THE SECOND EFFORT to recall Mayor Sam Adams—after he lied about his relationship with former legislative intern Beau Breedlove in the run up to his 2008 election—looks like it may be even more of a disaster than the first.

I didn't think it was possible, either.

The second recall effort, which launched in January with ominous promises of big business backing from the likes of car dealer Ron Tonkin and Columbia Sportswear boss Tim Boyle, has so far gathered just over 10,000 signatures. That's with the help of paid signature gatherers. The previous recall effort fell short, having revealed in August 2009 that it needed 786 signatures a day to make its goals.

"I have an optimist gene I was born with," said former State Senator Avel Gordly, speaking for the second recall at a press conference outside city hall on April Fool's Day. "We still have 20 days."

To gather over 1,000 signatures a day? Just leave it, already!

Gordly was flanked by 20 recall volunteers, mainly pissed-off-looking middle-aged men, and of course, Breedlove himself, who has returned to Portland after vowing to begin his life anew on the East Coast. Breedlove showed up in shades, drinking a Rockstar energy drink. I now officially feel sorry for him.

"I've not turned on him," he said of Adams. "He turned on me."

Unfortunate though it may be, watching this train wreck is compulsive. Earlier last week, Breedlove hit out at those calling him a "fame seeker" on, after he posted about the recall on his blog.

"It is beyond my comprehension how people justify a politician lying to them to be elected," wrote Breedlove in the initial post. Cue Blogtown commenters' derision, and then cue Breedlove's response, criticizing "low-level media idiots" (touché) for linking to posts on his "PERSONAL BLOG" on their "online websites."

"In reality, YOU are the loseres [sic]," wrote Breedlove. "And YOU are the worthless, low life's [sic] who need to go away."

Then on Monday, April 5, Gordly launched a desperate Hail Mary with an op-ed in the Oregonian, saying the campaign could have a "fighting chance" if only somebody would donate $75,000 in the next few days.

Even in Oregon, I don't think there's any "losere" crazy enough to whip out their checkbook to answer a request like that. Not even "worthless, low life's" like Loren Parks—the guy who funded Bill Sizemore for years, who's now looking for other recipients for his right-wing money.

On second thought, I've got a bad feeling about this.