hot and sexy when you come into my work. Happy Valentines Day, your secret admirer

JOE Happy consumerist holiday that I pretend to not celebrate- I love you more than Hallmark could ever figure out a card for. xoxo Meglentine

JOE NASTY Planned trip to Seattle-check Naughty underthings-check me + you= good match See you on V-Day Onset Baby!!! 1st time! Love, your Lady FranquieAZ

JOEL hey there farmer,what say you ditch the old lady and meet me in the barn 4 a late-night hoe-down. ill bring the thump, you bring the hump.love, widget

JOEL FROM WORK XOXOXOXO. All our hearts, KT & The Pug

JOEY I love you because not only are you the smartest person in the whole world (second to your dad), but that you take care of me and I love to bone you.

JOEY W Thank you for being the most amazing husband! I am so lucky to have you in my life! You are the best thing that EVER happened to me! XoXo-Megan

JOHNNY Paint the Virgin on a Monarch so I can finally have my diamonds! Thank you for the last 17 and here's to at least that many more. I Love you xoxoxo

JOHNNY BEEF You're all the meat I need, niggle. Buy me dinner, I love you!

JOHNNYBUTT Hey Johnny, you already know I'm crazy about you, right? ...I love our friendship and I hope we will always love each other :) I love you beary much!

JOLENE I got a picture of you, holding a picture of me, in the pocket of my blue jeans.

JON "KEZRA" DIETZ I love you dearly...and live for your love. I know i am lucky, but so are you...Thank you for believing in us, especially when the Wolves drew near...

JON JUAN You'll always be so dear Though I fear This year You'll disappear This transition is but a mere Lapse before our friendship is in the clear

JONAH-BABY! I love you SOOO much, I'd swim naked across the wild Willamette just to kiss your sweet face! (that being said, god, I'm glad for the Fremont bridge!)

JONATHAN I'm so happy we got together at the Obama party where we threw shoes at a picture of Bush! You are the T-Rex to my Dromeciomimus. Panel 3 forever! -L

JONNY Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie! I love you,even though its hard to tell sometimes.Who would have known that 10/15/98 would be the best day of my life.

JONNY DREAMBOAT You sexy man peach! I love you! Here's to a banging valentine's day! I love you!!! Luv, your pee pants!

JONNYX I would never let anyone else eat a burrito in my shower. I love you!

JOSEYCAKES Happy Valentines Day! Josey you make my life so much better. I want you every minute of every day. I would love if you would be my forever valentine.

JOSH You are so baby-core!

JOSHIE Of all the fishies in the sea, I choose you and you choose me. Love, Wifey

JOSHY PANTS We couldn't ruin this if we tried, trust me. Love you with all my heart and soul.

JUAN CARLITOS Te quiero muchisimo! Miles de besos de tu Lisita

JUANITA You make me want to throw my cap up in the air, like a dork in love. Still!

JUANITA You my gracious darling will always be a very special valentine. your tantalizing smile that you project so well, keeps me under your spell

JULIA T. Huhu ur so shexxy and i miss you and i cant wait until you move back to PORTLAND SO WE CAN BE IN LOVEEE!


JULIE S. I still get excited and happy whenever I see you or hear your voice. I'm proud to have you in my life, and I love you so much!

JULIET Cause there ain't nothin' wrong with a little bump & grind. Real talk...Happy V day. -kkm

JUNEBUG I'll love you 'til the day I die.

JUSTEN JACK You are my best friend and the love of a lifetime. Plus, you are super hot!! I love you, J.J.

JUSTICKI From bacon to kidneys, daikon to lotus root, we've eaten our way thru these 3 years. And yet, I'm still mesmerized by your sugalumps. Earth or fire?

JUSTIN I love you, most ardently. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on. And yes, we are all fools in love.

JUSTIN I was alone, I took a ride, I didn't know what I would find there...Then I suddenly see you, Did I tell you I need you, Every single day of my life.

K this grown-ass man is diggin the fact that he's down with such a kick-ass woman. still kinda can't stop smilin. (told you i could be cheesier...)

K-KAT Seal spotting with you, because belly buttons are hard to find, makes my heart jump. That cat is quality with a K- you are the one for me. Love A-dog

K-LEE Krazy Kat my Valentine I'm yours, and you are mine I am one happy Bunnyboy Hopping up and down with joy

K-MY FIRESTARTER The last 3 years have been so awesome. I love u so much! I miss u so much when I'm away. I can't wait to be home & fuck & fuck some more! I LOVE U! L

K.BRAY ohmigod you're my totally fuckin' like, favorite?

KALA W/OUT THE Y I still dont know when our anniversary is, but thats a completely different holiday. I've loved you since 2006. Happy Valentines day! Turkey

KARA. Mmmwah! Happy v day baby! =] we were trapped, two silly kids, lost ourselves and found each other, and i fell in love with you along the way.

KAREN LOBSTER someday i want to have a bathroom with two toilets in it so we never have to be apart, ever

KASHA Happy Valentines day baby!So proud of you for almost finishing school your an amazing women an the love of my life I dont know where id be without you

KAT Everyday is valentines.And being with you is like Christmas, i am so excited to open the gift that life has to offer us.xolicklick kahala and ikaika

KATE I am amazed by you. I love you, adore you and look forward to the good, crazy, and perverse. I giggle at how happy you make me. You are lovely. Gabe

KATE I love you SO MUCH! Doesn't matter what we do, I love and cherish every moment we have together! We are so lucky to have each other! Tim

KATE I've looked high, I've looked low, but your love I've never known. When I found you, it had to be that I'm for you, and you for me! I Love You, Muah!

KATE +8 i think you're great! i'll try to send you a polar bear fur to keep you warm while i'm visiting the north pole.

KATER The universe must be infinite - how else to explain a love like ours? You'll always be my princess. 'Til the wheels come off! Love, Your Hubby

KATHERINE Nothing makes me smile more than seeing you smile. Nothing hurts me more than too see you hurt. I love you and always will.

KATHERINE A. ROOT It has been over 11 years since we have shared a Valentines day together. I just want you to know that I'm HAPPY to be sharing it with you again LUV U

KATHLEENA/EMMA/ABBY You are the love of my life/please pet the bodines

KATHLEEN R. asleep on the rocks, breath moving with the waves. the moment repeated a thousand times, and as the sun vanished and met the water a new day was born.

KATIE Let's kick Fuggles and Gordito out of our room more often. I love you.

KATIE & FUTURE WIFE I'm looking forward to our upcoming nuptials and life together Always yours, Brian p.s. don't fuck with me

KATIE C. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Let's start robbing banks together! I can't wait to tattoo your butt. Forever kisses and kung fu back flips!

KATIE LADY A day without a day, hallmark tells you to play, I love you more than I can say, Juni, Hemi, Oscar and I, agree with me, your heart is pure LUCKY ME!!

KATIE MAC Katie Mac, I'm a boy in your UMASS engineering class and I'm afraid to talk to you. Let's ride bikes together! Or design sustainable housing!!

KATIE ROSE You are it for me sweets.

KATRINA (AKA K-DOGG) You're one special person that always brightens my day! If I didn't work retail at a mall, I'd take you to a movie but I'm poor. Love, Mark

KATY KIKOWE Always the prettiest girl at the ball, the sweetest treat in the window. My perfect Chrysanthemum.

KATYA Epic cat farts, legions of shoes matched by armies of plastic dragons and soldiers, La Bonita $ One Thai, legendary sexy-time- This is us. I love you.

KAYLA RAE You mean so much to me and I can't even express to you how I feel through this paper. But what I can say is... will you be my valentine babe? Sweetpea

KB You're awesome and the room is more sane when you're around.

KCABWCKBG You are green and I am blue, and your kitchen is all red, won't you be my valentine?

KEEGAN Baby, I love you more than tinsel tits loves food, sour patch kids, and magnum bottles of pinot. Lets go to Amsterdam... Love, Mean Green

KEIT When I think of Tobias Funke's book, I think fondly of you. Happy Valentines Day my Big Man. XOXO Hanna

KELLI even though YOU are a snicklefritz, i still love you more than Wheels, Shawn and that waffle combined. Can't wait for more adventures with ya in 09!

KELLY Let's hate this day together with love, Love BF, Squid

KENNRIC You are the sexiest scientist ever and I feel damn lucky to be in your skilled hands. Much love, your stormy one.

KENT.LIVES.IN.DENIAL u only need 1 person who gets u, to cherish u, to dream w. nothing else matters when its u and i & what we want can b limitless. Trust that i'm enough

KILEY Happy Valentine's Day !!! We miss you and love you !!! We hope you'll get better soooon, we can't wait to see you !!! Love, Cecily and Lucy

KILEY I love you so much! Sean

KILEY I want you to know you are very loved and that all of our thoughts and prayers have been with you. Nothing but goodness sent your way. Happy VD! -SDC


KIM I love you, punkin!! Hold my hand as we slip slide thru time-life. Hold my hand, hold my heart. And let's get a pizza! Dave

KIMBERT EYESTAIN My crazy pisces sister! Fish love uber alles!

KIMBOT You pried open my coffin and drove a stake through my heart. A stake of love. -AnDroid

KING CHIMP HANDSY, I do not love you nearly as much as Amy, butt I will accept your unwanted affection if you will receive my claws...& some litter in the bed. My chair!

KING JACK OFF Sometimes I look in your eyes, and I see a lost little boy... There is a lost little girl in me.. with eachother we are not so lost anymore. I love u.

KING OF MY HEART Happy valentines day! You have reawoken the beauty in life, you will always be my king xoxo queen

KING OF SMERGBOGS I'd like to become commander of your unicorn army.Let's find Saiga antelope & Skesis & plot out apocalypse plans.Rar & hearts to you my monster-Mistil

KINGMAN blessings more than counted await the sower of good seed. yes farmer.

KINS i ain't no ryan adams BUT i still think we can play at grownUp AND be as rad as we wanna be- xo lover(.)(.)'s - love you pooper.

KIR, Downtown is forsaken without your sugar lumps. I will pee on your cart every day until you open again. Kisses, Bernardo.

KIRSTEN, I am thankful a million times over that I found you. You are perfect+amazing, and everything a man could ask for. I love u endlessly. PS your hot! -D

KIRSTY, I miss your sweet luvin. It's been so long since we last spoke. Please think of me. love, Steve Irwin.

KISSHEAD MARINEZ Remember that time we drank midnight train and wandered through the mist in what would soon become our neighborhood? So glad we-ew, that's Sheryl Crow

KISSY NASTY BEAR I'm so happy we stumbled into each others' lives. You are so gorgeous. You make me laugh. You are my sweet thing.

KISSYFURRRRR!!!! To My Furb, may all our new adventures in life be the fabric of our love. You being the best Valentine one could have.

KITTEN My dearest, I know it won't suck itself, I promise to always love all of you. You make the F in our NA. EEK. Love you baby!!! Brut

KITTEN you are my one and only bitchin' scorpio femme princess. this Daddy wants only one little girl...YOU! be my valentine, baby.. love, your cowboi

KITTEN! Balls of yarn for you forever! This is just a small token of how wonderful it is to be loved by you! Meow!

KITTY I love you more than my toys and my morning egg-witch. You are the best and easiest decision I've ever made. Forever your Kat-meow!

KITTY You make me bleh with happiness. Sir Munks a lot

KJF I love you the most, mostly. You are still the best guy ever and I stil feel so lucky to know you and be with you. xoxo T Dub.

KLM Even if you're not my "little sweetie", you're luscious! Big kiss, Norwegian Sugar Cookie

KOALA I looooooooove youuuu and your booty is so cute

KOALA BEAR BOOTY you are the love of my life and i want to be with you forever

KOOKABURRA! Happy Valentine's Day. I love you so much - you are the best! Love, Deebs

KOVU KUTTTHROAT Welcome to the RCR family to our favorite derby daughter and Rosebud skater! You rock. We heart u! -Teqkillya and Vominatrix

KRIS You-High-end hotel, drinkin' all the complementary wine. Me-Sippin' Carlo and watching Russ Meyer's flicks. My heart-Misses you. Happy V-day Turkey.

KRISTEN You'll always have a special place in my heart. All the days we spent together, those few nights, will always be my fondest memories!

KRISTIN hello darling what are you doing reading this slop OH I see I love you to. maybe we can do a famous roadtrip this year? remember no U turns love SKC

KURT Honey who rides a chopper and knows how to use his hands. It is you I demand. I'm a lucky girl indeed. XOXO, my darling. Yours truly, Ms. June 2009

KURT! I'm so grateful you're my LOBSTER. If I could, I would cook you and eat you with an assload of butter. Your Shoo-Shoo loves you! Karen!

KY KY In the short amount of time i've known you, you've managed to steal a little piece of my heart. Now start plannin your trip to the east coast..!!!

