Fuck Josh Ostrovsky, fuck that guy, fuck Josh Ostrovsky, fuck him, fuck him (FUCK HIM). Josh Ostrovsky, better known by his online moniker, "The Fat Jew," is a model, wine salesman, spokesperson and MORE THAN ANYTHING [according to the several reports documenting his thievery] a joke thief. Well, he would say he's an online aggregator, and that's true in the same way that you could say that John Dillinger was a coin collector.

Through his Twitter and Instagram accounts, Josh has racked up millions of followers by posting other people's jokes and funny pictures, without credit given to the people who created those jokes and pictures. His accounts are, essentially, "Now! Thats What I Call Internet, Volume Fuck." He's America's Funniest Home Videos, if America's Funniest Home Videos photoshopped Bob Saget's (OR TOM BERGERON'S) face onto everyone's body. He's built a cult of terrible personality, and he leverages his influence and lack of shame to get brands to pay him to tweet/Instagram about their products. He makes thousands and thousands of dollars doing this.

Yeah, but okay, why should we care about Josh? (As an actual fat Jew, I bristle at calling him "The Fat Jew." Naw kid, there's bunches of us, and if one of us is THE fat Jew, it's Rob Reiner.) Like, it makes sense that I hate this guy. I'm a comedian—stealing jokes is maybe the only thing not allowed in comedy; it's our one rule.

Why should you care, though? Why should you care that he's reportedly ripping off a bunch of wannabe comedy writers who are dorking around on social media? We're well past Napster. We're all okay with stealing on the internet. The VERY PEOPLE having their jokes stolen have probably EACH stolen tens of thousands of dollars worth of MP3s off the internet. Live by the sword, die by sword, right?

Plus, for the average person, "The Fat Jew" is providing a service. He's putting all of the internet's best content in one place where you can quickly see it, smirk, send it to your friend Doyle, and then move on with your difficult life. I feel and I understand that—but here's why you should care anyway. This motherfucker can't make shit. And last time I checked, all y'all like watching/reading/seeing good shit. All this "Fat Jew" (I'm also bothered that a man named himself "Fat Jew" and then went on to perpetuate this conniving, thieving Jewish stereotype. Great job, Josh!) fuck can do is take other people's ideas and absorb credit—and that's a problem.

When ideas aren't properly credited, it's hard to trace them back to the creator and credit that person for making it. We need to reward people who make good/funny/worthwhile things, because then they'll keep making them, and that's how your favorite books and TV shows and movies happen!

Right now the museum's curator is telling you he painted the Renoirs, Basquiats, and O'Keeffes, and if you want to live in a world where those artists get to keep arting, unfollow this "Fat Jew" fuck—or at least tell him to give credit where credit is due.

Man. Fuck Josh Ostrovsky.