Illustration by Martha Rich

HMMMM.... is that the sound of you enjoying your favorite vibrating fun stick, or just groaning in confusion about which toys you should add to your sexual toy chest? Let's hope it's the former. But if you're stuck in an indecisive morass (and not getting more ass—you see what I did there?), the lovely proprietors of sex-positive toy shop She Bop (909 N Beech), Jeneen Doumitt and Evy Cowan, chose their three favorite toys for members of the female persuasion, or for anyone, really, who just wants to have some fun.

Ami Kegel Balls

Did you know that if you don't exercise your PC muscle, things can get a little loosey in your juicy and your orgasms can lose their luster? Egads! Tighten that up with Je Joue's Ami, a set of three kegel exercise balls for the beginning-to-advanced intimate squeezer. These pretty purple silicone devices have one to two weighted balls inside that allow you to become an expert judo master of grip. You'll never have more fun exercising in your life. Some ladyfolk have been known to wear an Ami ball to yoga class—sexy!

Mona 2 Vibrator

Hey girl! Hope you have a good vibrator stashed in your dresser drawer—they're a must in your sexy arsenal. LELO's Mona vibrator looks as good as it feels with varying speeds and intensities, and it's 100 percent waterproof for the perfect bath toy. With a slight curve in its sleek silicone contour, it can reach all the spots you want it to. It's kinda like your best friend—introduce it around to your other pals or just keep it all for yourself.

Pure Wand Dildo

The Pure Wand by njoy is an intriguing bit of mystery. Stainless steel, beautifully designed, and weighted for optimum pleasure, it's a dildo that can be used vaginally or anally, formally or casually. With dual tips, this oversized cabinet-handle-looking device is a toy with copious amounts of pleasure potential, designed with ample reach and G-spot-finding science. Did I mention how pretty and substantial it is? The Pure Wand deserves a priority spot on your mantel.


Although it's hetero focused, the scintillating book Hot Sex by Jamye Waxman and Emily Morse is chockablock with hot, panty-dropping moves you can pull with a special bedfellow. It's got a bazillion handsome illustrations (which are way more fun to look at than cheeseball photographs) of couples walking on the wild side. Now go get busy!