KYKINS I love your little bitch ass with your hot tattoos. Happy Valetines!!!! <3<3<3

KYLA I'm so happy that you are here and we can spend Valentine's together. You are my greatest desire and I long for you everyday. I love you. Will

L i wish you'd ask me to wear that pretty little dress you like...

L A M I - K I N S... B 4 we met, My life was a starless sky. Then when we met @ Holmans, My starless sky became alight, and I loved U from that Moment, as I will always.

LA AND POPPY I love you both soo much! Happy V-day bitches! You are the best boyfriends a single lady could ask for. Too bad you don't put out like one!

LADY BANES being away from you is such sweet sorrow. i look to our gentle recoupling, hours hence. I remain, yours Col RJ Banes, Ret.

LADY BUFFINGTON We've come a long way, and the rides only just begun. I love you more than sour candy powder and I will always be at your side. -Leila

LAHNI BEAR: Thanks for moving from California to Portland for me. Sorry the job climate sucks more than the weather. At least we have humor and booze.

LAKE WUTANG Rounds of Pass Out, Euro Sex Parties, Biddy Parties,"We're bored and have beer money" parties, a house full of my favorite Dummiez, whats not to love?

LAMBIC I love you more than I love bounding through grassy fields. I love you more than I love eating clover. Will you be my valentine? Love, Lamb


LANDLOCKED MERMAID Between whale road and lookout mt, we two have become one, growing cloud-like leaves under starlight. I will harbor our love forever my beautiful lady

LANG Remember dancing in the kitchen, kitten? We're not done yet. Damn the holidays, let's go camping on the beach again. No chocolate required.

LARISSA In the beginning we traveled to see one another, hand in hand we settled together, we perpetuate our love on the best Valentines Day to remember. xoX

LARRY This is your official free valentine from your very own wife

LARS BARS Happy Stump Town Valentine's Day! Here's to hearts, cherubs, Wonder Twins and cowboys. You are my favorite dreamsicle. xoxo, Tin Roof Taya

LAURA ANNE 2 more years to go before our scheduled date. I hope it still happens, even if it's just to reconnect as friends. Miss you. Love, A

LAUREN You are Bella to my Edward, except you're no ordinary human girl. And I am not made of crystal.

LAUREN You is the bestest thing thats evah happened to me! You are so my favorite and your so very stuck with me. Perfect Perfect Perfectxoxofrankeyh

LAUREN You're the most wonderful person I have met in this my new road in life. I'm so glad that my move here gave me the chance to meet you. Love, Jason

LAUREN C You light my fire baby! Will you Marry Me?? ~Sara S

LAUREN LAFLEUR i'll never forget the night you showed up at my house wearing nothing but a bagel. let's be valentines. i'll wear the chipotle tofutti cream cheese.

LAURIE Maybe proposing to you in a Mercury Valentines Day ad wasn't super-cool, but I'm glad you married me. And I'll be even happier when you come home.

LE I wish there were more ways to say all that you are to me. I love you so much, now and forever Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo Jessi

LEA "ANNI" YOUNG I love you and am so glad that you love me I know that u do because u put up with my crap and bad $ skills. THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME W/ ALL MY FLAWS

LEAH, GENTLY, GENTLY So many Saturday nights... fine dining, bad movies, red wine, creaky bed that woke the neighbors, and falling asleep in your arms.... Love, Axel

LEE You should have called me 2 months ago. :)

LEE ON WOODSTOCK I know youre married but darn youre cute! If you was my valentine Id cover you in chocolate and give you a tounge bath in front of your wife. Robyn

LEIGH I'm so glad that you decided to leave Wiscompton and come to portland after we met on that internet dating site. My life couldn't be better! Love you

LEIGH AND IRIS Thanks for being my Valentines. Love you both.

LEIGHA Maybe it's time for another trip to the coast, but this time let's go when it's not raining. You fucking rock.

LELAND you are a dirty beautiful big-brained creature from planet Vulva. i love rocking your alien world and i hope i'm the last human in your collection.

LELLY BELLY I know our relationship has been kind of rocky as of late, but I love you and I want to be with you forever baby. You are my cupcake! <3

LESTAT You are my soul mate.I would never stray,you fuck like a god.Don't stop loving me,or biting. I love u, I love u, I love u! Your soul mate, Mr. Cullen

LEVIETHAN Times are tough, but I'm looking forward to the next part of our journey together through this ever-changing world. Thanks for grounding me. I love!

LEW You are my favorite.

LEX 3+4=7 forever.

LIL HONEY brains and six feet of beauty. i am a lucky honeyman!

LIL' GRUB GREASE PIG i luv your cloven hoof clippings, squealing little snout snout, pig trotters trotting, and real baco bits. xoxo, your super secret swine-intine.

LILLIAN Everyone loves you, and it's not just because you're hot, it's also because you're such an awesome person! I really really mean it.

LILLIAN You are my one and only lover! My heart is all yours, please be careful to not make a mess with it. Love you, Jim

LINA First, I just wanna say "Bandolayo!" lv, andy the hairdresser

LINCOLN! You play Rockband WAY too much, but I want to snog you, anyway.

LINDA You fascinate me! Secret Admirer

LINDSAY DIANE Oh, far away valentine, the sweetest and most amazing woman EVER. I love you, baby! I'm thinking of you endlessly and the whole world should know. :<3

LISA I am very lucky to have you.Im still trying to figure out what I did to score such a hot piece of ass. I Love you. Shane & Ruby

LISA Roses are red Violets are blue My life is so much better Being with you. JRL

LISA VEQUINOX Message from Venus to Portland: Happy Valentine's Day to my forever love. 11 amazing years together!! Chad V.

LISA W I shall but be a cheezy lezbo & do the expected-To quote Sappho, to Aphrodite,"I shall burn the fat thighbones of a white she-goat on her alter" Sexy!

LITTLE BUG! Oh how I long to pat your head and call you my little bug. Will you be my valentine? I certainly hope so. Much love from your poop prince to you.

LITTLE CHAD You = The best soup cook, The peanut butter to my jelly (pie), the hot sauce to my food & the dolphin of blankets. I am quite enamored with you. Meow.

LITTLE MEOW You're the cutiest kitty I know, all snuggly armpit and head petting. I love that you drag me onto the dancefloor. Let's have kittens!! I love you!

LITTLE PIKACHU I love waking up to your sleepy smile and your bushy, foxy tail. Maybe tonight we can watch some movies! I'm yours forever. -R

LIVI My electric embrace, meet me at the rally and I'll shake you all night long. Love you THE MOST, especially in the springtime (all the time) TOTESMETZ!

LIVING IT UP kids (PIC) in the street drinking wine making time for the night time. that's not us. i like that we share our PDX playgroud. godspeed

LIZARD I've been all mushy for you since forever, and I'll be all mushy for you till forever. This past year has been the best !u have all my heart luv, dg

LIZZY FACE You are my favorite girl in the world. You have made my life so much better.

LL thank you - you changed my life! /jc

LL U Rmy Pandabear URmyLoveMyRobotkittyloverSent FromAbove When U scratchMyBackIbiteYurLipThenIpullYurHairNwhenYurSittingOnMyFaceIneverComeUpForAir.IluvU -SS

LLOYD FRANK Don't F**k with Lloyd!! U rule...thanks for always puttin' up with me.

LOBSTER & UR 180 AVG I can't believe it's been a decade... You're a true friend & I'm sorry this isn't an 'I SAW U' message. Sunday bowling! Luv, Asian Wonder God

LOGGERBILLY You put up with my late night calls and constant gibberish. You are rad and tattooed and the Bee's Knee's. Happy Valentine's Day! PS you make me sick.

LOO BUG "Move the fck over, I'm hungry!" so many memories over the years.. and so many more to come! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, looski. Number 1, always & forever!!!

LORELEI Almost 9 years! The best 9 years of my life despite all the hardship. Here's to another 9 and more years of kiss'n and love'n you baby boo! Sage

LOST IN SPACE Catherine, you stubbed out the cigar, ejected our cozy ship for far-away stars, where you munch on snacks without me. We're lost in space. XO-C

LOVE Hand on my arm / in / breath / out / how near you stand to me / my hidden hand / a kiss behind a touch / Oh & / if I please you please / Yes

LOVE we've been valentines since before we met. my heart sears with excitement when i think of you.

LOVE BUG I love you with all my heart! You are my inspiration, my rainbow and my partner in crime. June 28th will forever be "our day". XO JKTLA

LOVELAB: SHITBEACON you're so handsome, smart, compassionate, and funny! i can now see why so many hot, cute babes want to date you. lets ride bikes & eat vegan donuts!

LOVELY LADY LEAH darling i am so proud of you. you are chasing your dreams and making it happen. i will miss you sorely. i love your face forever. <3

LOVEOFMYLIFE Driving, rocks, sunlight, concerts, smiling, Making breakfast sandwiches, Dreaming our future adventures... It's the little things. Thanks, Bebe

LOVER I love you! Maybe one day we'll have a place big enough for six kitties, two bunnies and maybe even a puppy. You're the best kind of trouble I know.

LOVER BOY MEDINA We met - connected - and now I'm so in love with you baby. You rock my world. Cheers to the future! Let's get Project "O" started shall we my love?

LOVERBIRD MORGAN This Summer on a secluded Oregon Scenic Byway trail...YOU know! It's a Date!!! xoxo, the Luckiest Girl

LOVEY D I'm happier than I've ever been...it just keeps getting better! Happy 11-year Anniversary!!! Your true admirer

LOVIE BUMPKINS I love watching Star Wars with you and your cute head. In fact, I love doing everything with you. Marrying you was the best thing I've ever done.

LROTTER You seem like a nice guy... :)

LUCAS You are the sunshine of my life, That's why i'll always be around, You are the Apple of my Eye. Forever You'll Stay in my Heart. Love mommy.

LUKE (PAPI) I've never been happier. I love you like whoah. You are my perfect other. Now hit my "hay!" button, and let's have a hot night. <3 pumpkinbread

LUNCH BUDDY Kokopelli Face! My love for you continues to deepen & grow. Let's play with John Lithgow & hoodoos & snuggle on Cadaver Island! Love, Old Smuggler.

LYNIZZLE JAMBA! its your fawn face that i adore. thanks for the screaming, we have made a fine family. the sex could have been better. i love you.

M You made my Life Complete and now Forever I will Love You and will be there till the End of Time to Hold You, Care for You, & Love You always Reedy300

M. Love you fierce. Not much more to say than that. Love you fierce.

M. E. P. I have never been so in Love! I am forever yours. xoxo, A. G. A.

M.G.G. I love you so so much. You're wonderful and so great to me, I'm so privileged and happy to have you in my life. I'll love you always, Your J.A.B.

MACATTACK You took the dog and ran, leaving me without two of my best freinds. Well just know that ive found a replacement named Pabst and hes beautiful.

MACHU I'm not placing and ad for you. This ad is for Devious! And Poe. And Panda. And Pickles. And Bacon. Happy Valentines day to all the gift you give me!

MACK BROS You guys suck. you're stupid. and you like beer. love, dad

MAD DOG Mad Dog, your Boozy mouth and Delightful high pitched squeals fill me with much joys, you are my friend and my favoritist Valentine!


MADAM MERLIN oh how i love your endearing ways. your nuzzles make my day. though we are apart now, you are always on my mind. keep up the fight.

MAG still think yr terrific to look at. you must be a spectacular person to boot, to get this cynic to publicly announce affection. can u belize it? <3 hr

MAGNETIC STARGAZER Andrew, your alluring eyes, your enigmatic smile, your sense of sensual literary style, make me want to traverse the country just to be with u again!

MAITI ROIS I'll fix you brektiss for a kiss a hot chocolate for a hug a real feel for a smile and always love you as you grow into a beautiful lady!! xoxoxxxo

MAKE MY HEART BEATZZ Almost a year, never fear, you are papi that makes me mami and this is lovey. Forevz gurl. I told you what it looks like I just need you to see it too

MALUHIA You make my day happy and full of sunshine, even during the cold, dark winter months that normally paralyze me with seasonal affective disorder.

MAMA B!! iwanttostandonmountaintopsandsing-abouthow muchiloveyou-echosbouncingfromplacetoplace-theworldmightunderstand, but my heart is only yours to have.

MAMA K Thanks for breeding with me, love. The result sure is adorable.18 is just around the corner, so let's enjoy every minute of it. I do miss you, though.

MAMA P. In all the sleep dep, baby poo, and cat pee, our life together is still like a good Al Green song. And that's a beautiful thing. Love always, Papa D.

MAN BABY We're pretty damn cute together, baby. Even when we got each other by the neck, I love you, I'll always love you, and your koala ears.

MAN-KITTY (DHU) Cuddly beard, manly chest, NE Portland walk, hearty laugh, nonstop flattery, brainiac on crack. My heart is singing for you today. Miss you. XOXO.

MANDINGO I love you sweetcheeks! Happy Valentines Day # 10!

