Mucho Grande

10 N Weidler, at the base of the Ramada Inn

Most who have been to the Rose Quarter, have noticed the large sign hanging from the Ramada Inn that brags, "The LARGEST Margarita!" This sign pertains to the aptly titled Mucho Grande Mexican restaurant/bar at the base of the hotel, and the question on everybody's lips isn't, "How's the food" (typical, slightly overpriced) or "what's the clientele like" (chotches who stumble by before Blazers games), but: "Is it REALLY the LARGEST margarita!!? IS IT!?" And the answer to that, my friends, is a resounding "Yes!" The Margaritas at Mucho Grande come in a goblet the size of your head, fill your belly with enough liquid to quench a third-world country, and contain approximately one teaspoon of alcohol. In short, despite their monstrous size, these margaritas wouldn't get a toddler drunk, and still cost $12. Ice and generic margarita mix must be expensive. JWS

Dahlia Café

3000 NE Killingsworth, 287-4398

When I passed the Dahlia Cafe one day, I realized I'd completely forgotten it existed way out there on Killingsworth. But I have good news to report. 1) It does exist 2) the food is still great and 3) they serve liquor now. Hurrah. I had one of their specialty cocktails, the Sarah Beth Collins (Absolut Citron, lemon juice, pineapple juice) and it was fantastic. Not to mention the tasty vegetarian Rueben I wolfed down, and the expertly crafted homestyle fries. They offer vegan options, too, plus regular burgers, bacon, eggs, etc. They're a good spot for breakfast with specialties like the Northwest eggs benedict with rich salmon, and homemade baked goods. But I must say, I think it's time for you to try their cocktails. Like now. KS

Chaba Thai Restaurant

5810 NE Sandy, 282-3970

Cha Ba Thai's salad rolls are the best. All the veggies stuffed inside are screaming fresh and their peanut dipping sauce is perfectly thin and fabulous. The currys at Cha Ba are a safe bet, although adding shrimp isn't worth the cost since you only get a couple. KS