Double-Barrelled Soul

There's something adorable about the mod crowd that makes me love them despite their demented schtick. I think it might be the cuteness of their clothes--tight fitted pants, fur hooded parkas, shift dresses, cycling shirts--or maybe it's that unlike the grumpy indie dorks, the shitfaced gutter punks, and the overly sincere twee dweebs, the mods really know how to have fun. Prime example: Double Barrelled Soul's First Anniversary Party!!!

One of the most fun DJ nights in town--playing danceable soul hits from Edwin Starr, Alvin Cash, and the Four Tops--you might not have thought Double Barrelled could get any better, but watch out. Joining DB's usual crew--Chazz Madrigal and Jason Tinkey--will be four more DJs, including '60s and '70s international go-go expert Marco Hammond. Nocturnal's gonna be practically teeming with DJ action, with spins occurring before, after, and during the dope sets of the wholesome Beatles-inspired Leeds, the glam of Jackie, and Cocaine Unicorn (whose rock is made all that much better by the extremely hot Rick Ocasek guy.) Plus, this show is all ages, so the dance floor will be spiked with the sort of energy only youth, sobriety, short skirts, and skinny ties can provide. KATIE SHIMER

Double Barrelled Soul First Anniversary Party, Friday, April 11, Nocturnal, 1800 E Burnside, 239-5900, 8:30 pm, $5

It's' Carnival!

So what if the only thing Portland has in common with the Caribbean are rainstorms? Someday it'll be hot again it's just got to be! Until then, there's no reason not to throw on some color and party like you've got banana trees growing in your front yard.

Preempt summer by dancing your sandals off at the Caribbean Carnival Dance Benefit, where Rupert Blaize's eight-piece band will be busting out the tropical rhythms. You can also expect demonstrations of Caribbean dance, food, booze, as well as a silent auction. But perhaps most importantly, the night will also include the greatest and most unabashedly erotic party game of all time (if you don't include a jar of Crisco and a Twister mat), the limbo contest! So dress up in shell jewelry, flower patterns, or whatever "tropical attire" means to you, because you'll look like a total ass trying to do the "hula hula" in wool pants.

And rest assured your debauchery won't be for naught. The evening benefits music and scholarship programs provided by the Jazz Society of Oregon and the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. With the current school budget crisis, it's our duty to save the children from growing up without a sense of rhythm! MARJORIE SKINNER

The Viscount Ballroom, 722 E. Burnside, 233-7855, Thursday, April 10, 7 pm, $20

Timberline Halfpipe Contest

Three cheers for the freakish cold snap! Thanks to a lollygagging Old Man Winter, snow enthusiasts have been given one more chance to tear it up on Mt. Hood. So before slipping your snowboard into its closet coffin for another year, wax it up for the Timberline Classic Halfpipe Event.

Timberline gives great pipe, and these events are always a bonafide hoot. The competition is open to all levels of skiiers and snowboarders, pros and amateurs alike. And while all ages are encouraged to participate, those under 18 should check out and download a release so Timberline won't be held responsible when you bust your pumpkin head pulling a Cab 900 off the backside wall.

And even if you're not into competition, halfpipe comps are some of the greatest shows on earth, providing flippy, trippy acrobatic fun aplenty. After the awards ceremony, enjoy the hard-edged punky stylings of local rockers Subside, and perhaps some frosty macking on a snow bunny in the beer tent. OH! And if there's time, you should take a run or two while the snow's still cold. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood National Forest, 503-622-0717, Sunday, April 13. Entry fee $55, lift ticket included. Sign up on morning of event 7:30 am-10 am. Lift-tickets for non-competitors, $34.

Youngblood Brass Band

Since 1994, the Youngblood Brass Band has been re-interpreting the swing and sway of hiphop, Brazilian rhythms, and experimental emceeing, through their wholly bumping ensemble of sousaphone, saxophones, percussion, trombones, and trumpets. Yes. Far more interesting than Superbowl halftime and way, way funkier than the Metallica Orchestra, the talented nine-piece decorates their vibrant, party-flavored music with occasional vocals and splash of a New Orleans soul (via Madison, Wisconsin), creating low end through the hot bass blurt of trombone, and emotion via trumpet-solo trills.

The Youngblood Brass Band has been known to funk up a cover or two, but mostly, they write their own stuff--and when it comes to composing, these boys are a font of creativity, having collaborated with such hiphop giants as Talib Kweli, Chicago's DJ Skooly, and the brilliant Mike Ladd (on their most recent Def Jux/Ozone Music NYC release, Unlearn).

And if you think being in a band is hard--imagine lugging a freakin' trombone across the country. Now that is dedication. JULIANNE SHEPHERD

Youngblood Brass Band, with March Forth and High Planes Drifters. Sunday April 13, Medicine Hat, 1834 NE Alberta, 9 pm, $5