TAMMY Not as bad as you think!

I WAS WRONG about Tammy.

Partially wrong, anyway. I thought I was in for 90 minutes of fat jokes at Melissa McCarthy's expense. Not because I think it's all McCarthy's capable of, but because I think it's all Hollywood thinks McCarthy is capable of. Plus, I'd seen the trailer, which features McCarthy robbing a restaurant: First she "comically" struggles to hop the counter, and then she demands pie.

But Tammy is mercifully light on that sort of thing—it's a pretty sweet movie, actually. It's just not a very funny one. (That's the part I was right about.)

The title role in Tammy would've gone to Jack Black 10 years ago: Tammy is well intentioned but boorish, and ultimately made redeemable by the attention of some blandly attractive member of the opposite sex (hello, Mark Duplass). When her life falls apart, she takes a road trip with her heavy-drinking grandma (played by Susan Sarandon; don't do the math). Hijinks ensue! Antics are anticked! There are a ton of lesbians, for some reason!

As a comedy, Tammy's diffident and unoriginal—but hopefully it'll do well with the type of people who help other unfunny comedies crush at the box office (the success of the Grown Ups franchise is a stain on our national conscience). It's not great, but at least its heart is in the right place.