There's something inherently likeable about Steve Zahn, even when he's playing creepy losers—as in Stephen Belber's debut feature Management, where Zahn plays Mike, a creepy loser whose parents run a motel in Arizona. Mike watches the desk at night, skims leaves out of the pool, and sets out the free continental breakfast every morning. When Sue (Jennifer Aniston, with her usual limited range of emotion) checks into the motel, Zahn lusts after her in true creepy loser style. But for some inexplicable reason, Sue actually lets Mike put his hand on her butt, and although Mike is a creepy mama's boy, he doesn't murder her in the shower. In fact, the two seem to kind of like each other, and soon they are fucking in the laundry room.

Problem is, Mike is a creepy loser. When Sue leaves town, Mike follows her, first to Maryland, then to Aberdeen, Washington, where Sue moves back in with her dog-breeding ex-boyfriend Jango (Woody Harrelson). Management was shot largely in Oregon, with Madras subbing for Arizona and Portland filling in for Aberdeen. It's a really disjointed movie—there's a bizarre stretch where Mike becomes a Buddhist monk and teaches all the other monks to play volleyball—and it shuttles back and forth from wacky slapstick to heartfelt, quirky romcom. Sometimes Management hits its mark, but all in all, it's like choking down a free continental breakfast at a chintzy motel.