Rachel Demy
From Bigshot Touring Artists

After her uncle introduced her to the Cure at age seven, Rachel says she owes her love of music to the UK (and her uncle). Here are the top five albums she pays homage to:

• The Jesus and Mary Chain, Automatic: "The lead singer has a captivating voice, and the sound of this album is distinct."

• The Cure, Pornography: "It's their darkest album and one of their earlier ones. The track 'Hanging Garden' is epic and perfect for camping."

• Billy Childish, Crimes of the Future: "It's Billy's blues recordings, and it's got a cool hollow, tinny feel, the way old recordings do."

• PJ Harvey, Uh Huh Her: "All of her albums are good, but this one is the most initially un-listenable, and therefore the most rewarding."

• Clearlake, Cedars: "They have the Brian Eno thing going on, and they're not in the vein of what NME says is cool."

Chuck Westmoreland
From Delta Café
4607 SE Woodstock Blvd

Not everybody's in the kitchen as much as Chuck—so listen as he gives some pointers on "faking gourmet" at your next dinner party:

• Don't say "onions": "They don't exist in Chef Land. They're called shit like 'shallots' and 'scallions.'"

• Use fancy language: "Throw some tomatoes in the pan and call it a 'Tomato Concassé à la Petite Champignons.' Don't be afraid to use an amalgam of several different languages."

• Fix aioli: "Get a jar of generic mayonnaise and mix it with tarragon, garlic, lemon, and cracked pepper. Now you've got aioli."

• Fake fancy salads: "Make up a salad like new plums, Spanish avocado, and fresh mint."

• Transform soups to bisque: "If you do a soup, throw it in a blender and call it a bisque. Get a can of clam chowder, set the shit on puree, and serve it."