MANDS/KELLS/BROOKS/ Yr bedroom bosoms always welcome my PDX endeavors, makes me want 2 move there 4evers. Yr beloved bro, CQA

MANNY If we were dogs and not roommates, I would awkwardly hump you at the dog park. Maybe I will! I love you and your little dog too.

MAPLEFERNFLORENCENCI Whatever you are,wherever you are,it is yours.No commitment issues here.I devote my life and my bank account and my chocolate to you. Fuck these men.

MARC Just remember... Valentine's Day might be created by the greeting card companies, but Feb. 15th is SBJ Day... much better than a crappy card. XOXOXOXO

MAREK i love you more than anything in the world. you're my love, my one & only, & the best husband ever. so much love, pride, & strength. all my love, ts.

MARIANA Happy to spend this road trip with you. Happy to have gotten salsa lessons from random people in Prospect Park with you. Happy to be in love with you.

MARITADAPHNEDOROTHY Where would I be without you three? Would I be lonely and sad? Would I be writing this ad? Who knows for sure, but I sure do love you three! Bradford

MARK AKA MYSTERY you've helped me find a new appreciation for pinball and strategically placed scarfs. i love our awesome makeout and look forward to more anime. tarah

MARK B I <4 you. You're my sweetheart every day! LOVE bear

MARKER LEE WILLIAMS I will live below the well in between the wish and the wait. You are my two windows and I will be your muffin bubble forever. I love you, Monkey.

MARRIED EARTH WOMAN! I cannot believe how happy we are! 3-5 years of Earthly bliss await us! You're an outtasight superduper space babe that makes me happy to be an adult!

MARTHA Remember our chat about relationships when we drove back from the beach? I pulled my hand away; you pointed it out. Can I have a do-over? Love, Jacob

MARTIN...AKA AXL You are so awesome and amazing and dam good in bed. Im so falling for you and look forward to our times together. This gooshy is all yours...

MARY "I will betroth you to me forever; I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love, compassion and faithfulness." Hosea 2. Love 2U, George

MARY Thank you for being such a great friend and guiding light. You are a true friend, as only a few can be.

MARY,JENNIE,STEPH, We are the Golden Girls! Thank you for being a friend(s)... Happy Valentines Day! Love, Rebecca!

MATCHING HAIR GUY i talked to you because we both had on baller caps with curly long lovely locks cascading out. i think im in love with your hair.

MATHIEU "Don't freak out"..Je t'aime tellement! Every morning I wake up next to you and am so thankful for having met you. I love you forever. Love Ta femme!

MATT It's no secret that we think you're lovely & amazing. Even the elderly like you. Graduation will be sad- no more can I stare at you in class. Le sigh.

MATT A. This is not mind games: the Basque & Welsh connection is HOTTT. That is a FACT. Jose who? *YOU* are my "Special One". Keep doing it on me, champion!

MATT DAVIS Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow.

MATT WING Thanks for always being supportive and helping me along. I love you tons! You're the best and are my LOML! -April

MATTHEW I love you like Kirk loves Spock

MATTHEW I love you more than you love frozen blueberries. I assure you that this is true.

MATTHEW H. I've yelled,been mean,wished you dead,harassed,tormented and haunted.All in the game of LOVE.Hard to admit how much you mean to me.I hope you Die!!!!

MATTIE!-SUPERWOMAN! Your twinkling eyes are totally rock n' roll. Look at more stuff and make the world a better place.

MATTY will you please be my handsome, rugged and manly valentine?

MATTY You came out of no where with my ex's first name, my last name and a great job at a brewery. A sick form of fate is kickin' my ass. To fireworks! Alli

MATTY V. Thanks so much for knocking me up again. Thanks so much for marrying me the first time. I love you more than ever sweetie! Happy Valentine's Day.

MAUREEN Happy Valentines Day!! 2 more months and our lives will change in the most amazing way! You make me smile every day, I love you more in every way.

MAUREEN What a difference a year makes-I love you more than I can comprehend.I am the luckiest man on earth. I can't wait to see what's next. D.

MAXIMUS I realized that the combination of your Jesus hair, Buddha body, Muhammedesque zeal, and sweet ninja skills means that i'm in love with a bitchen god.

MAYOR SAM Your glasses are dreamy, your hair is a mess, won't you be my valentine... AND RESIGN!

ME You're cool

MEG'A'MUFFIN Happy V-Day! Hope that you're warm, cozy and frostbite free. Love from Montreal. -Al

MEGAN Baby, if you move back to town, I will, on a daily basis, cook you breakfast, lunch, dinner, and eat you out for dessert...

MEL & MELISSA Seattle's not the same without you! Someday I too hope to find my soul mate who shares my name and my shoe size. Don't be a Stranger. Love, Molly

MELANIE W You know you've got someone special in your life when she can turn coffee into COFFEE. And if she happens to watch Lost, oh damn, even better.

MELISSA I love you lots, but I fear I can't hold out for you much more. You live so far away, yet I still pine for you! There will always be Nine Inch Nails.

MELISSA MAGIC!! You are an amazing, vibrant, positive force in my life. Thank you for being an awesome roommate, dog aunt, friend and chaperone. Love, AAA

MELIZA I am very happy to be your boyfriend. You smell wonderful. Love Greg

MEORX! honey bunny snuggle bears i love you so much. you keep me safe and deal with my crazy. i hope to keep you forever.

MERCEDES The folks at Matlock's Hot Dogs, your Spanish students at OHSU, Elsie S. and Lake Oswego... and Mazama, all wish you a most happy Valentines Day

MERCURY I'm sorry I got mad at you about M60 and stopped reading. I miss you, and I'm willing to forgive your mistake.

MERISSA You found my haikus! You've watched our closing ceremonies! The mouse rodeo is leaving, but I'll always remember you and the times we shared!

METRO sometimes you're immature. sometimes i'm mean. i think we match. thanks for watching snl at 3 a.m, making me coffee with irish cream and...i love you.

MI MATEO Four years in beach winds camellias open red remembering us. Te Amo Su Sophia

MICAH You own my heart. How did that happen? Love, Beth

MICHAEL DARLING The relationship compressor manufacturer (Hot Sex Inc) told me it's set to blast off on V-Day. Launch pad: Rocky Butte, Destination: Jupiter.

MICHAEL G. You are so effing amazing. I love you baby, thank you for coming into my life at suck a perfect time. I look forward to a long happy life with you.

MICHAEL G. It's too bad that the newspaper's not pop-up, because that would make it a much cuter place to remind you that I love you!

MICHAELA From SF rich to PDX poor. We will soon get jobs with tips. May we Play Theatre of Magic and Drink at Chin Yen's por vida. I love you. Steady Bumpkiss.

MICHAELANGELO I love you DollFace! You are the best thing to ever happen to me. We have so much fun together, and everyday is special. Thank you for being you.

MICHELLE Sweet lover, you are my favorite! I am so smitten with you and look forward to every moment we spend together. Let's get married and dance and sing.

MIKE i love your giant penis. he can be very demanding and he likes to slap me in the face. but i love him just the same. oh yeah, and i love you too.

MIKE I luv U n R life 2gether more each day.U R the happiness in my life & the reason I strive 2 better myself.Happy Valentines baby Luv your little monkey

MIKEY Your the reason I keep going, the reason why I won't ever give up on us and our dreams, I love you my sunshine and sweetsauce! smoooch! LUNUMU

MILLY Hey no matter what happnes i will always love u girl!

MIMOSA SPARKLE KITTY You're the BEST!!! I'm so grateful you came into my life so we could have so much wild silly fun. You help me to be my truest self. Love You! RCE.

MIRANDA i love you more than a gun in my mouth. we really should buy another strap-on. smooch.

MIRANDA i typed in the wrong form of buy. i dont know whats wrong with me. sigh.

MISFIT PONY CHLOEBOT You are the best lady friend for realsies.Thanks for saying you liked my Buffy shirt in 8th grade thus befriending this creature 10yrs ago Bff FOREVER

MISS BEERS you are my Large Hadron Collier, my Newcastle Brown Ale, my Don't Stop Believin', and my St. Elmo's Fire, all rolled into one incredible lady-babe.

MISS CELIE I'sa knows dat I done been makin you tend to the chilluns and scrub up mah house. I'sa juss really wanna crawl onya and do mah bidness tho! Luv MISTA.

MISS EM TO THE O You know I love you more than life! 10yrs and I've never stalked you, or dreamed of the perfect way to kill you. I'd miss you too much! God i'm sweet!

MISS MILLER You take the crab out of my claw. You are the sweetest, most giving, fun, gosh darn pretty gal in all of this here P-town. Dinners on me.

MISS PEANUT One more episode before you do the dishes. Not House though, I don't want any more panic attacks.

MISS SIREN The legends are all false. I followed your singing to shore and was met with all the sweet loving I was promised, and then some. I love you so much!

MISSALA Our Saturday mornings spent at Sweetpea Baking Co. eating delicious glazed donuts are my favorite mornings. XoXo. K

MISSISSIPPI RECORDS thanks for exisiting, for putting out amazing tapes and records, for the listening station, for the sweetest phrase on your transom. LOVE vanessa

MISTER BABE I love you!! I hope there are many more valentines days to come.

MISTER BLANKY I love you so much that I am ready to let you be the first I watch Star Wars with. Cause you know I'd spend a thousand years in your sarlac pit.-Em

MISTER WONDERFUL As promised, your laser beams have succeeded in melting my frigid heart. Now I am able to ask: Be mine, forever? Love, Boots (formerly known as TIQ)

MITCHELL I want you to know that I would give anything in the world to feel your touch again. Look me in the eyes and tell me you can't forgive me. -Neil Z

MMB I love the way you ____________ my ____________! Happy Hearts Day! I love you mucho! Your's always, Big Hands

MOLLY So many moments I blush at the thought of you Let's get drunk and kiss. love you babe.

MOLLY thanks for making me a happy guy. So happy you've come back into my life, can't wait to have you forever. I love you.

MOLLY You amaze me every day. I'm still fascinated by your mind and captivated each time you look in my eyes. You are beautiful Molly, and I adore you.

MOLLY K. D. You're a feast for my senses and always will be. I love you and I can't help it, nor would I want to. You are simply adorable. Your ever-lovin B-rad.

MOLLY MOLLIE MOLLEE You better Belize that we Guatemala time together! I hope you never find me Yucatan! Heres to you making sense of my lack...of...sense...oh I love u

MOM No offense meant, I do love you, but I liked living with Dad more. You won't play rough with me and get upset when I attack you. Love, Jack


MOMMY Daddy and I love you! Happy Valentines Day. Love R.J. and Daddy!

MONKEY 10 years later and I'm still after your banana! You compote me! ~Pookie

MONKEY MATE You are such a special monkey, and I love you! I can't imagine what sort of jungle I'd be lost in without you. Oh-oh, ah-ah-ah. PS - nice banana.

MONSTER I love you. NO! Not "that" way, but I wish you someone that will do all the naughty things you can dream up.

MONSTER LOVER, please use your soul straw for passionate friendship..... love yearning, devoted to you

MONSTIE Who could ever say you're not simply wonderful? Love, Lobby.

MONTANA Lets watch Pirates and eat rubber mac n cheese forever. Lets get Taco Bell 4 or 5 times a night and hit on the people working. Lets find our hero.

MOOKY Somebody loves you, somebody cares...guess who? You're my NBL who TCB, you're my Pan, my Elf Prince. May elephants move mountains for us forever.

MOOLAKOO You're my cuddly wampus: We'll go see Coraline! You're my ding dong daddy Of the d car line Glad to be your girly And your silly valentine

MOPED MOPED Bruises are red, Two-stroke smoke is blue, Pedals are sweet, and so are you! -Puddle Cutters

MORPHEUS I love you. You groom me, take care of me and share your wisdom with me. I can't imagine sharing a litter box with anyone else. LOVE YOU ROMES!

MOTTERY F JUNDY It's. Space. Let's make soul cookies - celebrate all our years, all the ones to come. I'll say those 3 words you deserve to hear every single day.

MR MAGOO'S DADDY For 18 years and 6 months you've been my constant companion... I fell in love with you the first time that I saw you and every time that I see you -

MR SEXY You are my blonde boy with the big hands. The best biscuit maker ever, I want to have you & hold you long after the buttermilk runs out. Be mine.

MR. DOUTIBATUM I will love you til the end of time. I would say "until I die", but remember our first date? I assure you, if I die, I WILL haunt you... with love.

MR. DURAN U asked if I was a Pirate and kidnapped me with Hefty Cinch Sack. Tried to run but I couldn't cause you had my heart. Jokes on U, I took yours too!

MR. EZRA H. I think I like you. I think you're the apple of my eye. You just might complete me. I think I'm in love with you. You make me happy. Love, Lestie Loo

MR. LADY, You are my bonny. You are my clue. My splee, my spondal, my worm body number 1... or 2? Daaawwwnial! Daaawwwnial! I love you.

