LAST DAYS HERE "Sussudio" never sounded better.

IN THE PAST four years, Bobby Liebling—singer for the ultra-cult doom and roll band Pentagram—has had a bit of a flare-up in his career. Pentagram (well, Liebling and some other dudes) had a grand rebirth in 2009 with a pair of shows in New York and Baltimore, followed by a mini US tour in 2010 and a full-length album, Last Rites, in April 2011. Considering Liebling had been around since 1972 without ever receiving proper recognition, it was exciting for fans new and old to see him take the stage with vigor.

What most new fans may not realize—or old fans for that matter—is that before his recent resurgence, Liebling had spent the last few decades wasting away in his parent's sub-basement, smoking copious amounts of crack. Last Days Here is a disturbing look at what happened to a passionate man whose talents went largely unrealized, but also what can happen if you stand by your dreams—even if they are sex, drugs, and rock and roll. The result is a heavy, heroic journey that makes that documentary about Anvil look like a Disney film starring two crybabies.