Viva Las Vegas
From Exotic Magazine

Between editing Exotic and working two other jobs, Viva's finding time to author Magic Gardens: The Starry Eyed Saviors of the Western Night, memorializing her eight years dancing at the club. This is what she reads:

- Stairway to Hell: The 500 Best Heavy Metal Albums in the Universe by Chuck Eddy: "He didn't invent rock criticism, but he did invent the overly pompous record review."

- Caught Looking: Feminism, Pornography, and Censorship by Kate Ellis: "It has the hottest pictures and the best perspectives on feminism and voyeurism without contradicting each other."

- Get Your War On I & II by David Rees: "I have framed strips from this comic in my bathroom."

- Weekly World News: "It's like VICE, only much, much better."

Heather Ackles
From the Metropolitan Public Defender's Office
630 SW 5th

The best thing about working downtown is inarguably the lunch carts, whether scattered or clustered on "cart row" on SW 5th. Here's a little guidance from Heather for next time you find yourself downtown at munch time:

- No Fish! Go Fish!: "[Cart owner] John's got good soups, and there's even a website that says what kind of soups they're going to have for the week []."

- Spoons: "[Cart owner] Derrick's a cute guy with soup and bread. There's always a line of middle aged office women going to see the young soup boy."

- Wynn's: "This is a hotdog cart. The couple who runs it are the King Dog and the Wienie Queen."

- That Indian Cart: "I don't know its real name, but that's what everyone calls it. It's the older Indian cart, like the second or third one in on the south side of cart row. They have a lunch special that costs $4.50 for six entrees, which includes naan and rice pudding."