WHAT DO Y'ALL have planned on Friday, July 3?

Would you like to come to a party celebrating the legalization of cannabis? If you are 21 or over, please continue reading.

The Portland Mercury, the CO2 Company, and Oregon's Cannabis Concierge (full disclosure: my new company) are throwing an event called Weed the People on Friday, July 3, from 2-9 pm. You can buy tickets right now at weedthepeoplepdx.com, and here's why you're going to want to do so.

Cannabis is legal in Oregon on July 1. Thanks to Measure 91, adults 21 and over can begin enjoying cannabis legally. You may possess one ounce outside your home, eight ounces within your home, and a grower may gift you up to one ounce at no charge.

At Weed the People, you will meet Oregon growers and be gifted one-gram samples. Various growers from around the state are joining us, and they'll be sharing examples of their work with you at no extra charge. Yes, you read that right. The cannabis samples will be packaged in childproof, tamper-resistant packaging, and are not for resale or to be shared with anyone under 21.

The samples will be lab tested for pesticides and molds, but not THC levels. When you select a type of cannabis, you should consider many factors, not just THC levels. How was it grown? What's the strain? What type of flavor and smell do the terpenes provide? There is a disappointing trend at medical dispensaries for patients to "number-jump"—requesting and purchasing strains that have the highest THC testing numbers. In an upcoming column, we'll look at how the numbers from test results may not be accurate for the entire harvest of that plant.

There's an on-site vaporizer lounge. Attendees are welcome to take their gifts home for consumption at a later time, or they can join us in our outdoor Vapor Lounge, where a staff of trained budtenders will assist attendees with a wide array of vaporizers.

Weed the People will be alcohol-, concentrate-, and edible-free. We're not anti-any of these things. Far from it. But I have viewed firsthand—many, many times—people going face-down after overconsumption of these things specifically, especially when combined. I've very rarely seen anyone experience any serious impairment or ill effects after smoking or vaping cannabis flower.

There will be food and drink for sale. C'mon, did you think we were going to leave you stoned and starving? Our list of munchie providers is being finalized, but there will be something for everyone and every dietary preference.

Music by Aquarium Drunkard. Justin Gage, the world-class DJ behind the awesome website and blog, is curating an exclusive seven-hour soundtrack with elements of funk, soul, rock, reggae, and other goodies for your earholes. (Yes, "Legalize It" will most likely make an appearance.)

Let's show the world Oregon is all about responsible, adult cannabis consumption. Mark your calendars!

Weed the People at MCF Craft Brewing Systems, 723 N Tillamook, Fri July 3, 2-9 pm, $40, 21+, tickets at weedthepeoplepdx.com