PURPLE RAIN It’s hard out there for a prince.

48-Hour Film Project
The best of Portland's entries from the 48-Hour Film Project, in which teams of local filmmakers had two days to create a short film. Hollywood Theatre.

B-Movie Bingo
The Hollywood's series features B-movies, with the audience marking down clichés on a custom-made bingo card. This time around: The Cynthia Rothrock asskicker extravaganza China O'Brien. Hollywood Theatre.

Boo Demon vs. La Cerveza de Muerte
A locally produced lucha libre parody in which a supervillain named Super Villain concocts a diabolical scheme to ruin affordable beer for the barrio. Luckily, local barrio beer champion Beer Demon is there to stop him. More at cstpdx.com. Clinton Street Theater.

recommended Boyhood
Once a year for 12 years, director Richard Linklater summoned a cast of actors to film Boyhood, an utterly unique story of an utterly conventional American childhood. The story is fictionalized, but the passage of time is real; the nearly three-hour result is an affecting, heartfelt masterpiece. ALISON HALLETT Cinema 21.

First you have to get over the weirdness of watching porn in a movie theater with a bunch of strangers. Then you have to move past the idea that all porn involves ladies with giant boobs uttering stilted dialogue while being penetrated by enormous dicks. But if you can get over those two things, then maybe CineKink is for you. The New York-based kink-and-sexuality film fest is chockfull of hardcore flicks made not for the furtive-trenchcoat crowd, but for people who want to be loud and proud about diverse types of sex. SARAH MIRK Clinton Street Theater.

recommended Dark Habits
Pedro Almodóvar's third film features a cabaret singer fleeing the police who finds refuge in a nunnery where the sisters have no problems doing things like raising a tiger or dropping acid. Fifth Avenue Cinema.

Dark Mountain & Spindrift: Ghost of the West
A screening of the horror film Dark Mountain, which features music from Spindrift, followed by the documentary Spindrift: Ghost of the West, filmmaker Q&As, and a live Spindrift performance. That's a lot of Spindrift! Star Theater.

An Evening with Ben Popp
A short-film showcase for Popp, co-founder of Experimental Film Festival Portland, featuring his 16mm hand-processed animated works, including Omar, Dance of the Deviant, Sexy Noir, and more. Filmmaker in attendance. Whitsell Auditorium.

Get on Up
A not-screened-for-critics James Brown biopic. Various Theaters.

recommended The Great Escape
When James Garner died last month, it was his TV work like The Rockford Files and Maverick that most remembered fondly—but it's easy to forget that Garner was also in 1963's The Great Escape. As a tribute to Garner, the fantastic WWII adventure flick screens this weekend at the Hollywood. ERIK HENRIKSEN Hollywood Theatre.

recommended Guardians of the Galaxy
See review this issue. Various Theaters.

recommended Happy Christmas
See review this issue. On Demand, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes.

A Hercules story that takes out all the interesting and exciting parts of the Hercules story. PAUL CONSTANT Various Theaters.

Picture your college roommate Seth. You know, the incorrigible stoner who could spend hours waxing philosophic on the tiniest particles of the universe? And how each of these particles make up the very fabric of life? Hence the most powerful person in the world is basically the atomic twin of a fly alighting on a plop of donkey shit? That's deep, man. As in deeply annoying to you and the rest of your dormmates who have to listen to this windbag until he finally relinquishes the bong. For the purposes of this review, Seth is the atomic twin of beloved director/writer Luc Besson, who has produced gloriously violent works of art like The Professional, The Fifth Element, and La Femme Nikita... but with the heavy-handed Lucy, has created nothing less than donkey plop. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY Various Theaters.

recommended Mid-August Lunch
A short, sweet slice of geriatric life that takes place over 24 hours in the apartment of an Italian bachelor who unwillingly finds himself playing host to his mother and three other elderly women. ALISON HALLETT Fifth Avenue Cinema.

recommended Mood Indigo
See review this issue. Hollywood Theatre, Living Room Theaters.

recommended A Most Wanted Man
For a movie about global terrorism, A Most Wanted Man might seem surprisingly character driven—but fans of John le Carré, whose novel the film is based upon, know to expect as much. In one of his final performances, Philip Seymour Hoffman stars as acerbic, heavy-drinking Günther Bachmann, a German counterterror operative charged with infiltrating the Islamic community in Hamburg. I'm glad we got to see Hoffman tackle a Le Carré project before he died: he seems perfectly at home in this shadowy world of moral ambiguity and high-stakes decision making, where trust is currency and good intentions count for exactly nothing. ALISON HALLETT Various Theaters.

recommended Purple Rain
"Let's have some action! Let's have some asses wigglin'! I want some perfection!" Laurelhurst Theater.

recommended Raiders of the Lost Ark
"Professor of archeology, expert on the occult, and... how does one say it? Obtainer of rare antiquities." Academy Theater.

Sex Work Film Series
A series offering "the best films by and about sex workers." This week: the documentary Mutantes: Punk Porn Feminism. More at cstpdx.com. Clinton Street Theater.

recommended Top Down: Rooftop Cinema
The NW Film Center's rooftop screening series, taking place on top of the Hotel deLuxe's parking garage. Screening on Thursday, July 31 is Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket; screening on Thursday, Aug 7 is The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. Hotel deLuxe.

recommended Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
David Lynch's batshit insane prequel to the batshit crazy series he and Mark Frost unleashed on '90s television viewers. Best viewed with a nice cup of joe while demonically possessed. Hollywood Theatre.

Scarecrow Video offers up another steamy, salacious helping of rare VHS sexploitation. Hollywood Theatre.

Wish I Was Here
A case study in what happens when a super famous and rich celebrity tries to make a movie about Regular People. ALISON HALLETT Various Theaters.

recommended MEANS WE RECOMMEND IT. Theater locations are accurate Friday, Aug 1-Thursday, Aug 7, unless otherwise noted. Movie times are updated daily and are available here.