MAYYORS "Nobody move! I lost a contact!"

THE SUMMERTIME ANSWER to the annual Dmmr Bmmr festival, Smmr Bmmr is a mandatory ritual of ear-ringing garage punk (and beyond) that stretches over three sweaty days and nights. After packing a sweltering Rotture last year, the Smmr Bmmr is headed down the road to Plan B for its inaugural run as an outdoor event.

"I just think it's more fun if every show is as different as possible and the venue is a big part of that," says co-booker Jon Barron. The other half of the booking equation, Hailey Poyser, explains the appeal of their new home: "Plan B has more of a summer vibe. We are really psyched to have bands playing outside." As for the future of the vowel-free event? "I think it can only get bigger and better every year," explains Poyser, before Barron adds the obligatory, "That's what she said."

Since watching all 40-plus bands can test the paper-thin support of your battle-worn Chuck Taylors, we'll just include a few of our picks for the festival and let you do the rest.


Although the ink is still drying on this Austin trio's new deal with Sub Pop imprint Hardly Art, the label is already readying a 7-inch single from the Woven Bones. A-side cut "I've Gotta Get" is a blurry mess of distanced vocals, jangling guitars, and pounding drums. There is also a twitching shoegaze feel to the song, creating a sound akin to what one imagines the Glaswegian flatmates of Jim and William Reid had to endure in the earliest days of the Jesus and Mary Chain. Flip the record over for the hypnotic "Hey Kid," which slows the pace and buries singer Andy Bones in a sea of reverb. It's a bit more restrained than their previous efforts, but by no means is this the work of a group mellowing out. Woven Bones play Fri Aug 13.


Word on the street is that the combustible noise punk of Mayyors is grinding to a halt very soon. Fitting that one of the final performances from this Sacramento band would be at the Bmmr—that photo over there is evidence of the spastic crowd reaction to their set from last year's fest—and considering the volatile nature of their onstage performances, this will be a farewell you'll still be feeling in the morning. Mayyors play Fri Aug 13.


Search all you like, odds are you won't find a band as criminally slept upon as the Intelligence. The band will be touring on the just-released Males, the first recording from the band that features frontman Lars Finberg letting go of the reins and allowing his rotating supporting cast (which includes members of Eat Skull, Mayyors, and more) to contribute to the excellent finished product. The nomadic band supposedly resides in as many cities (four) as they have members (five), but regardless of where they lay their heads at night, as long as the Intelligence continues this glorious run, we're fine with things being exactly the way they are. The Intelligence play Sat Aug 14.


It's only fitting that at an event where vowels go to die, Costa Mesa's TRMRS would flourish. This quartet sounds like the zombiefied Ventures, had the bloated remains of the surf guitar icons washed up on shore. It's surf rock high on the scuzz factor, frayed and loose to the point that each song nearly implodes before its climax. Slammed between the occasional spacious instrumental interludes are short bursts of shouted choruses that won't vacate your rattled skull anytime soon. TRMRS play Sun Aug 15.


Cum Stain, a band whose T-shirt you should never wear (for myriad reasons) is a NSFW California garage act that is as sloppy and unpolished as they are juvenile and joyfully offensive. With unfortunately catchy numbers like "Broke My Dick" and "Vicdumb" they're an ideal fit for anyone who finds the Mean Jeans to be too highbrow and dignified. Cum Stain play Sun Aug 15.