The Ultimate Film Fanatic Challenge
The contest for film geeks moves to the Blue Moon. See Movie Times on page 43 for more info. Blue Moon

Jewish Film Festival
For more info on any of the fest's films, hit

A film that examines the areas that separate Israeli and Palestinian zones in the Middle East. Guild Theater

Hitler's Hit Parade
A collage of music, dance, and art footage from '20s and '30s Germany. Boy, Germans sure do know how to have a good time! And kill people. Guild Theater Whitsell Auditorium

My Uncle Berns
Director Lindsay Crystal--who'll be in attendance for the screening--chronicles the crazy life of her 88-year-old uncle, who has survived D-Day, 9/11, and the ignominy of being called "Berns." Whitsell Auditorium

The Ninth Day
In 1942, a Catholic priest is released from Dachau and sent to Luxembourg in order to convince a bishop to start supporting the Nazis. Guild Theater

Paper Clips
A doc about students in a tiny Tennessee town who decided to collect a paper clip for each victim of the Holocaust. (Next time you're all out of paper clips, now you know who to borrow one from.) Whitsell Auditorium

A documentary about seven Jewish women athletes who competed in the 1930s, fled from Hitler in 1938, and are now really, really old. Whitsell Auditorium

22nd Annual Reel Music Festival
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* Bruce Haack: The King of Techno
Bruce Haack is best remembered either for his 1970 record Electric Lucifer or as the weird electronic musician who somehow made it onto Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Plays with Moog, a doc about Bob Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer. (Zac Pennington) Guild Theater

* Rock Around the Clock
A restored version of Fred Sears' 1956 classic, featuring Bill Haley as the first rock star lead in a film. Followed by its sequel, Don't Knock the Rock, featuring Little Richard. (Zac Pennington) Guild Theater

* The Sweet Smell of Success
A powerful New York newspaper columnist (Burt Lancaster) hires a press agent to break up his sister's engagement to a jazz musician. Guild Theater

Are We There Yet? See review this issue. Regal Cinemas, etc.

The Assassination of Richard Nixon See review this issue. City Center 12, Fox Tower 10

Assault on Precinct 13 See review this issue. Regal Cinemas, etc.

* Bad Education
If Hitchcock's Vertigo collided head-on with a drag queen variety show, the brilliant wreckage would be Pedro Almodovar's Bad Education. (Ryan Dirks) Fox Tower 10

Blood on the Sun
James Cagney vs. Japanese Imperialists in a FIGHT to the DEATH! Old Town Pizza

Coach Carter
Coach Carter tackles a worthy, deservedly inspirational story about a tough-love basketball coach--and treats its subject in such a neutered, worshipful fashion that it ultimately does the actual accomplishment a disservice. (Andrew Wright) Regal Cinemas, etc.

* Eddie Murphy: Raw
Remember when Eddie Murphy was actually really funny, and not just a depressing, Disney-fellating, washed-up sellout of a hack? Laurelhurst

Marvel's efforts to put every minor comic book character on the big screen continues with another snooze-doozy--starring Jennifer Garner as hotsy-totsy assassin Elektra. (Wm. Steven Humphrey) Regal Cinemas, etc.

A Farewell to Arms
Gary Cooper does the Ernest Hemingway thing. Cafe Nola

Go-Bots: War of the Rock Lords
Remember Go-Bots? Better known as "not Transformers™"? ("If you played with Go-Bots," muses Mercury sales rep James Deely, "you sucked.") Clinton Street Theater

* Hotel Rwanda
Even if the acting is stiff and the plot a bit too tidy, you're obligated to see Hotel Rwanda. (Phil Busse) Century 16 Cedar Hills Crossing, Fox Tower 10

* The House of Flying Daggers
For all of its greater hopes and attempts, Flying Daggers ends up being best at what it seems most self-conscious about being: a slam-bang kung fu movie. (Erik Henriksen) Regal Cinemas, etc.

Gary Sinise does the Philip K. Dick thing. Blind Onion

In Good Company
A happily inoffensive, warmly predictable, and wholly inconsequential comedy/drama with Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace. (Erik Henriksen) Regal Cinemas, etc.

* IT (Independent Tuesdays)
Nocturnal's homemade film and video event. Nocturnal

* Kandahar
Kandahar tells the story of Nafas, a female Afghan expatriate who returns to Kandahar to save her sister. PSU Smith Memorial Union

* Laura
A detective is investigating the death of a young woman and falls in love with her even though she's dead. Hot or not? Fifth Avenue Cinemas

Leningrad Cowboys
Finnish musicians come to America. Hilarity ensues. Pix Patisserie

The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg See review this issue. Hollywood Theatre

Monumental & Thomas Berry
Monumental follows environmentalist David Brower, while Thomas Berry looks at the eco-philosopher. Selections of the Heart of the Earth Environmental Film Series; expect the reek of patchouli. First Unitarian Church

Open Screening
Aspiring filmmakers, enthusiasts, and armchair critics gather and enjoy homemade shorts. To enter a film, send an email to Crepe Soleil

The Princess and the Warrior & Run Lola Run
A double feature from writer/director Tom Tykwer. Chance of Rain Cafe

The Sky on Location & Models of Pickpocket
The Sky on Location crisscrosses landscapes of the American West with such stunning cinematography and romantic narration that it'll make you feel like someone wrote an eco-poem on the back of a Yosemite post card. Models of Pickpocket explores the lives of three actors decades after they worked on Robert Bresson's classic film Pickpocket, and will prove excruciatingly boring for those not obsessed with the French original. The director of both films, Babette Magnolte, will be in attendance for the Thursday and Friday screenings. (Ryan Dirks)

The Snows of Kilimanjaro
Gregory Peck does the Ernest Hemingway thing. Cafe Nola

A Very Long Engagement
Directed by Amélie's Jean-Pierre Jeunet and starring Amélie's Audrey Tautou, which is pretty much all you need to know. (Erik Henriksen) Century 16 Cedar Hills Crossing, City Center 12, Fox Tower 10

* Virgin
Rebellious teen Jessie (Elisabeth Moss) gets wasted, date raped, and finds herself pregnant. Unconscious at the time of conception, she has no memory of losing her virginity--and therefore concludes she is carrying the second coming of Christ. (Marjorie Skinner) Hollywood Theatre

The Work and the Glory
While this film's generic preview and sepia-toned website go to great lengths to make The Work and the Glory look like a crappy costume drama, the truth is that this is a crappy costume drama... about MORMONS! Century 16 Cedar Hills Crossing, Century Eastport 16, Movies on TV

* Yojimbo See review this issue. Clinton Street Theater