MR. MC BROCK Remember Velour?? And driving thru the park after Santogold? And siring that bottle? It's been an amazing time. Happy V Day, you sexy beast!!

MR. MR. Mr. Mr. + Lady Chick= Cake <3 forever. love you hun.

MR. PAUL VARJACK I am crazy about you. love, holly

MR. SWANSON Despite your grumpy demeanor, I still think you're pretty swell. Cheer up Mister, we are living in Portland now! Love - A

MR. VIRGINA No poems. U know who u r!!! You rock my stripped socks!! Beer sellin', thief catchin', soul lovin' son of a gun!!! And u crazy, Boo! Happy VD!

MR.YUKON I will never need to see the tundra again knowing that you are mine. oosha boosha. love, your Yukon women

MRS. AWESOMEBUTT I absolutely adore your butt, your squirmy feet, your dancing eyes, your disconcerting laugh, the ladies (of course), and... well, basically... you.

MRS. AWESOMEBUTT You are better than the chocolate dipped, peppermint Jojos Trader Joe's sells at Christmas. I love the poop outta you! Love, Mrs. Awesomebutt

MRS. MACKIN The very fact that we are married indicates my goal of creating a successful romantic campaign. Thank you for your continued interest in...LOVE!

MRS. VALENTINE Let's kick it Dr. Seuss style. Almost nekkid, u my fox in sox. So stop being such a Grinch and hop on pop! Oh, the places you'll go! Luv u.


MS.CANDIE A Lot A Lot!!!

MUFFIN I Love You MORE! Love, Button

MUFFIN TOP I wanna put my hands on it. I want you to wear a short shirt, and maybe sinch up that belt a little bit. Jiggle wiggle. Jiggle wiggle AHHH.

MUFFINBUTT Ha. I called you muffinbutt in print. But seriously I love you. A lot. P.S. I totally get to marry you in mere months. Go team us!

MUFO Stop waking me up! Love you! Just kiddin. I loves being your hubby, your mufo, your kitty round-up. I loves you so much!!! Happy Val-Day!

MUFO you make me crazy-happy, happy and crazy. be mine my sweet fussy pants... always! xoxo, your bed ninja

MURMUR FACE you don't suck at it. sexy seizures and tantric temper tantrums? sometimes i can't tell us apart. let's paint the town brown!

MURMURING STAR Drawn by your gravity, delightfully caught up. Closer faster hotter silverhot. Same kind of magic, same kind of chase. I love you. *bunnies*

MUSCLES there is no one i would rather eat mashed potatoes with. thanks for seeing BIIM with me & bringing me ginger ale when i was sick. you rock my world <3

MUSHTY-LOWSHTY, Happy Valentine's Day! I appreciate you with all the good and bad. Now you need to take me on a trip. Much Love, Wishty

MY For indulging my passions, for making me a better person every day I spend with you, and for protecting our financial heiny, I pledge my eternal love.

MY BABY SHONTELLE you are the love of my life. the cher to my sonny. i love you more than you will ever know. even more than fatty.

MY CHRIS I want to build treehouses with you all over the world so you can punish me with kisses; we'll drink clover and read.I 'm completely in love with you

MY CUPCAKE You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love us, I love you... I promise I won't say "skull- fuck" in front of your family again, ever.

MY DARLING SAMANTHA you are my angel. I'm so glad that I decided to buy you that shot of tequila. Now our love will be forever enshrined in the pages of the mercury.

MY DREAM DATE I'm picking out a thermos for you.

MY EX-GIRLFRIENDS I am doing so much better without you. Thanks. I win!

MY HAPPINESS(H.A.H.) Your love melted my heart,Your soul climbed into my mine,Its been best from the start:my whole life its you I've been looking to find Schnugie&I loveu

MY HONEY BUNNY I love that you're willing to marry me barefoot (maybe) in the woods. I love you wildly and tenderly and more each day. Let's be ladybugs together.

MY LAST ACTION HERO you are my density. love is too weak a word for what I feel - I luurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two F's...you are my favorite.

MY LITTLE STRUMPET - You're the Pats to my Eddie, the Jennifer to my Dawn and the Pud Thai to my spicy mac-n-cheese !! Baby, you're the best !!! Love ya !!! XXX

MY LOVE FACE, I can't wait to marry you. We'll talk and not talk for the rest of our lives. You are the greatest thing in my life.

MY RICKSTER You will forever beat box the soundtrack of my heart, hold my hand while we wait for the max, and hold the door for me. I'm a lucky lady. Your Sarah

MY SKINNY BOY I see old dogs can learn new tricks!;) I'm delighted! So Love, happy Valentine's #3! Thank you for being my Man! <3 Your Water Girl, Your FireBird

MY SPICY JILLAPENO! I love you sweetheart It's almost been a year and our love is still amazing and strong! We will be Awesome for years to come! Love your sweet Wubby!

MY SWEET AIMEE everytime we're together i wish i could show you love by having you drive me around and having me bark out the back window... luggage tag angel

MYLES AND ADELAIDE Thank you both for making my dreams come true every single day. I'm the luckiest mom and wife around. I love you guys so so so much! xox Alisha

N...ATA...LIE 4 U i'd steal shit & sell it at the flea market like the mexican i am. spit couscous on me at your leisure. i'm enamored! let's AIDS it 4eva wetodd!

NAGLANSKIAN LOVER Though our story may be playfully fictitious, my love for you is as real as the kittens we don't have.

NAIA Sugar Cookie, how'd you get so great? You're like a Czechoslovakian glass in a lot of plastic shirt buttons. Let's keep being great together.

NAKED BOY And you surrender... Can I spend you up? You're my illegally illegal tender.

NALA Roses are red. Biscuits are tan. I apologize about the parenting from which I ran.

NAOMI Your ass was one of the highlights of my adult life. I think about it often.

NASH Happy Birthday to the best Valentine's gift anyone could ever ask for. Have fun bowling. Knock 'em all down! Luv Mommy & Daddy

NAT (MY SEAHAWK FAN) You know I'm new at this, so be gentle and let me take my time. You are on my mind constantly. I hope this turns into something I will never forget.

NATASHIA I'm never leaving you now, and you better not either! I'm holding on forever, until the day comes when I can wake up to your face. AlwaysAndForever.

NATE I'm so glad you're here.

NATE IS GREAT Buby wuby, you build me up and create a geyser of nasty. Marry me in june and keep r flowin' Xoxo Sierr bear Buahahahaha

NAYBO You and your love mattered to me,I'm sorry I upset you,I miss the all of you,walking Ninja,cussing at Danger,hearing how your day went,fart contests..

NAYNAY I am sad that we no longer live together, but i still love you anyways. hit a sista up once in awhile!

NCNM DAVE How about a little puck action with me blue eyes? Stick it to me baby! Truly yours, ND 2

NEIL THE REAL DEAL.. Neil, I love you with my mind, body and soul! 3 years and goin strong! You are my one and only snackpack! Mmmmm I sure do love pudding :)

NEPTUNE I lied when I told Kimberly that I didn't think you were cute. Your salt and pepper hair, your big blue eyes - amazing. Be mine? P.S. Don't tell Tray!

NEW TO PORTLAND Uhm, welcome to p-town, more wine together? lets get BROOOTAL. You're the best. Ps: im drunk.

NICK ESMONDE Baby baby baby baby baby: I LOVE YOUR GUTS. You are my sweet man and my heart belongs to you.

NICK HAMILTON, I am in love with you. Always have been, always will be. With a knot in my throat and butterflies in my stomach, I shall continue to pine from afar.

NICK, received a prestvalentine card from secret admirer in Portland... so even if it is not really your type,i can't think of anybody else so happyvalentin

NICKASAUR U trifflin B**ch I Lurrvzz u.. Hearts..Dizzle..

NICKI Te quiero y gracias por ser como eres!

NICODEMUS i love you like a fat kid loves cake, baby. im so glad we met, you make life so fun.

NICOLE CHRISTINE MyLove, MyWife, Myfriend. We roll the rock, the bones and the dice of life together hand in hand.ILOVEYOULADY. You are my love, my wife. I am your MAN

NIDA For you see, each day I love you more Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

NIK NIK I love the shit outta you, Nik. I'm yer Valentine today and everyday. Let's go make out. All my loving, -Love

NIKOLE KLINKHAMER Real love is wanting what's best for the other even if it's not what you want. True happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you get.

NINARAE you're so cool, there's nobody cooler, if cool were a country, you'd be the ruler! I love you! -em

NIQ Two years ago I told you "I arbitrary word you." and today more than ever, I really do Hearing it back from you, proves it's not arbitrary after all

NISA you are my best friend,my soul mate,I love you. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

NNIICCKK V Thanks for walking my drunk ass home from beulahland! It's been over 2 years now and I can't imagine portland without you. best boyfriend ever! xoxo

NOAH You're a real swell guy and boy, would I like to go steady with you! ...So...You wanna do it or what.

NOKEY I love you! "you're my happy meal sent from above..." Love, your zaumbie chicken

NOONA My only lover, bringing multiple pleasures to discover. Always loving and protecting one another. Happily I stay with you, neatly sewn to your side.

NOT SO SECRET CRUSH North East Portland, huh? Oh well, I'd follow you to the ends of the earth. I'll pack the vodka, you bring that killer smile, leave the gf at home.

NUMB NUTS hugh dancy's got nothing on you! i like smelling your sleeves. lets wrap up in fake fur and drink tecate till we puke!!

NURSE JOEY, Team BeJo would be nothing if it weren't for you. God you're amazing! Best girlfriend eva award goes to you! Earmark!! Love from your Myn!

OH BUTTON MY BUTTON! Hello My Little Penguin, let's go diving in the ocean again, Brrrrr. Perhaps next time the whale will give you a ride on its fins. I super love you.

OISIN Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down... Love you bunches! The Brat

OLLIE YOUTH MEDIA You're the best ever.

OO OO You are my One, my All, My Everything...Where else could I find the perfect monkey/chicken hybrid, with all that that implies? Large love, Palladio

ORGANIC B To my velotine, The last year has been the ride of my life. This squirrel is nuts for you, darlin'. <3 *muah* ~KJ

ORIONE Thanks for the many months of adventures and cuddle time...Looking forward to many more memories. -D

PABLO! <3 I love love love you, cuddly Nosferatu! Long may we be making sammiches at 1am and cackling evilly past 3 <3

PAC-MAN MASTER Dear, your joystick jiggling wakes up my hidden desire to be hunted. When you finish claiming your high score munching pellets, it's my cherry's turn.

PAIGE I'm trying to think of a pickled valentines gift and all I can think of is maybe artichoke hearts, possibly more hearts of palm but thats redundant...

PAIGE B. I don't need a holiday to tell you I love you but the moment doesn't arrive when I can tell you from a newspaper I'll say it from this one I love you.


PAMELA I can't believe I'm dating the hottest girl in Portland. Hot, smart, funny, and affectionate! I hope it's the first Valentine's Day of many. -Matthew

PANDA I love you! And I bet I know where you are reading this and what you are drinking. -Buh

PANDULCITA Si, pareces como una mora y tienes sabor de helado. Eres una cena de tres cursos en un cuerpo tan bonito, amor

PANTS thanks for making our shoebox a lil slice of heaven & so graciously putting up with my shenanigans... you're my favoritest ever!! i love you so.

PANTS! You're the sweetest and sexiest man I've ever met. I hope our bleach blonde love lasts forever. xo-Cakes

PAPA BEAR even when you don't shave and smell like fish i still can't keep my hands off you. i love you baby.

PAPA BEAR Thanks for the big bear hugs and especially for Baby Bear. Love, Mama Bear

PAPA DANHART Thanks for being the best husband/papa a wife could ever ask for. I love love love you so much. Prr to the Prr. Meow Meow for life.

PAPI CHULO I love you more than words can ever explain! I adore you more & more everyday. Thanks for being my "black hole" & being the center of my universe

PASTE-O LAROO (Jan. 29th-) Countin' down the days 'til I can see your shit eatin' grin an' grab your bike messenger ass. Awe yeah. -No really, I love you, Happy V!

PATRICK Are we still stuck with each other?

PATRICK* your smiles and laughs i adore. i am delighted by the nrg we share. the gestures of flowers dont go unappreciated ;) xo -Me

PATRIKILPATRICK Wishing you a night of Pasion but no love...

PAUL There's no one else in the world I want to share my plate with. You are my best friend and soulmate. I will love you always, Michigan

PAUL We have been married for 11 years this month and have been to heaven and hell. Through it all, I still love you!! Love, the meanest Mean

PAULIE PRUSIK I LOVE being your partner. Love Gri Gri Greg

PDC My Love, Your policies are poetry, your strategies prose, I am more than enticed because your development flows. Get at me boo. PDX

PDXL.B. If it wasn't for your sweet loving ass I'd probably be alone and visiting You-Porn a lot more often. Kisses, your WLL.B.

