We don't have much of a demand for digging gravesites. But we'll do it. We dug a great hole for the Mercury. Bing-bang, boom. Just ripped that hole out of the earth. Perfect dimensions—seven feet long, three across, and four down. Boy, that sure was a nice hole. Sort of sad they filled it up with a body.

But heck, we'll dig a hole for any occasion—burying an in-law? Call us! Making a pit for a pig roast? Us! Hiding a treasure chest? We even give discounts to leprechauns (if you can prove it)!

We just dig. We don't ask no questions.

Great holes at dirt-cheap prices (Get it? Dirt-cheap!).

But mostly what we like doing is laying pipe. Ohhh, no-no. Hahaha. Not like that. We can bore a hole under the ground and slide 40 feet of piping right up your front lawn, nice and gentle. Doesn't that sound satisfying? Need a sewer line fixed? That's what we do best.

Being a hoe operator is great business. And, we'd love if you'd give us your hole-digging, pipe-laying business.

Contact City Sewer at 367-8208.