Since its launch in October, Fallout 3 has seen three additional content packs released to the Xbox Live Marketplace, with each bearing a $10 price tag. Hardcore Fallout fans have already downloaded and digested all three, but those of you new to the game might be wondering if the extra cost is worth your time.

My allotted handful of words isn't nearly enough to properly detail each of the three add-ons, but there are a few questions I find myself asked time and time again that I should address for those of you new to the whole Fallout 3 thing.

• "Why can't I find these downloadable add-ons on my PlayStation 3?" Short answer: Microsoft paid tons of cash to ensure Sony fans would feel totally left out, at least for a while. Long answer: You're adopted and nobody loves you.

• "I only have $10 to spend, which one should I buy?" I would recommend picking up Broken Steel, the latest offering. Not only does it extend Fallout 3's level cap by 10 additional levels, and lets you continue the game even after the storyline ends, but it also adds the most storyline. If you can afford two packs, I'd also recommend Operation: Anchorage, but only because it adds awesome weapons, like the Predator-esque Chinese Stealth Armor.

• "Are there more add-ons on the way?" Officially, Bethesda has not announced any further content for Fallout 3—but unofficially, rumors have been swirling about something called "Point Look." Given how much cash the three packs have generated so far, expect Point Look sometime in the next few months.

• "Does The Pitt suck, or do you just hate Pittsburgh?" Not exactly, and yes. It's not that The Pitt is bad, it's just not as good as the two other packs. The new items are kind of lame, it relies too heavily on melee combat, and the story, while morally ambiguous, is a bit tedious. Plus, even after the nukes fall, Pittsburgh blows.

• "Why should I buy the downloadable content?" Because it's better, and cheaper, than anything else coming in May.