PEA BAG GUY I think ur just Lovely! Plus u buy me Skittles & hold my hand. U make me hear fireworks & not just when we're listening to them & eating strawberries.

PEANUT-BABO Roses r red,Violets r blu, I just want2say I stil luv u.I think ur sweet,I'l make u wet down2ur feet.U make me weak,I'l freak,if we don't streak peekl

PEEP I love you almost as much as I love Obama - and that's A LOT!!! xoxo, stinky p.s. you're really good in bed!

PEKING DYNASTY you are amazing, and together our family has high potential to rule the world. happy valentine's day to you all!

PEPPERS I was going to make my 1009th Tim and Eric reference here but I won't. I love ya, ok? Sarah.

PERI What can I say that already hasn't been said? Will you go get some coffee and something sweet with me? I'm still yours forever. Nathan

PETER I adore your sweet ass! Happy Valentine's Day. Love you, kim

PETITE AMIE Though you probably won't see this, I thought I'd waste everyone's time and have this published anyway on Oregon's 150th birthday. Call me a romantic.

PETITE FLOWER, When you gave me your ass, I gave you my heart. Love, Junebug

PETRA I don't want to sound gay or anything, but, I love you!

PFK Lovin' U P-Fam baby, U Knw UR part of the Familyyy Jst Lvin' KNNOWHTMSAYIN P-FAM4LIFE OOOOO -wwiido?

PHEASANT It's Pigeon. I wanna ruffle you down. Make you squawk. Build a bower. Feel you up. Damn that's some fine tail you've got.

PHYLIS Will you be my Valentine? I love you sooo much it hurts. Your're beautiful, charming, sexy, caring, and generous.. Love, Eric

PIC Running faster than my legs can take me Shouting louder than my lungs allow me... feel my embrace now.

PIGEON (Devon too) Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm still mad, but I miss you,. Three words would make a big difference; two words would do. Poppa

PINEAPPLE PUTTER I want to run my fingers through that sexy apple cider mane of yours. let's run with the prehistoric beasts. kiss kiss. love, me.

PINK MOO I'll Be your Mirror. I'll feed you chik'n soup when you're sick,and paint lazy sunday masterpieces with you when you're well!LoveTimesInfinity, Emitch


PLATONIC FLIRT Kevin, there isn't anyone I would rather spend Valentines day with. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to, today and every day. L

PLOP Could we stay right here until the end of time, until the earth stops turning. Wanna love you until the seas run dry. I've found the one. 143

POCKET SWEETNESS if u asked me,u know i be yours,starting things off with some polite golf applause,id try n do the best i can, meet me in 10, i go fetch the van xxxx

POKEY I love you more then i can say and i hope that you know it.

POLLYANNA You: tiny and sweet, drop-kicked my ass in the middle of a Tampa grocery store. Me: just resting in the produce aisle. i ('ll always) love you dearly.

POO! I wanna squeeze your sexy body & never let go.Can't wait for our adventure...hawaii? LA? Missouri? As long as I have you, poo! Love you!- chuchu

POOBIA Day in, day out, your beauty is bewildering. I think you are absolutely amazing and I'll love you forever.

POOJIBEAR My heart will always belong to you. You make me smile like no one else can. Forever your Poojibunni

POOKER Sorry I'm an ass most of the time. I really do love you a lot. You make me happy. Meet me in CoziTron tonight for some electricity!!!

POOP PRINCE Oh, Furry Ham. I love you. Be my poury ween forever? Thanks for being an island of foury in the sea of poo, and letting me use the Netflix wrong.

POOPALICIOUS I love you! big sloppy kisses from your favorite hairy monkey and sam the clam. smooooooch!

POOPFACE I love you ugly

POOTSIE I am learning to listen to your wisdom more and more; please know that when I don't, it's a reflection of my stubbornness, not lack of wisdom in you.

POPTART Lets spend V-day just like last year: Hot Wet and Naked!!! I loves you and your Zombie Kisses. XXXOOO

PORTLAND Oh, pristine city, deserving urban cynosure of the west coast. I gladly bear the slings and arrows of your detractors, and defend you daily.

PORTLAND Remember that night we spent together? Happy hour at the Tiger bar, dancing at the Fez, a cock N balls at voodoo. Makes the herpes worth it.

PORTLAND FRIENDS Hasta la vista to you all. You will be missed. Thank you for all the good times over the years. I'll surely be back for a visit. xxoo, TT

PORTLAND GIRLS CLUB Darci, Amie, Vannie, Natasha, Nikki, Casey, Renee, and Izzy. Your the coolest women in the world. Much Love

PORTLAND, DEAR, I miss you. I miss the smell after(+before)rainfall, the hipsters, the geeks, drunks, junkies, even the hippies+musicians.Miss me? Hope so.Love, Sally

POTATO You are similar to my Baby Tater, but bigger and stinkier. Your yellow underarms fill me with passion. I must attack you ASAP. -Chowchefskew

PPCW CCS rainbow star heart palm tree heart sheep

PREHENSILE ELK LOVE Love monkey! Lets go see my bloody valentine in 3d. possess my heart... shleeva

PRETTY BABY I look forward to the day when I'm done with school and can annoy the shit out of you in person on a daily basis again. In a nice way. I miss you. -b

PRINCESS HUGGLESTON I fall deeper and deeper everyday. I am yours to command, but you still haven't passed the remote test. I love you

PS, Passion, policy talk, & precious moments together have burned you into my soul. I want your kisses all over my pink parts and plump places. luv, yours

PUDDIN I know that we're not "together" right now, but you know I will love you forever. Please be my Secret Valentine until we can be one again. Your Sugars

PUMPKIN Six years and counting. I love you more with every passing day. You are my favorite. I love you bunches and bunches, Husband

PUMPKIN Your mouthwords make me tingly all over - not just in the lapular (;0) - and my stomachbox flutter (I swear it's not the wiggly rice). Your Tea Boy.

PUMPKIN CUTTER I love the way you love sneakers, art, music and life.We have fun together.You make me smile and laugh,special peanut head monkey pants-love Bumpkiss

PUNCHY I miss you so hard all the damn time. When can I see you again? Is this creepy?

PUPPY To the sweetest boy on earth, I love you more than anything in the world. You are my bumble bee, my baby bear, and I'll never let you go!

PURPLE PIXIE You are the cherry bomb of all Pixies and the twinkling star in the sky! Love you forever and always!

PUSSINBOOTS we love you nerdzer...happy v-day p-town stylee

PUSSYCAT Happy Valentines Day to the girl that makes my heart happy! All my love, Husband

Q Sweetie, I love you and our beautiful life together. It's been 10 wonderful years next month. Thank you. All my love, J

QBOMB I love your red locks. I love your buttocks. I love how you bowl. You're the one for my soul. Happy 1st Married Valentine's Day Q! Love, Nixy

QUEEN ELIZABETH Roses are red, violets are blue, I can't wait to get home and do my hot boo! i love you, my queen - you are everything to me.

QUEEN OF THE WASTSE When the end comes, ill meet you at the zoo. All the tiger meat and elephant ears you can handle. Road warriors on your scoot scoot. PK hearts 2U

QUINNTUPLET u put the "q" in my "query," darlin'! & the hunger in mah bellaaaah! next time u fix my heater, i'm bringin' my tools. yums from ur italo-litho-thai.

R If you could just love yourself, then I could love you. You're still amazing to me. -K

RACHEAL your mom couldn't spell but she sure could make a person!! I love you TRAMP... your BFF

RACHEL I can't wait for our baby to be born. Happy Valentine, Lover. -Jon

RACHEL P J MMMMyyyy love! It took 13years but we have all that we desired and more. Just one thing left and thats for you to be my Valentine. Kisses, ME

RACHELL-O On this, the hallmark-iest day of the year, I send you honest and true wishes of caring, love, and happiness. Let's go get a beer!

RACHELLLLL Girl, you make me wanna stop fucking dogs. Real talk. <3 Douglas

RAD AMERICA Your sq.ft. is TOTALLY TIGHT! Can we take it to the next level? Lets assemble an archetypal team and save the world by 2012. Thanks for being so RAD!!

RAGGAMUFFIN First you vomitted all over my clothes. The next time, you vomitted all over my arms and feet. All along you were vomitting love all over my heart!

RAINBOW WARRIOR My favorite adventurer, show me YOUR secret spot. Candy, cupcakes, cuddles in your amazing bed...WOMAN I love you SOMUCH. Moped to South America soon?

RANA 7 years! We have come so far and we have so much left to do. Lets do it together... in bed.

RANDY You mean more to me than all the bacon in the worl and more than soft cat food to the kitty. Love, Kandi & Nino

RANDY BEE You make me smell. You make me squirm. I wanna kiss your knee pits and Cry all over your hair. Get over here and sweat on me! You Goblin! You Prince!

RANSOM I can't believe it! You have got to be the hottest, sexxiest dyke in PDX. It blows my mind and heart when I think of how lucky I am. xoxo

RAQUELITA CAROLINA Princess Unicorn....your Horn can Pierce the Sky as it pierces my Heart! XO


RAYCHUL ROBOT Thru all the heartbreaks, "that's nots", best days, worst days, you've met me all the way. Thank-u for holding my hand thru it ALL. Stingrayvi 4 life!

REBECCA S. Sweeter than all the berries in the world. I enjoy every moment that we are together. You are the best art I've ever seen. -i love u

RED I miss our Thursday night date nights! Wishing you a speedy recovery! I <3 You! xoxo PINK

REDHAIREDMIRACLE iKnewFromTheMomentiSawYou,ThatiWantedYou.iDidn'tKnowThatOnceiKnewYou,YouWouldBeAlliCouldEverWantInAFriendAndALover.LetsMakeEachOtherHappyForever.

RENEE T You give so much happiness. You allow life to be easy. Your positive outlook on life is admired by everyone especialy me. I love you!!

RENEE, MY BELOVED In all the years we have left together, let nothing come between us. Except maybe Zippy. :-D

REX Oh wayfarer, wandering troubadour, pork cookie... Your radiant mustache captivates me and is unrelenting in its hold. Happy mid-February! <3, Hazel

RICHIE You are a sea of goodness; you are a sea of love. Te quiero por vida. Tu wifey, la Bonnie.

RIGHT HAND Thanks for always being there for me.

RIN Fishnets tonight. Or else, no nookie. I love you! Grumpypants

RINDY To the sexiest girl in the ptown. Loving you is where its at baby. Here's to many more great years together. Love K.D.

RKELLYJARULON My darling. It's my pleasure & privilege to cavort about this town with you. FUCK romance, you my BFF are what i want & I need! Olive juice 4ever!! xo

RO You can make lies real, You can make me feel, Like drinking wine in the shade all afternoon

ROMAN Your passionate love could never be bland, you are almost too hot for this white girl to stand.I love with all of my heart! U R my Juan in a million.

RON TOMS You're still my sunshine in Portland and the only reason I'll keep coming back. We'll be dirty old curmudgeons together someday.

RONNIE This will be a good experience for both of us... when we prove them all wrong! Just don't say no brother, I'll never leave Montana. Love you!

RORRY DI'm your muse, and you're my messiah. I love your art, your brain, the way you make me laugh, all your complications. You're the one, baby!

ROSE GARDEN CHEF I've never regretted packing a backpack and leaving it all behind with you. Our life is better, brighter, and... this is just beginning. I love you!

ROXY EPOXY Thank you for everything over all these years. You are truley my best friend and the love of my life. Yours always, Drat.

ROY C.H. <3 Honey, you are my rock. I never knew it could be so good. You understand me, support me and best of all, you love me - for me. I'm yours, always. xo e

RUBY'S DAD YOU are the gem of MY eye. i love you baby.

RUTHIE MY QUEEN You make me so freakin happy and complete me in every way. I'd follow you off the edge of the Earth just to be by your side. Love You...

RY GUY You rock my world And tickle my fancy! I love you, kiddo. You make my life taste sweet. Thank You.

RYAN All I want to do is taste your rainbow!

RYAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are so damn sexy! Love you more each day So happy to share my life with you I'll be beside you when the walls come crashing down

RYAN Let me take you d o w n kuz I'm going to s t r a w b e r r y f i e l d s ! Happy V-day to you, LOVER!!! Marry me, OK? Love, Jules

RYAN L X3.I am sorry that I guess I was not the "someone better" to come along for you. I do truelly love u and wished that we could b together forever-nkm

RYAN S. Snuggletown! Poison! Raccoons! Bursting Yogurt Pipes! Do you still have that list of why the sex is so fantastic? I have so much more to add!!!!!!!!!!

RYAN WOLF Ryan my Lion! The man, the legend...& the man of my dreams! Let's chug some whiskey & start a fight somewhere. I love you THIS MUCH!!

