8 NW 3rd, 503-241-8823

Yeah sure, it kind of looks like Zoolander inside, but when it comes to a vegetarian/vegan Happy Hour, there is no better deal than The Tube. Five bucks will get you a frosty PBR and a gigantic (fake) Pastrami on Panini sandwich and side salad. The point of the salad is to trick your brain into thinking you are eating healthy, as you scarf down the delicious (fake) meat and beer (or try their PBR-tini). If you're in the mood for something lighter, hit up the Polenta Provencal--delicate polenta cakes with sundried tomato pesto and tons of garlic. Throw in a half-dozen more meatless meals and a insane selection of mixed drinks and you finally have somewhere to go in between the horror of work and the disappointment of home. EAC

Lungta Lunch Buffet

4644 NE Sandy, 287-1171, Weekdays 11:30-2:30

Since Tibetan people encounter harsh climates and circumstances, their cuisine is geared towards survival. Thus, salty, hearty dishes of beef and raddish, noodles and vegetables, chicken curry, lentil soup, and a stewy combination of potatoes, peas, and carrots populate their $6 lunch buffet. If you're curious about Tibetan food, this is a cheap sampler, and they offer as much of their dense bagel-like bread as you can eat. Actually, they offer as much of everything as you can eat, but you'll be hard-pressed to eat more than one plate. KS


1300 SE Morrison, 239-0196

I've hardly ever looked at the menu at Zell's because their specials board is always so jammed with great offerings that I don't get a chance. Ingredients like prosciutto, asparagus, and asiago cheese populate their delicious scrambles, as well as bacon, avocado, and tomato (they serve this combo as an omelet topped with a lime/sour cream sauce that's just too good). Their eggs benedict are consistently perfect. One of my breakfast mates recently noted that they offer a bacon waffle, marrying sweet and salty in perfect harmony, which just proves that Zell's is committed to a breakfast that's not only delicious, it's thrilling. KS