Unlike many foreign countries, Americans are allowed to express opinions. And express them we do! From the grumbling butcher to the whining barista, Americans far and wide love putting their "two cents in" on just about any subject. That's why the Portland Mercury (America's weekly voice of the people!) is happy to introduce a new column--to replace our previous failed columns--entitled, SOUND OFF, AMERICAN! This new column gives you, Joe or Jane American, the opportunity to "sound off" or have your voice heard about the weighty issues of our times.

Every week, we'll pose a question that has been weighing heavily on the minds of Americans. Your job is to simply email us back with your response. Then, in next week's issue, we'll print the results! Democracy has never been so easy!


Which would you rather do?
Watch your mom tongue-kiss George W. Bush, OR eat an entire egg salad sandwich that's been drooled on by the members of Bon Jovi?

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