RYE & EHREN **********You are my heart...your boy loves you sooooooo much!! *********

RYGUY You get me real spun up. Nothing new. I'm just in love with you. -Shannon

S-PUFF You are a delight. I often dream of what you would taste like if you were a cheese cake. I hope when you die I can use your ashes in a cheesecake.<3

S.S. YO BEEEYATCH! I loves it when you get down with yo' FREAKY SELF in my B-room. My man Walnut gets all our best shit on his video phone. BOOYA!

S.S. WANGATRON i want to rub bacon grease on your man parts and feast like a fat girl.I'm so lucky i met you.beep bop boop!!fuck the rest baby. i love you.

SAM shwty ur the hawtst ur not my man,:( but u once were let me gass up my jet i wnt ur body, need yar body let me put dis big gurl in ur life~

SAM Thank you for taking such good care of us, you're an amazing Man and the love of my life. Love Always B.B

SAM You're the best thing to ever happen to me. These past 3 months have been amazing and I've loved every moment I spend with you. <3 Tony

SAM ADAMS roses are red, violets are blue, I say hells yeah and totally forgive you.

SAM BISNETTE I think we should see other people! You fart to much,call me some time for coffee when your a little bit less gassy.

SAM NOT THAT ADAMS Bubblegum Sam has my heart. Ah lover and perfect equal - I'm lucky. Ditto to the Lady.

SAMANTHA We go together like asparagus and bacon; totally not vegan. But that's how I like it!

SAMANTHA LILY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! In the short time I've known you, you've showed me how amazing things come in short, pale packages! Happy V-Day hon!

SANDI Honey is sweet; but it ain't nothing next to baby's treat. And if you'll pardon me, I'd like to say..we'd do okay..forever in blue jeans. Love Missy

SANDSCAPE my love for U grows each day. your integrity, vision, truthfulness, authenticity + sexy wrists and ankles keep me coming back for more. pass the kale

SAOFOIR With all of my love, all of my heart, forever and always, your girl. I will spend my whole life living up to the love you give me.

SARA Oh how I pine for you on these long days. Sad that we are not in the shire anymore. But we shall meet again my love. Perhaps in China. <3 LOLZ

SARA You're in my heart every day. You call me every day, you laugh when I hug you, you sing about me. I am so lucky. Thank you. Also you smell nice. -T

SARA D & MAXINE V Here's to the two gals that always make a bad day shine a lot brighter. Love, love and forever love!—Daddy

SARAH i guess it's unconditional. i can't wait until you are my old gray butch wifey. xoxox, your baby (who knows that you hate valentine's day)

SARAH I wuv you, my sexy snuggle muffin

SARAH To my one and only for life. I love you soo... much!! Happy Valentines Day my love

SARAH FACE Third times a charm, right? You're too rad for words and have the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. I am truly grateful to have you in my life.

SARAH HECK I love you Bad Girl, We will have fun on Valentine's Day (you know what I mean)good times, sexy times!!! Dress up for me!!! Love, John "punk rock"

SARAH SAND here's to pouring chocolate on your hot body rubbing my hands over your sexy body and making love with you. this is the best ever. keep smiling. DW

SARAH VON WATERMELON You've had my breathless since the day I first laid eyes on your oh-so perfect bangs. Maybe one day you'll love me as much as Pablo? Xoxo. Boy Boy.

SARAHFACE GIRLFRIEND unicorn zombie lover, i miss our studio sexy time. lets have a reluctant garage sale and go get saved at food bank church. no? well, fuck you off then

SASA I love you and miss you sister, and I'll be home so soon! Then we can drink, fight, make delicious vegan food and live happily ever after. Love, Huhu

SASHA Your dog ate my shoes, Your fish spent my money, and you stole my heart! Luv ya Kiddo! P.S. Sorry I'm Broke and my car sucks!

SCARECROW Cheeto Chavez will put a fruitcut on your head so big that every jalapeno hunter in the city will be pursuing your Cojones! . . p.s. wuuuuuuv youuuu!

SCHMIMBERLY I love being with you and the wonderful life we share together. You're the best & I love you with all my heart! Love Always, Steve

SCHMOOPIE Forever. K? Mark

SCHMOOPIE U're the msalt of my earth, mi cielo y mar. Thanx for everything you bring daily and knightly, and for ever, I love you, Olga...

SCHMOOPIEWHOOPIEKINS You are the Sookie to my Bill. The ones from the show, not the books. I could kick Stephen Moyers ass.

SCHTUBBIE Leda loves you. I do too. -Brina

SCOOT I got a fever that only more cowbell will cure, Shinshe shinshe? Love, your hota.

SCOOTY PATOOTY ur my sweet cuddle muffin, like having my own big kitten to hold. Luvs u XOxo dRooK.!

SCOTT C. Punkin,You are adorable. Thx 4 tea daily, cooking deliciously, kissing me everywhere, working so hard, and all the music. Heart, Kitten (rawr EVEN)

SCOTT G. You're my favorite & I adore you. This past year has been fantastic! Lets keep lovin' each other. We are good at it. xox Caroline

SDG I miss you and wanted to say i'm sorry and love you. Even if it is from a distance. happy valentines day, hope the many treat you well... k

SEA OH Fake Sea Oh hasn't got a thing on you. You're sweeter than a 3 egg day. Nothin' in the 'verse can stop you now.

SEAN All that I've seen All that I've known All that Ive looked for And all that I've found Is nothing compared To having you around. Mom

SEAN Just wanted to let you know how much I love you! I appreciate everything you do for me, and you're the best boyfriend! :)

SEAN My husband, my best friend, my valentine, my hairdresser - my everything. I love you to pieces! Please be my Valentine Forever! xoxo - PINK

SEAN-O-THAN i love you, boogie man. nothin gets me hotter than shakin my ass with you. we teach em how to dance! thanks for shining your light so bright. love LM

SEASON You are such an amazing and strong woman. I wake up each day feeling lucky to be your husband. Here's to many more years together.

SECRET 963 In a new relationship with my Secret 963. Taking things slow at first, but work great together! I want to ask my Secret 963, Will You Be My Valentine?

SEME... You are in my blood. I can't help it. We can't be anywhere except together. I love you Seme. Happy Valentines Day. ~Uke

SENOR SEXY PANTS Happy Hallmark Day & Happy Friday the 13th! Love you roomie! Big Country be damned! Kisses, Ol' Rough Spot

SERVICE INDUSTRY BOY Here's to the fellas serving coffee, dishing out food, and mixing drinks. You are all cute and I have crushes on every single one of you.

SESHETA in your crosseyed world it must be nice to roll in the sun on the pavement and give me sweet joy in sharing your life with me these 14 years love you!

SETH I can't stop thinking about you. I get crazed when i think about touching your body. mmm...hot! when are you going to call me back? xoxo

SETH let's ride our bicycles, eat taco bell, get wasted on cheap beer, and do it a lot. i'll even be on top! you are my partner in crime. love, jocelyn.

SETH You are so witty and you love your crossword puzzles and I love you and our kids. Grow your beard again...love your dark little valentine.

SETHY I must be the luckiest woman alive to have found someone as amazing as you! I love you more than words could ever say.

SEVI-LICIOUS "I am a crazy fool for you babe!" Love yeah!

SEXY BABES IN PDX: Siouxshe Spice, Debra Jean Danger, Kary Blaze, and the sexy sisters Carolyn and Kathleen. Just 3.5 more years and I'm coming home! Love, Joshua

SEXY BITCH! We may be celebrating Valentines on the 13th, instead of the 14th, but I'm excited to be alone with you, well almost alone .LOL You are wonderful!

SFM I adore you!

SHAD who works at plaid here's an ad to say you're rad hope you'll be glad or I'll be mad =D

SHADOW How many crazy days and nights has this gone on for? You drive me madd!!!! Love you forever and a day Wierdo Raven

SHANA my love for you grows each year you bring me joy,laughter,and loads of cheer this is a reminder if it's not heard enough I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU FOREVER!

SHANNON You are the shit my baby. Red Wings forever!!! I'm so glad that I've meet you...John

SHANNON MCD My hot Irish lover. I really really really like you. Let's go somewhere romantic soon. We can smile uncontrollably. Like always. <3 Elliott

SHANZ OLIVIA WILBUR You kids are amazing. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. SO, SO MUCH. Our drill is one that shall pierce through the heavens! Love to you, from FRANCE!

SHANZINI You are so kickass! You have the brain of a thousand babes and your compassion is totally in fashion. I wish you love and light in whatever you do.-EZ


SHAWN you are sooo gonna triple word score tonight...LOVE laura

SHAWN-Y you make shoe insoles sexy and epsom salts erotic. baby, let's dine on free cheese samples and public fountain water...forever.

SHAWNA I couldn't ask for a better sistah than you! Thanks for making me feel like part of the fam dammily! <3 Jenney

SHAY R (ARRRGH!) HEY EVERYONE! SHAY'S MY BESTEST FRIEND AND Y'ALL NEED TO KNOW THAT!!! Just wanted you to know that I ( we) <3 you and the pigieons. Lurve -s-

SHELAGH, BRIGHT BLIP In such a world, Shelagh, you are a bright blip in darkness, an inspiration and a mentor beyond wild expectation. What a song, spending days with you.

SHELL PANTS You know that I love to drink IPAs with you and call you at the ass crack of dawn...don't ever leave portland lady.

SHEM, I'm grateful for the good times we have in Sodom. The sleazy raccoon said you like my carpet.You're so sweet, I'll get you a wooden gyroid.Love,Puhmat

SHOGO you are the most badass hubby ever.lets grow old together and get a big porch and lots of guns and eat biscuits and gravy for ever!

SHORTER THAN MOST I love the way you can make me laugh and make fun of me and act like you aren't. I love the way you look in your polka dot panties. Mostly I love you.

SHRIMPY Me, CerPanda, CerPickles, Bacon, PillowPoe, Devious, Lobster, Sparkles, and Bleh want to say we love you, Penguino does not approve of this message.

SHWEET THANG! Hey gojus girl! You're a saint to have put up with me through The Quitting. Back to being Mr. Low Maintenance. I'm your cactus, shweethaart.

SIEBENUNDVIERZIG oh missionary of bus, there's glass between us! here's to much EVOLution, matters of ratios, your demons breath on my skin...into thee abyss my love!

SIERRA <3 Happy V-Day! What more can I say that you haven't already heard before! You are an amazing, beautiful person who I LOVE very much and miss everyday!<3

SILLY PANTS You are the last but you are also the first. You are the best and have never been the worst. More than the world, you mean the universe to me.

SILVER DOLLAR SARAH I had such the hots for you. You don't even know. If we had ever gotten down with the air hockey i am sure it woulda made you hella copulate with me.

SIPHAT MEN I loves you, forever and ever and ever! Smoochie bootchie's

SIPPI CUP Eye heart ewe. Will you go to Mt. Tabor with me in the freezing cold and watch a cloudy sunset over Hawthorne? Check one: Yes or No.

SIR Thank you for your guidance. Because of you, I'm becoming the sub I've always needed to be. Your property, F.

SISTER SARA, My best friend, my music guru, provider of Star Wars and fantastic style; How would I live my life without you? I would never know what to wear....

SJG Sarah, I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to get to know you so well. I really value our time together and our marathon phone convos! xoxo

SJM/OSEPH/OWL/BABE I keep forgettin we're not in love anymore,I keep forgettin things will never be the same again...You are in my heart forever.Smile and enjoy life.LKT

SKITTLES Although you are more like chicklets, I love my little fairythug more each day. Love Daddy

SKYLER Puedes me escribar veinte poemas de muerto y una cancion de amor, pero no me importa. Ya te quiero. Vamos al sud...o cualquier lugar. Besos, Corina

SLAVEGIRRL From the moment that we met you knew I was the one.Five years together prove you were right.Thank you for all of it.I'm yours Panda bear I love you!!!

SLOBIN LYSOL You are so hot baby, you drive me crazy!

SMITTEN KITTEN rock your sexy!! i want to savor your body in every which way*~


SMOKEY BEAR I love our snuggle time - I wish we could stay in bed forever. Can't wait to be your wife and go to Paris. I love you, I love you, I love you.

SMOOCHARIFICUS my little Tiger, huffalump, cuddle bear, smoochie. i love you so much. bff!!! love always & always, s.

SMOOGINCON You are one in a million! Squatting our beach house, sex in the theater, xtube, reading in the sun, being silly. Want to know you forever, I love you.

SMUGGLER You're super busy, me sort of. But we handle stress well, right? yes. soon we will be eating pizza in bed & this time next year, professionals..what?

SNARFLE BARFLE Every day is a good day when you bring me home candy from work. I love you! Don't forget the candy.

SNARFLE BARFLE weezee sneezee woozle wuzzle huggys and wuggys

SNATCH & LAUREN You two's are my favorite lezbos by far! I know, I know "you're not gay". Whatevs. Happy VD anyway, The one and only Sally Kane

SNOOGIE-WUMPKINS Hey Pookie-Pooh! Who's my little umpy-gumpy sniggity-wiggums? Yes, you are! You are my special little snuggy-punkin fresh from the Cutie Factory!

