Pixar can't fairly be blamed for the death of two-dimensional cell animation—but they can be held fully responsible for the glut of lackluster computer animation copycats. Atlanta-based Fathom Studios has been working on Delgo, its first feature, for years—to give you some idea of how long they've been at it, the movie's villain is voiced by Anne Bancroft, who died roughly 300 years ago. Delgo is the story of two opposing races in a mythical world: The Lockni are earthbound lizard-like creatures with the ability to levitate stones, while the Nohrin have fairy wings and flutter around. The two are at war, and there's a fair amount of magic and swordplay, but it will take a very attentive, detail-oriented child to make it through the movie's political humdrum.

Delgo (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.!) is an impetuous Lockni teen who falls for the Nohrin princess Kyla (Jennifer Love Hewitt!), and their forbidden romance causes turmoil and yawns. (The rest of the voice cast includes such megastars as Chris Kattan, Burt Reynolds, and Kelly Ripa.) The animation, though detailed and occasionally beautiful, often feels like tortuous cut scenes from a long, plot-heavy videogame, and the movie's over-the-top cutesiness squelches any sense of childlike wonder. The possibilities of 3D animation are pretty endless, but Pixar has proven time and again that a good story is far more important.