I.J. Booth
From Trade Up Music
4701 SE Division

Summertime is the best season for rock 'n' roll, so we asked a guy who spends his workweek fixing guitars for his top rock picks to enjoy while sitting out onÉ umÉ the grass:

- The Doors: "They make me want to get high. I got turned on to them around the same time I had my first tie-dye shirt."

- Devo: "They make me feel good around the clock. One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clockÉ Etc."

- Cheap Trick: "They make me wish I was 15 years old, selling acid and either shooting sling shots at cop cars or burning down my schoolÉ Or waitÉ not either, just both."

- Led Zeppelin: "They also make me want to get high. A fast car, an endless highway, and a bottomless B.J."

- AC/DC: "No time for ponytails! And just enough room for 11 [as in crank it up to]!"

Kelsey Green
From Portland Parks Aquatics
Various Pools

Whether you're learning to swim, just playing in the water, or looking to tone your bod, lifeguards like Kelsey are there to get your back--with a little help from her friends:

- Life vests: "They're significant because they teach children about safety, and they're helpful during open swims."

- Noodles: "They're used during open swims too, just for fun. They're also used in some water exercises. But they're not for real little kids to drift off with."

- Floating mats: "These are useful for lessons. They're flat and straight, and good for parents to be able to put their kids on and have them kick their feet."

- Water exercise belts: "These are mainly used for deep water exercise classes to keep the patrons above water while they're doing their workouts."

- Lifeguarding tubes: "They're used for saving people, and are also very important during spinals--which is when someone has a back injury in the pool. Also, for instance, if someone's unconscious you can flip them over so the tube's underneath them."