SNOOKEY Cute as a button Something else that's followed by Chicken bock bock bock

SNOOKIE WOOKUMS Even though this whole situation is totally effed up...I hope you've enjoyed all the weird times as much as I have! Love, Snuggly Wuggly Huggle Buns

SNOOP DOUG I wish I was your bicycle seat. Happy Valentines day, my love.

SNOOPY snoopy, each day with you is a treasure i don't care that your cat attacks me, you're the one that makes me purr! love until forever, your honey bear.

SNOOPY POO PUNKINPIE You are moms true love. I love you more than all your spots. You r my sunshine, my happiness, my reason for waking up each day. i love you, valentine.

SNUGGLE BUNNY You are my homey, my best friend, love of my life. Will you be mine? Always? I love you sooo much. Chocolate Kisses, Your Homey

SNUGGLE BUNNY. There is no one else that I could possibly be happier with. You make me calm when I need to be calm and fill my days with laughter and fun.I love you!

SNUGS MCKENZIE I am so excited that in six months, I will be your Mrs. I wouldn't trade the years we've spent together for anything in the world. LOVE YOU!

SNUSTIN I want to snu you in the face forever!

SONCI I want you so bad. I want to touch you. I want to have you. To have my way with you. The way I want to. I love your tight little butt.

SONG TO SAY GOODBYE I think you may have once loved me. I can't be sure anymore. I am yours. I was yours. I will miss you. Goodbye.

SONJA L Shining inside you is a golden star, flooding your world with golden light & joyful music! Keep our gentle love warm & growing strong in it's rays....

SOONABE I wanted to get you a diamond-heart necklace, but then I remembered you're not tacky. You're literally the opposite. And I love you. Viva Septiembre!

SOPHIA You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.. you make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know babe, how much I love you. Happy V Day!

SOPHIA M. Dear Sophia You are my true love. I can not wait to smother My self in your Sweet Sweet Voluptuous Bootie give me the Bootie. Happy Valentine.

SOPHIE BOMBSHELL!!! a single thing wrapped tightly round us, since we are poor a warmth Here, now The rendezvous. - exrp. W. Stevens. I cannot wait for our rendezvous!

SOUZWA you are my shining star - T

SPARKY "what a beautiful face i have found in this place..." i love you SO much and can't wait to marry you. nubs baby. <3 your soonabe

SPIDER MONKEY! Please stay latched on to me and dont let go. You make me feel like a school boy, a school boy that desperately wants to make love to u! 8===D ~~ o-:

SPONDULIX Almost nineteen years/Married. It's stilll brand new to me/My gubba, always!

SPOT 79 Your leaving rips my heart out. Please put it in your pocket and carry it with you forever. Loving you always and all ways, Your Bloody Valentine

SQUASH BLOSSOM My little Pumpkin Flower. Let's get married and then have twin sons. I love you about a quarter inch. Your tough and sexy lovin man.

SQUID TOP you french great.

SQUIRRELL You're terrific. I'm glad we're still friends. I love you alot. You will always be my squirrell. Love Bear.

SQUISH BUN 69 I love how your balls smell like cumin as they lay across my nose. Let's get "nassy" and play "that's good" until we scream. Happy valentine's day!

SQUISHY I know that you don't believe in Valentine's Day but because of my name I cannot help myself. I love you so much and am so glad that you are mine!

ST LOUIS Scout, state-lines cannot stop our love. I sense yr graceful frisbee chomp in another zip code; my bed is always round and hairy 4 u. Love Stella

ST. CARL Marry me again? Third time's the charm. Make my dinner, I'll fix the door. Bruise my knee and I'll slap your ass. I will always want you. Love, joebob

STARSCREAM you captured my heart the moment you started chasing me like a velociraptor. I love spending my mornings with you. Happy 7 month anniversary 2/14!

STARSKI You are my mexican dream and light of my life. Glad to be racing cars and pulling pranks with you by my side. Hutch

STEFAN! O HAI! Taking a blade to my stockings and a resonator to my psyche, you captured my heart in the most glorious of ways. I adore you darling! <3

STEFANIE A. God, I love that woman. Everyone does! And she's single, too, at the moment. Someone worthy should really get on the stick about that.

STEFANOVNA Linus! Thank you for co-piloting our crazy train for ELEVEN surprising and ridiculous years. I love the SHIT outta YOU! Yer the tits, babe! XellifantX

STEPH & JEFF UR2QTPIs! Mermaids say "eeee!" and freckles are like stars in the sky. The Sea-kids think you are wonderful and we're glad you found each other. Love!

STEPHANIE Rose's are red, Violets are blue, I love eating pumpkin pie ...

STEPHANIE Steph, you have always been my true love. i think you know that. i'm sorry your boyfriend is not around, but since he's not, wont you be my valentine?

STEPHEN Bittersweet lives. Stickysweet car sex. Moments too real to trust. I Love You. Besitos!

STEPHEN Make me real. I can't stop thinking about you and wondering what if.

STEPHEN J., i am so glad i married you. the day we traipsed aroudn buying a ukulele and getting food poisoning was the best day in my life. you're wonderful.

STEVE I promise to always love and protect your little boy. (And I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.) Happy 10th sweetie! All my love, Kim

STEVE - You are the most amazing & loving person. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you & look forward to our life together! Rainbows & sunbeams...

STICKS, Be my Trotskyite Valentine? xxooxx, me

STINKER POT You are my sweet baby and I love you with or without your beard! Thanks for all your loves. Ohio's a sucker for letting you go! xo, lg

STINKY WHIZZLETEETS Anuses are red, My balls are blue, On February 14th, I shall deflower you!

STRAWBERRY STEPHCAKE Sweet Strawberry Stephcake, when we first met we made art from hangers. Then Halloween and fungus, kisses and stop signs. Then babies and home. I luvU

STRIPPYLONGSTOCKING Thanks for sticking with me, even when I'm a jerkodon. Also, thanks for the boobs. How about another 10 years?

STROKEMASTER I didn't expect a drunken night out to lead to so many decadent days. This St. Valentine's will you still be my special secret surprise honey lover?

STUART I am honored to be your love nerd. You are an amazing and sensational person. I love you.

SUGAR BIRD Thank you for having my little bird

SUGAR SOCKETS You, my divine and darkly darling wombat, are a perplexing puzzle I will never tire of; you are the softest-skinned and smartest, and I am so lucky.

SUGARLIPS I'm so humbled that our life journeys have brought us together.My love for you is so incredibly deep.You are the FIRST, that I have loved this much.XO

SUGRMUFNPIEANGLCAKES You are amazing, talented, beautiful! Anyone would feel lucky to call you sweetheart! I am honored that you choose me to stand by your side. I Love U!

SUJOY Honey, you're my dream come true. I love you!! --iyou

SULTAN OF SPIN ;P Happy V-day! It's been fun w/ lots of laughs for 6 months. I could say UR amazing in general but UR ego is on the verge of harmful as is ;) Sunshine

SUMY Thank u 4 laughing at my jokes, getting me drunk & getting up 2 walk the boy even when you're tired. Also for the bangin' the doin' it & the socks

SUPER CHEIF GBM I love you and cannot imagine a life without you. Let's make this year our best yet. Love always, Smelly

SUPER SECRET DATIE! Hey Datie! You better watch out because I'm gonna grab your pillow and give you a bear trap! You sexy little baby, gimme that butt!

SUPERLOUNGE PARTNER B.E.S.O.S. for you B. Between E. Enduring S. Sweaty O. Ozone-depleting S. Sex I love you sweet baby. Happy (day-after) V-day.

SUPERMAN In these crazy times, you're the one thing I never question. I do need air, but I need you too. Never enough room to say all you mean to me. <3 Kitten

SUPIEMAN Dave save the day! Seriously, you keep me sane. I love you more than ice-cream and orgasms, (that's ALOT of love, btw.) Kisses in naughty places, V

SUSAN In 30 years of booms and busts you are still my greatest source of comfort and joy!

SUZY G. I know I'm quoting a Phish song only because you told me so. Thanks for all the fleecy and hippie times a cat could ever want... Love Trailer

SWEDISH SISTER I've got your back. When were fighting our way out the zombie infested ruins of whatever city that is, you know I'll always give you "peels".

SWEET AND PUPPY thank you ladies. you've brought more love into my life than i imagined possible. i'm forever yours. the grump.

SWEET ANNE I love you more than Ben loves sock and Britney loves Cheetos. xoxo your Lex

SWEET BABYDOLL LOVER Come upstairs, my basement lover, and I will shower you with kisses. Let's smooch until you-know-who squirms in between us. I love you the mostest.

SWEET BEAR Thank you for the delicious way you coax my clit boner. I'm looking forward to going old with you. You're the handsomest! I love you. -Caca Nose

SWEET C I know you are not sure about your place in my heart, but am sure you will always be in my heart. You deserve all my love.

SWEET HOT Thanks for lovely love and so many gazeel! I love you!

SWEET MISS CHIBI i miss you everyday. i cannot wait for us to be together again. until then, my love.

SWEET PEA You are the best girl ever. I love you, from your soft brown eyes to your Chicago eyebrow. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.‚ô• Smokey

SWEET POTATA our love grows stronger with every embrace and kiss. your lips are the sweetest cherries. your eyes shine like an endless sky. your smile = my smile.

SWEET PRINCESS NILLA To my true love and best friend... I love you so got-dang much! Happy Valentines baby!! Can you believe I spent $50 to have this in print?! -Deadly

SWEET RACHEL Will you be my Valentine? We could go for pedicures, dinner at Blossoming Lotus and then out to party the night away. I love you sweetheart! Mel

SWEET SATAN I always hold you close to my heart. You mean o so much to me and i will worship you for all eternity.

SWEET SWEET ELLIOTT L is for lady which is me and not you O is for oooh lady again me V is for vodka beer and also versimilitude E is irrelevant - be my valentine?

SWEET TREAT Let's be lovers and pounce-n-bounce all about for always, ok? Gazeel me please! You turn me into a heppy crazy loon, and I love you for it. Plus love!

SWEET XANDER Thanx so much for the prom dress! My secret is safe with you. Although I will be a famous actress in LA next year, you will always be my true love.-CC

SWEET, SWEET SCOTT your belief in me will always be recognized. I love you every day. Plus that you bought me earplugs to drown out your horrible snoring. LUV U J

SWEETBUNS Thank you for loving me and being the mother of our dog and splitting ounces with me. You are the love of my life. -You Know Who

SWEETIE DEPORTEE I love you as much as the number of snowflakes that fell during our snuggle fest holiday. Proud of your music and writing. Your happiness is my sun.XO

SWEETIE MCPEETIE I love you so much. Thank you for being a wonderful, supportive husband. I'm lucky to have you in my life. Love you!

SYD! One of the very few REAL people in this godforsaken city, thank you for not sucking and ALWAYS getting it. now lets GET THE FUCK OUT! luvuSOMUCH.

T-BAG You dance to the beat, shuffle your feet, wear a shirt and tie and run with the freaks, but you love the shit outta you. Love sha-nae-nae

T-BIRD you handsome motherfucker. always making me smile, and shit. i love you.

TABHA U call me loppy bear & kitten. I call u pappy. U make my heart pitter patter. I love lurve luh joo, always & forevers (& evers). xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo

TABITHA ILY When i first met you i could have never predicted what i was in for. 14 months later i still cant. but im loving every minute. I love you.

TACIA You are the moon at my midnight. The Wind in my hair. My sanity and my Love. Without whom I would be completely lost. I love you now and forever. <3

TAJA You may not be as pretty as Paul Rudd, or as awesome. I don't know where I was going with that. We should go to OMSI some time.

TAMARA With eyes wide open I look with eager anticipation to the future When I look to the past I stare not into the shadows I love you.

TAMMY I'M PREGNANT okay, i'm a guy and can't get pregnant but if i could i wish it would be yours! you keep stocking me and me you-ha... laugh here. kenny loggins

TANNA BANANNA on a private beach in mexico, one beautiful blond, two lovers, four blue eyes staring deeply, and 20 toes in the sand... no place i would rather be!!!

TARA B Happy V Day baby cakes. Love you more than ever. 18th street forever! -Trouble in the NE

TARAS, MY HUSBAND Remember our first date? We swam across Thetis lake just chatting away and I forgot to be scared of fish. I really hoped you'd fall in love with me.

TART U make me go Gigiddy Gigiddy Goo Aaawwwriiite. love fafa, caveman

TASHA love you so much! don't know what i'd do without boobs and pot

TASHA H. I was too cheap to actually get you a real card...no surprise there.

TATER You are the kif on my bowl, the foam on my cafe au lait, the cashews in my pineapple fried rice, a great friend, lover, and P.I.C... love always, TOT

TAYA I love you more than I could ever express with words alone. You amaze me with your focus and dedication. Thank you for everything you do for US!

