Jeff Takashima

From All Surf Industry

532 SE Clay

Now that the flowers are confident enough to bloom, it's time for you to be confident enough to get your fat, hibernated pudge outta that chair and play some sports! Jeff has some suggestions:

- Kiteboarding: "Like a wakeboard, except you're tied to a kite."

- Surfing: "It's almost soul-cleansing; very spiritual. It gets you away from the madness of the city."

- Hiking: "I like to go along the river with my dogs, because my dogs are happiest when they're in the water."

- Spring snowboarding: "We've got tons of snow still, and the winter crowds are gone."

- Mountain biking: "It's good to get out and get some exercise. Thousand Acres is very dog-friendly, unlike all the parks in the city."

Danridge Geiger

Personal Assistant to author Sandra Stone

Between organizing his boss' library and classes in art school, Danridge keeps his ear pretty close to the ground when it comes to arts and culture. Here are some things he's been reading:

- Air Guitar by Dave Hickey: "If he reviews your show, you have a gallery--he, like, makes your career. I haven't gotten to the part that explains why it's called Air Guitar yet."

- Cherry: "It's a hardcore porn mag. This month was really good because there was this girl having sex and at the same time showing you how to change your oil filter."

- Flash Art: "It's an international contemporary art journal. I like it because it's not a glossy. A lot of art magazines have more gloss and less content."

- Dwell: "It's a modern home-design magazine. The cool thing about it is that the houses are interesting homes of average homeowners, whereas usually there's a team that comes in prior to the shoot to arrange everything in place."

- Vice: "I like it for obvious reasons--they burn people. The 'Dos and Don'ts' section kicks ass."