On the face of it, Mike Daisey's plan to perform a single monologue for 24 hours straight is absolutely insane. Even crazier, PICA Communications Director Patrick Leonard says that tickets for the day-long performance are selling well and that PICA feels "optimistic that it will be a full house."

There is only one way this information might make sense to you, and that's if you've seen Daisey perform. People who have will understand in a heartbeat why it's worth taking a chance on such a clearly mental performance. Daisey has performed a handful of shows in Portland over the years, on subjects ranging from the history of the board game Monopoly to the true definition of "value" to his complicated relationship with Apple products. All have been characterized by Daisey's ability to weave disparate elements—humor, anger, rumination—into a powerful whole.

With All the Hours in the Day, Daisey (along with his director, Jean-Michele Gregory) has conceived an epic monologue that stays awake with the earth as it completes one full rotation on its axis. But even if you're sold on the idea of hanging out with Daisey as he debuts the most ambitious work of his career, you still probably have questions. We've got answers.

How will ticketing be handled?

According to Leonard, "Anyone with a ticket who arrives for the very beginning of the show will be issued a wristband and a seat at the beginning of the show. After the show begins, seating will be on a space-available basis. If you have a ticket and show up an hour into the show or halfway into the show, you're gambling that your seat is still there."

Do I have to stay for the entire show?

You can come and go from the auditorium within Washington High School, but by leaving the building, you forfeit your seat to any standby ticket holders. You can come back, but you might have to wait until a seat opens up.

What if I can't get a seat?

PICA plans on setting up a live feed in one of Washington High School's classrooms, where people waiting for standby seating can watch.

Will there be breaks?

Yes, though PICA hasn't yet decided yet at what intervals, or how long they will be.

What about food?

"Food and drink will be available on site at a few key times for meals," says Leonard. Audiences can also bring their own food and drink, but leave the booze at home.

Will I be comfortable?

You can make yourself as comfortable as it is possible for an adult to be while sitting in a high-school auditorium. It's okay to bring cushions, pillows, pajamas, a sleeping bag, and blankets—as long as your comfort blanket doesn't interfere with anyone's view.

All the Hours in the Day, Washington High School, 531 SE 14th, Sat Sept 17, 6 pm, $35-40 (access to this show is NOT included with the purchase of a TBA pass)