TAYLORMADE Awed by your body's strength and symmetry, you caught my heart with your eyes; you felt we shared past lives - so did I, can we still share this one?

TBF: Call me "Reno" one more time and I will butt you up so bad it'll make your head spin. Oh, and I love you times a million of them. Immunitah.

TEAGUER - I LOVE U more than words can tell U give me grief I give you hell We rise above and conquer all WOLVERINES! is our call I luv u way mass-Baby I dig ur ass!

TEAM S I'm proud to be on your team. Love your face. -S

TEEBERS, this is what? our 6th vday together? aww, yeah. and our first as a married couple (of nuts). here's to a zillion more, my mfeo love! you are my world.

TEEN2TEEN Teen2Teen, you safersex lovin' educators, Thank you for your energy, passion, your love of delicous snack food, and the change you make in the world!

TERRI We've come this far. Let's keep being followers of each other. I'll promise to be out of the cocoon by the time you return. I'll always love you.

TEX Thanks for being my chevalier in the Year of the Ox-- It's already been life-alteringly Awesome. Now, you owe me some karaoke. Naked. --tenderly, m

THE BEAN I am really happy we are building our lives together and for all of the wonderful things you are. Lovings! All Kinds!

THE COLONEL Almost 5 years on, I'm still madly in love with you. I couldn't have chosen anyone better to help me raise Poppy or Cupcake. Te adoro todo el tiempo.

THE ICE QUEEN Last Feb. 14 you were my melting girlfriend. Now you're my smoking-hot wife. Be my Valentine: always & forever. With love, your husband, Mr. Wonderful

THE LADY OF OUR HOME your the best roommate. I love sharing our home together. You're the special lady in my life. I will always lift heavy things for you. love you.

THE LIE SISTERS Proper Eats and improper treats fill me with little smiley-faced sunshines and thoughts of Minnaloushe. Also, Courtney, Carl, Gabe, Ben, Chad, Mason

THEO Your sassy humor, your charming wit. I Don't know what my existence would be without you. Love is no stranger here. Tater McGee

THEOLA I train scream in my mind every time I see you. I fucking love you & I can't imagine my life without you. Lets make out in the back of my volvo.

THERISA You are the love of my life and always am thinking of you. I would hope that you do the same. love always James

THUNDERPOOPS Saw you at the Brass Boy, I'd like to tap that ass If you will let me...

TIDO BANDIDO I want nothing more than to lay with you, feeling your clean teeth and exhilarated panting against me while you devour bone.

TIFFANY MARIE you are the onlyy one for me

TIGER 2 years ago today you thanked me for "coming" in this very same way. Now it's my turn to thank you for staying. I hope the ride never ends babe!

TIGER MONKEY! Every day I am grateful that we were brought together. You are beyond wonderful! I am yours, always. Happy Stupid Mushy Day, your loving Honey Bee

TIGER SWEET T. You are absolutely, positively the LOVE of my life! I will follow you into every forest and up every (non-technical) mountain. Thou art treasured!!!

TITSLABBER Remember that note I once left on your bike? Well, the note is true: I love you like the wind and you give me a boner. Love, PWWF

TIZZCO I love you and all your craziness. BFF. Banana

TMA2006 You stopped my world in it's tracks. Made me rethink, rebuild and really live. I adore and admire you. My hubby, Big Poppa, best friend. luv, fuz-Z

TMG Oh, I could drink a case of youuuuuu ... and I'd still be on my feet, darling, I'd still be on my feet. Love, RMG

TO MY SWEETEST BABS I love you so much I could never live without you. You are my lover and best friend. Thank you drums, sparks, the jolly and melissa.


TOBER You are number one in my heart!I love you the mostest! I love the way you do your hair. I love how for me you will always care. Your lovie, boyfriend.

TOBI ASS no doubt about the chemistry,but you didnt give me time to learn the rules to ur game!it wouldnt take long to master your fetish.im a quick one

TODD You are the one I care for, the one I adore,I want to give you the world, and so much more! XOXOXOXO

TOI I'm so glad I started thumb-wrestling with you! You've been such a bright presence in my life this past year. Wanna sleep in on Saturday? Breakfast?

TONSERS!!! Obviously yer super-cute-why else ya gotta nudge me with yer foot to get me outta bed with you? Lets travel the world all day and hold tight all nite!

TONY! TONI! TONE! I can't believe we met through CL Casual Encounters... and waited two weeks to have sex. You're the best thing to happen to me in years. I love you.

TONYA G.! I love you, you amazing sweet Hazelnut Princess, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, cool and fly Awesome Bridie!! Marry Me Again, Please!!

TOOT'S What can i say..... you are just an amazing person! You might not believe that but its true, for reals. Here is to future good times! Cheers, Scoots

TOPHY ANON Secret love Wendy's Comcast sprinklers Fantasy dine n dash stick it to the man thrift stores dancing sweaty-sex movies & Soda luv U- Babette

TRAVIS Me luchey you forever and ever =) and you'll always be my boo

TRAVIS OUTLAW I love you. Not just in the 4th quarter, always, and forever. Don't you dare leave us. xo Rip City.

TRICKSTER Oh What a Phil-ing!

TRISTAN Love you Dad!! -Sin & Prof. <3333

TRISTAN To my playboy: You really are a stonewashed stallion, love you always BABO!!!

TROY You are the chocolate to my soymilk! xoxox


TUBE i love you like a bloody Mary after a hangover!!! good bless .

TUBE SWEET TUBE my dear toob- thank you for taking care over the past 3 and a half years i've lived here. I couldn't ask for a comfier living room! love u all, Livi

TURD GIRL Thanks for picking up after me these last 3 years. I know it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. It's either you or The King... The Dude abides

TWINY J You are my best friend, my hot stud, my snuggle bunny, & my cat-baby daddy. I love you & the life we've made together so much. xoxo Your Little Missy

TWIZZLER KID You are my sweet baboo. Love, your cupcake DJ Autism.

TWONIE Weed, scotch & a bulging crotch; that's what little boys are made of. Eyesores, sonic & neon vomit; that's what little twons are made of. love munkle

TYLER i fucking love you babe. i fucking adore you. i'm so happy that we found each other, and i know that amazing things are to come for us

TYLER Thank you for sticking around after I drunkenly fell in dog poo,flashed a limo full of hispanics, and puked in my purse on the Trimet bus. I love you!

TYLER Times have been tough but you're the one I want by my side.I love you and all of your quirks.Will you wake up beside me for the rest of our lives?

TYSA BELOVED My love for u has all of the boom and none of the bust. For-ever ripening, blissful fruit that will not rust. Eff all those other bitches. UR my must.

UGLYGIRLINORE If a bird landed on my heart, it would tip over. You have filled it with love and my heart is full. Maybe a dragonfly could sit on my heart. -Bob.

UNEXPECTED LOVE We met along the Nile of public transit. Names exchanged in lipstick. Now, in public font, I love you. Lovely, streetcar man.

UNHOLY TRINITY Oh Unholiest ones, how I love thee. Thanks for the smroo and the squee and supporting me while vanquishing asshats and douchetools with jackassery!

UNO Its hit the fan but we're cleaning the shit off the wall! Bah humbug to this Hallmark Holiday, but 3 cheers to our love and tenacity! xoxo

VANESSA I want to be on you. Again. And again. If I do it like the last time, do I get a free jar of jelly beans?

VANESSA H. I love you from the bottom of my heart, and always will. Your love, Lizziy

VESNA I'm so lucky to be yours, and I can't wait to be in southern France... er, I mean, inner Baltimore with you! Here's to a year of GOOD changes! xxxx

VICTORIA Roses are red. Violets are blue. I suck at rhyming, but we have great sex. And unlike my poetry, it improves with time.

VINCENT Kiss me quick! I just can't stand this waiting 'Cause your lips are lips I long to know.

VINCENT-64 It's long over, but I felt like doing this for old times sake. And I didn't have anyone else to send a Valentine to. Love you-Scarlett Sharon

VIOLET Dear Hottie Hotterton - Nine years of marriage, kids, pets, jobs, houses. We work really well together. Happy Valentine's Day, Sugar.

VJO thanks for being such a good friend all these years. i love u.

WAFFLE BUNNY Thank you for making me blueberry pancakes on Saturdays, for always putting your hand on the small of my back and for those arms of yours. I love you.

WANEY-POO your bod is so hot get home and ill climb on top and rock all the right spots there is your valentine's day haiku, but seriously, get home.

WATERMELON BOY IN spiteOFfinancialFALLOUTuWILLalwaysBmySPLASHmtn. THERES nothingIwish4moreTHAN2bYRmallCHINESEfood. COOKYdoughORpeachCOBBLER,ItsALLtheSAMEwhenIMwithU.

WESLEY I've got somethin for you to pinch, even when we're not at izzys. I'll never be sarah jessica parker, but i'm forever down to do some pony tricks. goo

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? just coming to bed. thanks for marrying the shit out of me last year. loves always, yep.

WHISKY I love you so much! No matter how much we disagree, you're always there for me to solve all my problems. I swear I'll never be with vodka ever again.

WI$E PRIZE There's not a single day that I look into those baby blues, that I don't know just how lucky i am to get to spend each day with you. I love you.

WIDGET you are not one though. love you, gangles

WIFEY I like the color purple, macaroni & cheese, ruby red slippers, and a bunch of trees. When you take 750ml, you buzz like a hornet. Love x 1,000,000

WIFFER Thank you for all the years of silliness, cuddles, book learnin's, art and family, Hubble.

WILL DIEKEN You're unforgettable.

WILLY-POO-POO-POOH I fucking love you!!! Deal with it. I said it. I caved. Now, go to hell b/c u made me say it first.

WISEMAN I still miss you more than anything in the world and my heart is still yours whether I like it or not. I hope you still think about me, sometimes...

WISHTYDOO! Best years ever!!! Most beautiful Ly ,b'universe. You make ever day better than the previous one. i wouldnt trade you even for King Salmon -Mushtydoo!

WOLFIE VON MAPPLEBAR Mr. Man, it's our second valentines together. I love your little tongue, your little stinky snout, your buns, and your cute teddy bear face. Love, mom

WOLKIE You make my heart melt now more than ever! Life is so colorful with you in it! XO Your Peanut Chip

WOODSTOCK honeybear... honeybear... HONEYBEAR!!! i love you baby, thanks for sharing your super special honey with me. you = bees knees. love love love, SNOOPY!

X. & X.TIAN::: It doesn't matter if he's not THAT into me as long as you two are!!! You are my favorite dates anyway! <3 <3 <3 yr favorite Hot Mess & Bunny too!

XAQARY You're the Louver Museum.You're a melody from a symphony.I'm a worthless check, a total wreck, a flop, But if, baby, I'm the bottom you're the top!

XAVIER, Weird that we both ended up in Portland, huh? A cosmic coincidence? love, Xena the Warrior Princess

XTOF You, lad, with your fanciness and your crazy eyes: you have won me over. We are checking things off the list. We are in sync. WE ARE MAKING MEMORIES.

YAM YAMS! Don't mind if i DO write you a Valentine. All the Tuesday nites, snowy day bar-hops, and nites in our Playground will FOREVER live in my heart. luv u!

YISSA Yittle BB, I had no idea what to expect when we embarked upon this journey together. I'm so glad that I did, I wouldnt have known love otherwise.

YOU Fi oyu nac dear hits ryou oto locse. me

YOU I think that I love you. I know that it's not reciprocated and that you're not ready and that you're not over her but I had to say it before I 'splode.

YOU: AMY, ME: BLAKE you and me- running from knives and broken bottles down the back streets of barcelona. some day we will have our trailer in the desert. i love you.

YUMMY MORSEL The "You are Here" is not on the map, but I know where you'll end up if you wanna get lost with me...

ZAC I love you. Happy V day #7! You are amazing and all that good stuff. <3

ZACH You're playing guitar, I'm watching a caterpillar cocoon into a butterfly. All I can think is how lonely that would be without you. I love you, Tessa

ZAZARELLI Be my Valentimes? And move back in? Ok ok. Let's try it again. I love you. The Bananator

ZELLY, MY LION KING ZELLY ROCK, I LOVE YOU!!!! Be mine forever Love, Gina

ZEV (YOU'RE SO HOT!) The best thing about me is you. Take me to Vegas. I will love you for the rest of my life. PS. Do me PSS. I want to squeeze your guts (all the way)

ZOOBOMB This V-Day Seattle will CRUSH you with steel (and love).

~KIT KARSON~ From CL ad to hitch-making in a year! Thanks for the pretty tin can ring, lover. I love you, kat. Tails entwined in a pretty heart is the way to be!

¡POCO MANÍ! I love every moment we have from PDAing to car baring. My heart is twitterpated every time I whisper your name. I love you peanut, be my forever?