Q. What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

A. "Where's my tractor!"

--Jasminelee, age 14

Q. What do you call a fairy that doesn't wash?

A. Stinkerbell.

--Emily, age 7

Q. A lady took a bite out of a brownie and died. How?

A. There was a cockroach in the brownie. She saw it and had a heart attack.

--Katie, age 6

Q. Why did the electric eel get a punk haircut?

A. Because he wanted to shock his parents!

--Dani, age 11

Q. What is small, annoying, and ugly?

A. I don't know, but it comes when I call my sister's name.

--Kayla, age 12

A mushroom walks into a club and sees a really pretty girl. He finally asks her to dance with him. She says no, and he says to her, "Why not? I'm a fungi." Get it? Fun-gi, fun guy.

--Kimberly, age 12

Q. Why didn't the hotdog star in the movies?

A. The rolls weren't good enough.

--Tim, age 9

Q. What is the cannibal's favorite game?

A. Swallow the leader.

--Becca, age 7

Q. Why is Dracula so unpopular?

A. Because he sucks.

--Theo, age 11

Q. If you are American outside of the bathroom what are you when you are inside the bathroom?

A. European (you're a peeing).

--Pam, age 10

Q. Why is a baby like a leech?

A. Because they suck.

--Theo, age 11

Q. What's the difference between a blonde and a brick?

A. When you lay a brick, it doesn't follow you around for two weeks whining. My dad told me that one.

--Graham, age 14

Q. How do you embarrass an archeologist?

A. Give him a used tampon and ask him which period it came from. My brother told me that one.

--Graham, age 14