If you'd prefer to forget how you voted on election night—or want to hobnob with the city's political wonks while the returns roll in—you could start by crawling round the candidates' parties (many of which offer free booze). While Emilie Boyles is using her campaign money to throw an awesome kegger in Hawaii (KIDDING), the other parties will kick off right here in town starting at 7 pm, on Tuesday, May 16.

Incumbent Erik Sten is hoping "human jukebox" Stan McMahon will play his party at the new Lucky Lab beer hall at 1945 NW Quimby. If he doesn't show, Sten promises a campaign slideshow and a TV to watch the election results.

Sten opponent Ginny Burdick is having a Victory Party, "no matter what, because failure is not an option," says a campaign staffer, at campaign headquarters at 2221 NE Broadway. Beer and wine has been donated (perhaps by a huge corporation looking to buy influence).

Dave Lister—also challenging Sten—will be at old BC's Saloon (2433 SE Powell), and says you're welcome to join him there for a beer.

In the other city commissioner race, incumbent Dan Saltzman will be at sporty Billy Reeds, 2808 NE MLK. If you get bored with politics, there's a house magician!

Meanwhile, several Saltzman challengers seem to be gravitating toward his main opponent, Amanda Fritz. Pot activist and Fritz fan Chris Iverson says he plans to crash Fritz's party. Bartender Michael Casper is also planning to show up at Fritz's fete, the Ecotrust Building at 721 NW 9th.

Ever the classy candidate, county chair contender Ted Wheeler is laying on a calypso band, free lemonade, AND appetizers at McMenamins Kennedy School at 5736 NE 33rd.

Wheeler's opponent, incumbent Diane Linn, will be at the Jupiter Hotel, 800 E Burnside, where she's hoping her sisters—musicians who sing blues, jazz and rock, apparently—will also be along to showcase their talents. This we have to see.

Jeff Cogen—running for the open county commissioner seat—will be at Hannah Bea's Poundcake, 3969 NE MLK. One of Cogen's staffers was perplexed when asked to describe what makes Ms. Bea's poundcake worth naming the venue after, so we'll be along out of curiosity. And for the free booze, of course. Cogen's opponent, Xander Patterson, is having his bash at the Kennedy School, although emphasis is placed on the fact it will be separate from Ted Wheeler's calypso party at the same venue, at least until the conga line starts. No word on where Lew Frederick and Gary Hansen—the other two in this race—will be partying.