Everybody has at least one in their family... the loud, obnoxious lout who insists that the only way to get Osama bin Laden is to explode a nuclear bomb in every cave in Afghanistan. But remember! This gift-giving season isn't about YOU, it's about your loved ones (even those less-than-loved ones). So bring a smile to their stupid, drunken faces with these Osama-inspired gifts!

Bin Laden Target T-Shirt

Concerned that people on the street might not know how you feel about Osama bin Laden? Well, the Osama bin Laden Target T-shirt will let everyone know what's on your mind--even if they can't read! Lovingly printed on a white heavyweight Hanes Beefy Tee, this shirt shows a smiling Osama with a big red target zeroed in right on his chest. However, be careful not to wear it to your NRA meetings! Those guys have been known to get "carried away!"

Bin Laden T-shirt, available in X large, XX large, and XXX large; $16.98 each

Osama bin Laden Urinal Target Sticker

The forward-thinking folks at OsamaTargets.com have come up with a devilishly clever way of getting back at terrorists--by placing a sticker of Osama bin Laden in a urinal! Imagine the fuming anger of the Taliban as they begin to empty their bladders, but discover they are peeing on the man they are protecting! OH! The devastating irony! Those jerks will really think twice before committing any further acts of terrorism!

Bin Laden Urinal Target, $2 per sticker

Osama "Pin" Laden Voo Doo Doll

Here's a great way to "stick it" to Osama bin Laden--with the Osama "Pin" Laden Voo Doo Doll! This doll is an exact replica of the terrorist leader (as well as countless other Afghan men). Simply insert the accompanying pins into different parts of the doll and howl with glee when CNN begins reporting that Osama has been "suffering from mysterious sharp pains in his heart, eyes, and groinal region." It's the next best thing to kicking his ass yourself!

"Pin" Laden Voo Doo Doll, $9.99 (plus shipping)

Osama bin Laden Toilet Paper

Haaaaaaa-HA! Ya get it? Do ya get it?? It's TOILET PAPER... except it's got a picture of Osama on it!! HAW-HAW-HAWWWWWWW! Oh my GOD! That's rich, all right! See, that way, when you go to take a poop? You'll be wiping with OSAMA'S FACE!!! Haaaa-ahh-haaaaaa! Whoop! Whoop! Hee-heeee-heeeee! Oh, god! Oh, god! I'm CRYING here! Haa-haaa-haaaaaa! Osama toilet paper... bpptthhhh-HAW!! Whoooo! Stop it, please!! Ha-Ha-Hooooooo!! YOU'RE KILLING ME!!

Bin Laden Toilet Paper, individual rolls, $9.99