A little over a year ago, the ultra-modern club Apotheke, which was oddly located above the trendy Peruvian restaurant Andina and entirely focused on exceedingly experimental music, closed for business. To the disappointment of weird music lovers across Portland, a bar that provides as its soundtrack anything from the din of chirping crickets to epic walls of scratchy white noise is evidently too far out there for the Pearl District scene.

The end of Apotheke meant the end of Aleatoric, the venue's flagship monthly event hosted by Coco Madrid and Mike Jedlicka. After an extended hiatus from booking the ambient/experimental night, the two finally found another space that fits with their concept, the Someday Lounge.

Madrid explains the original idea behind Aleatoric, "We wanted to create a sanctuary where people could just relax, drink, and have a conversation, but the music in the background isn't just background music—it's intelligent, something that everybody can be a part of."

Jedlicka continues, "The idea was really to go for an anti-dance electronic music. There were so many shows with house and techno and trance, and we wanted to do something that was the opposite. We wanted to really focus on experimental live PA acts, so it wasn't just DJs. The original idea was to have all local people because there are a shitload of artists making this kind of music right here in Portland."

For their first show back, the lineup features local ambient cellist the OO-Ray and a pair of out-of-town headliners from Dragon's Eye Recordings: Son of Rose and Wyndel Hunt. Regarding the visiting guests, Jedlicka explains, "They are different artists, but can almost be put in the same boat. They move in between pure ambient without any kind of beat, into experimental that kind of turns into a beat, but not like a straight drum-kit or anything. The music goes from being very relaxed to really putting you on the edge of your seat with this eerie tension, and then it chills out again. They're amazing. You just have to hear it, it's very emotive."