IN 1970, a Hollywood crew descended on the Oregon Coast to translate Ken Kesey's brilliant novel Sometimes a Great Notion to film. The movie adaptation starred Paul Newman, who eventually took over directorial duties during the course of an occasionally tumultuous filming process that's documented by Oregon author Matt Love in Sometimes a Great Movie: Paul Newman, Ken Kesey and the Filming of the Great Oregon Novel. Love pieces together a history of Sometimes' filming from old newspaper accounts and interviews with locals and crew members involved with the film; it's a charming package, complete with plenty of black-and-white images of Newman looking rugged and Lincoln County looking quaint. Best of all, it captures the range of emotions felt when a small community is overrun with fast-driving, heavy-drinking movie stars—from excitement to, in the case of one young waitress at a seafood restaurant where Paul Newman tried to cut in line, the studied indifference of a teenager determined not to be impressed by big city airs.

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