All the stars aligned last night at the Commedia del Masque Theatrical Hall, when the Troutdale Community Players opened their 67th season with a lively rendition of Stephen Sondheim's enchanted musical Into the Woods.

The enthusiastic audience was delighted to see familiar faces slip into the roles of characters as Little Red Ridinghood and Cinderella—anticipation was especially high for Principal Greg Stewart's much-talked about turn as Milky White the cow, a spirited performance that proved the recent prom controversy hasn't dampened his sense of humor one bit! (The same can't be said for a small but vocal segment of the audience, who overpowered the principal's "moos" with "boos" until being escorted from the theater—and not a moment too soon. There's a time and place for such protest, and the theater certainly isn't it.)

Of course, the question on everyone's mind (aside from, can Postmaster Dennis Stevens carry a tune? I'm happy to report that he can!) was what exactly the mayor's wife would be wearing. I'm happy to report that she outdid herself this year, with a hat so elaborate that the three rows behind her had to ask for new seats. Hal's Haberdashery, take heed: Mrs. Lily Curless' headwear is sure to set the style for the season to come. And while my sources report that faint snores drifted from Mayor Bill Curless' direction, he nonetheless did formidable damage to the always-scrumptious post-show deli platter from Chick-fil-A, surely a highlight of the production for many of the town's less-artistically inclined husbands. The ladies, meanwhile, enjoyed a special gold-flecked cocktail called the Rapunzel, based on the long-haired princess Ella Jacobs so fetchingly portrayed. (Ladies, don't forget to ask Ella for the name of her stylist!)

All in all it was a magical evening, with Sondheim's grown-up fairy tale providing a thrilling backdrop to what's sure to be the social event of the season.