RE-RUN THEATER VICE FACT! Tubbs claims “Tubbs” is short for “Tough, unique, bad, bold, and sassy.”

recommended 3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets
See review this issue. Living Room Theaters.

recommended Alien
See My, What a Busy Week! Laurelhurst Theater.

recommended Amy
From a distance, it's hard to tell how much celebrity suffering is theater. Asif Kapadia's shattering documentary Amy certainly qualifies as theater in its own right, piecing together great amounts of archival, never-before-seen video footage of late musician Amy Winehouse with dramatic effectiveness. MARJORIE SKINNER Cinema 21, Hollywood Theatre.

recommended Ant-Man
Ant-Man is something Marvel hasn't really offered since the first Iron Man—a story you actually care about. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY Various Theaters.

recommended The Art of Reinvention: Paul Thomas Anderson & His Influences
See Film, this issue. NW Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium.

A documentary on the industry that provides the delicious bean juice you pour down your throat every morning. Filmmakers in attendance. Academy Theater.

Danger Diabolik
Comics-based movies aren't a new thing. Mario Bava was making 'em back in 1968, with this French-Italian cult classic about a super-thief who plans massive heists for the pleasure of his girlfriend. Hollywood Theatre.

Do I Sound Gay?
A documentary from journalist David Thorpe examining the origins of the "gay voice," with appearances from Dan Savage, David Sedaris, George Takei, Margaret Cho, Tim Gunn, and more. Cinema 21.

El Canto del Colibri
A documentary following Latino fathers as they deal with issues of immigration, faith, marriage equality, and their children's coming out. Hollywood Theatre.

Grindhouse Film Festival
A 35mm print of Johnny Firecloud, the '70s cult classic about a Native American who gets out of the army only to find a villainous white rancher is terrorizing his tribe. Preceded by '70s revenge trailers. Hollywood Theatre.

recommended Inside Out
Are you the type of barren, childless adult who feels weird going to Pixar movies by yourself? Well... maybe you should. BUT! I strongly advise you to put those feelings aside (or rent a kid from your neighbors or the Duggar family) and see Inside Out, Pixar's latest kids movie that's actually for adults. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY Various Theaters.

recommended Magic Mike XXL
I wasn't very enthusiastic when I heard we were getting a sequel to 2012's excellent Magic Mike. Do we need to see this same cast of beefheads grind on each other some more, I wondered? Does anyone need more of this? Answers: Yes and OMG YES. FUCK YES. SO MUCH. ELINOR JONES Various Theaters.

The Mark of Zorro
The Columbia River Theatre Organ Society presents this silent film starring Douglas Fairbanks as the masked avenger. Hollywood Theatre.

Hey, you do know Inside Out is currently playing, right? And that, unlike some children's movies we could mention, it isn't cynical garbage? Various Theaters.

recommended Mr. Holmes
As Sherlock Holmes, Ian McKellen is magnificent. It's often argued that cinematic spectacle can't be truly experienced unless it's projected onto a 50-foot screen, but I'd argue that it is also worth employing that increased scale to watch the planes of McKellen's face shift, almost imperceptibly, from mood to mood. BEN COLEMAN Various Theaters.

A Murder in the Park
A documentary about a Northwestern University journalism class that managed to exonerate a man wrongfully convicted of a double homicide—or so they thought, until further digging revealed a bigger story than anyone expected. Hollywood Theatre.

NW Noir
A noir appreciation night, with a $3 suggested donation going to the National Film Noir Foundation. Tonight, a Richard Widmark double feature, starting with Kiss of Death and finishing with Night and the City. The Spare Room.

Paper Towns
See review this issue. Various Theaters.

Pink Floyd: The Wall
"Hey, does anybody wanna come see The Wall with me on Saturday night? Thought I might try an experiment—see it straight once." "Don't do it! You'll regret it, man. Trust me." —Freaks and Geeks, season one, episode two, "Beers and Weirs" Hollywood Theatre.

See review this issue. Various Theaters.

recommended Re-run Theater
This month's installment is the neon-soaked season two premiere of Miami Vice, entitled "The Prodigal Son" and featuring Pam Grier, Gene Simmons, Penn Gillette, and the smooth, smooth grooves of Phil Collins. The Hollywood Theatre will be serving only the finest of wine coolers in honor of this momentous event. BOBBY ROBERTS Hollywood Theatre.

See review this issue. Various Theaters.

recommended Tangerine
Good movies can sometimes give off a hum—a feeling that the energy and chemistry on screen can't be constrained by the edges of the frame. Tangerine fits this description and then some. While chockfull of innovations both welcome (a story about transgender characters, played by transgender performers) and potentially eye-strainingly worrisome (the movie was shot entirely on tricked-out, stabilized iPhones), the main takeaway is just how alive it seems. ANDREW WRIGHT Cinema 21.

Top Down: Rooftop Cinema
The NW Film Center's rooftop screening series, held on top of the Hotel deLuxe's parking garage. Screening Thurs July 23 is Sexy Beast; screening Thurs July 30 is The 10th Victim. More at Hotel deLuxe.

Amy Schumer fans should take heart: I'm with you. As far as I'm concerned, she's a national treasure, so it's weird to see her sharp-edged humor dulled by a movie that essentially hews to a classic boy-meets-girl-plus-problem format. MEGAN BURBANK Various Theaters.