SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS That better be one hell of an arrow.

ASK A GAMER to prove that videogames are art and he or she will invariably point to either 2001's Ico or 2005's Shadow of the Colossus. Along with a development team, these two games share an emphasis on intuitive gameplay and open storytelling that is ripe for interpretation. Likewise, they both feature some of the most gorgeous sights and sounds found on the PlayStation 2.

In an effort to simultaneously expose more gamers to the best of the last console generation and add one more title to the PlayStation 3's list of quality exclusive games, Sony has released both Ico and Colossus on a single PS3 Blu-ray disc. Appropriately dubbed The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, the pack features upgraded versions of each game, sporting the kind of technological improvements you'd expect from a jump to Sony's latest console.

Honestly though, neither game really needed the upgraded visuals. Granted, the increased resolution makes things a bit more palatable on now-standard high-definition TVs, but when playing the Collection, you really won't see or hear anything that wasn't already present.

It's also quite nice that Sony bundled both games on a single disc for only $40. Even with no improvements, that would be a bargain price for these games. Given how few PlayStation 3 consoles are backward compatible these days, it's a helpful (if transparently capitalistic) effort to aid gamers who may have missed these two gems in their original format.

That last sentence is likely the biggest reason to scour the retail shelves for a copy of the Collection. These games are as close to "required reading" as this hobby ever gets, and if you've never played them, this is a perfect opportunity to change that.

Of course, those of you looking to play through these games for the second (or 100th) time don't really need any convincing from me, do you? Enjoy the upgrades.