WOMAN IN GOLD From left: Helen Mirren, Green Lantern.

3 Hearts
Maybe 3 Hearts is an experiment: Shove the plot of a Sweet Valley High novel through a French-o-later, ship it off to America, and see if the Yanks will mistake this tortured and ridiculous love triangle between two sisters and a nebbish ginger for some sort of grand affair of the heart. After all, everyone's smoking and drinking, très francais, and doesn't Charlotte Gainsbourg look just like Patti Smith at her age? The venerable Catherine Deneuve is the only one here who knows what's up: She just scowls in the background looking disapproving as fuck. Right there with you, Catherine. ALISON HALLETT Fox Tower 10.

recommended B-Movie Bingo
The series that puts bingo cards in the audience's hands, checking off clichés as the film unspools, will get as close to a blackout game as you're going to ever see, because this month's film is Commando. Let off some steam! Hollywood Theatre.

Big in Japan
John Jeffcoat's film about a struggling Seattle band trying to find success during a surreal Tokyo tour. Director in attendance. NW Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium.

Danny Collins
See review this issue. Fox Tower 10.

recommended Fashion in Film
For her Fashion in Film series, the Mercury's Marjorie Skinner screens 1991's Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead—because Christina Applegate is always in style. Hollywood Theatre.

Faux Film Festival
The swan song for the Faux Film Festival, closing out a full decade of "faux commercials, faux trailers, spoofs, satires, parodies, and mockumentaries." More at fauxfilm.com. Clinton Street Theater.

For the Record
If you've never seen a court reporter (or stenographer or closed caption writer) at work, it's hypnotizing. And it strains credulity that the mashing of anonymous buttons on a homely little machine can so precisely record even the speediest interactions. You start to assume that there's some easy trick to the whole thing. The documentary For the Record—which spends a long hour delving into the field's minutiae­—reveals that, once again, your assumptions are terrible. The button mashing is tough—particularly if, like the film's subjects, you've got designs on a Guinness world record. It's also boring. Sorry. It's boring. Director in attendance. DIRK VANDERHART NW Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium.

A Fuller Life
A documentary following the life and films of director Samuel Fuller. Not screened for critics. Hollywood Theatre.

recommended Furious 7
See review this issue. Various Theaters.

Giorgio Moroder's Metropolis
No, no, not the good version of Metropolis. Not the all-time classic version. The one from 1984, inexplicably featuring Freddie Mercury and Loverboy. Academy Theater.

recommended A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
In horror movies, and sometimes in life, a girl alone at night is a victim. Shadows are ominous, noises are frightening. The night doesn't belong to her. Which is just part of why Ana Lily Amirpour's debut feature is so exhilarating. The Girl (Sheila Vand) is a taciturn, hijab-clad vampire in a tiny Iranian town called Bad City, gliding through the deserted streets like a not-so-friendly ghost. The night is her domain, though the men she encounters might assume otherwise. The Girl does what she wants, and usually what she wants is to drink somebody. ALISON HALLETT Laurelhurst Theater, Living Room Theaters.

recommended The Hunting Ground
See review this issue. Fox Tower 10.

recommended It Follows
Horror movies can often be such a perfunctory, slapdash affair—make offscreen noise, throw cat at actress, repeat—that fans are understandably quick to crank the hype to 11 whenever something promising surfaces. When a film comes along that actually delivers, it's hard to hold back the hosannas. It Follows is one of those rare scary machines where everything just clicks together, with a ferociously single-minded rightness that keeps the nerves in a state of high, perpetual thrum. ANDREW WRIGHT Various Theaters.

recommended Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter
See review this issue. Various Theaters.

Portland EcoFilm Festival
A series "covering topics of nature conservation, environmental activism, agriculture, and community wellness." More at hollywoodtheatre.org. Hollywood Theatre.

Portland German Film Festival
The Portland German Film Festival presents Daniel Rintz's Somewhere Else Tomorrow (2013). More at portlandgermanfilmfestival.com. Clinton Street Theater.

Secret Ocean
The new marine documentary from Jean-Michel Cousteau. Cousteau will be participating in a Skype Q&A at the 9:45 am show on Thurs, April 9. OMSI Empirical Theater.

recommended Spring Breakers
Spring Breakers may make you come to the sudden realization you have a stick up your ass. As someone who's sick of stale, predictable Hollywood product, I loved it. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY Fifth Avenue Cinema.

Woman in Gold
The fact that Holocaust victims and their descendants are attempting to reclaim art stolen by the Nazis in increasing numbers could have huge impact—not just on museum holdings, but on the world's ability to remember the ills of history. The case of Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) is perhaps the most significant—along with a rookie lawyer (Ryan Reynolds, trying to hide behind khaki pants and glasses), Altmann successfully sued the Republic of Austria for the return of several Gustav Klimt paintings, including a portrait of her aunt that had become the nation's equivalent of the Mona Lisa. That's pretty badass, but director Simon Curtis' depiction of the years-long battle is a plodding, oversimplified courtroom procedural spliced with pretty but wooden flashbacks. Content to cheerlead its protagonists, its refusal to engage in any reasonable way with the opposing argument is borderline irresponsible... and irresponsibly dull. The film also features Katie Holmes reprising her role as a housebound, baby-having yes woman. MARJORIE SKINNER Various Theaters.

A Year in Champagne
The second installment in David Kennard's documentary series about the making of wine, with Martine Saunier visiting six houses in Champagne. Not to be confused with Furious 7. NW Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium.

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