Are you and your guy stuck in the monotony of missionary? Does your sex life need a jump start? Every sexual position has a purpose, and when you're debating whether you should have some sex tonight, or hide under the kitchen sink and cry, don't despair. With these sultry suggestions, you'll find a position that's perfect for your mood and your dude!

Tantric Missionary (plus the Snow Angel) Purpose: "I'm sorry, but I just can't deal with a sex rodeo tonight."

Not just for hippies, this is a staple position to be used after a hard day at the office, or a strenuous inner-thigh workout at the gym. Modify the standard meat-and-potatoes missionary by having your man move forward a couple inches--populating your bun with his sausage. This angle gives you better G-Spot stimulation, as well as slows down his usual jack-hammering. Ahh. The Snow Angel involves sandwiching your arms and legs with those of your partner, and then sticking them out like a starfish, or flapping them around for some coital hilarity.

Wheelbarrow (front or back)

Purpose: "I'm feeling wild, I'm your acrobatic sex goddess."

The traditional wheelbarrow is just like the wheelbarrow race, only you're having sex. The frontal position works well when your man sits on the bed and you hang backwards with hands on the floor--also a sexy move 'cause your man gets a nice view of your six pack and boobs. Plus, after you get tired of the acrobatics, you can flop onto the floor and feel like you did something crazy.

Bunny Ears

Purpose: "My boyfriend doesn't love me no more."

Oh ladies. The bunny ears are perfect when your man gets down in the dumps, or, god forbid, gets a wandering eye. Nothing spells L-O-V-E to a man like your legs over his shoulders, or next to your head, because well, you know why: Then he can get his thing all the way in there, making him feel like a goddamn porn star. Treat him once in a while.

The next two positions are perfect for making a one-night-stand wild. The problem, usually, is that you're too self-conscious (or drunk) to do anything crazy. Thus, these fail-safes require zero eye contact or balance, and you're not squished up in some weird pretzel that makes your stomach look fat.

Rocket Launcher

Purpose: "I'm in control of this mission, buddy."

A favorite among most men I know--especially when screwing a butter face. Modify the style of the Launcher by having your man lie down, kneel, sit on a chair, or hey--throw his legs up in the air with your head between them. It'll seem like you're on a wild rollercoaster ride, with an overhead restraint on. For advanced lovers, try it X-Rated with a mirror in front. Or, try the XXX move if you're into anal: You're in control of how far the excavation continues, which is important--because as a wise man once said, "Millimeters are like miles in this region."


Purpose: "I'm just using you for your member."

Girls, start out on top if you can't figure out how to get into this one otherwise. And hey, try greasing your partner up with some body oil for an evening of slippery, semi-pro wrestling.