[EDITOR'S NOTE: Ann Romano is on vacation this week, so please enjoy Troutdale's favorite gossip column from the Troutdale Trout: Edith Busée's "Comin's and Goin's."]

I have said it before and I will say it again! People should be careful because people never know who is watching. I do not mean to gossip but it is well within our community's rights to know what is happening inside our community. As always, for reasons of tact I have removed some names from Comin's 'n' Goin's! Should you be concerned about a name mentioned, I urge you to contact me, Edith Busée, via the Troutdale Trout, or perhaps reconsider you or your child's behaviors.

• A (married!) assistant manager of Troutdale's Tenny-Runners Emporium was recently seen "trying on some shoes" with a female employee when I, Edith Busée, was trying on some new walking sneakers and walking sweats. Did these two go "beyond" "shoes"? I do not gossip, but you know what ladies say: Some people can never "try on" enough "shoes"!

• An African American man was sighted near the Fairview Safeway store this past Sunday at roughly 11 am. According to bystanders he appeared to be acquiring a microwave (in a legal fashion). Watch this space for further developments!

• Several "tween" hoodlums wearing hooded sweatshirts and carrying weapons of some kind were recently witnessed near the final resting place of beloved citizen and entrepreneur Harold Busée. The management of Mountain View Cemetery did not return repeated calls regarding this matter. Those who miss their departed loved ones and have respect for the dead should perhaps consider taking their funereal business elsewhere!

• A local "craft creator" who has made quite a stir via her America Online store, Etsy-Dot-Com, has been witnessed leaving her home at odd hours and parking her minivan at Dale's Auto Repair. This while her husband is working! I truly do hope her clearly broken vehicle will be repaired soon!

• David Montcrief of 1456 Wicker Lane has yet to rake his front yard despite it being nearly November! Let us all remember to take pride in our community. (Confidential to D.M.: Just because one's wife recently passed away from cancer does not let one "off the hook" from yard work. Our community should look its best!)

• Twelve-year-old immigrant Peter Honarz was recently caught pleasuring himself inside a toilet stall at Troutdale Elementary.

I'm Edith Busée! I'll see you in our community... and remember! Be careful!