Hey, you wanna dance? Night falls, all your queer friends are waiting for you--and they want you to snark a move at these places:


Booty at Porky's packs a mean pirate theme, with DJs playing hot post-punk, rock, disco, and pop. Don't be shy---your timbers need shiverin'. The place is packed with queers of all kinds. (835 N Lombard)


Red Cap Garage hosts DJ Frankie's best of the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Play your cards right, and you might feel like you've aged three decades by the end of the night. Such is Pride week! (1035 SW Stark)


Panorama is home to Ice Cold with DJ Alex. Pick up a few new dance tricks from the queer party-people at Panorama. If a move ain't busted, you can't fix it. (1035 SW Stark)


Madame Butterfly's Queer Night features an intimate dancefloor with low lighting and Top 40 dance-hits spun by DJ Submarine. (403 SW Stark)


The Eagle features Throb, an evening with tons of DJs including one named Nancy Bear. It's hard to dance in leather, but you can listen to dance music while you stand in place and budge a move. (1300 W Burnside)

Taint at IC Mummy boasts a big dance space, a mixed crowd and a sick name. Five DJs will get you on the dance floor even if they have to, well, drag you by the taint. For the dirt-fag and gutter-dyke in all of us. (332 NE San Rafael)