Johnny Ryan
Let's get real--"exercise" is not fun. Jogging? Not fun. Going to the gym? Not fun. Aerobics? Don't make me laugh. And when was the last time you saw a Power Walker with a big, shit-eating grin on their emaciated face? America's exercise culture is a bland hodgepodge of mind-numbingly repetitive physical toil, and if you stop wasting your money on unused gym memberships and accept that fact--you'll feel a lot better.

You know deep down it's not your fault… your body is capable of doing any workout activity; it's your mind that's keeping you from dragging your soft ass to 24-Hour Fitness. You don't like being bored! And far too many exercise options out there are exactly that: BOOO-RRRING! Stop forcing yourself to do something you hate and start getting fit… the fun way!

Compete. Good, healthy competition gets the blood flowing and the muscles working, but even more importantly, it engages the mind. You have to think to kick the shit out of your opponent, and thinking is fun! What's that you say? Don't like to compete? Of all the sports in the world, you can't think of a single one that might be fun to compete in? How about badminton? How about golf? Ultimate Frisbee? Cricket? Squash? Medieval battles with cardboard swords and armor? If you really can't find anything, then you really are one lazy good-for-nothing.

Hit the wilderness. Nothing dulls the mind more than pumping iron under flickering fluorescents, or jogging on the same streets you see every day of your life. Activate the brain by treading new areas of the great outdoors. Don't jog in the 'hood, jog in the woods. Don't lift weights at the gym, build muscle by climbing trees and mountains, and by swimming in lakes and streams. Go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Change the scenery, and fitness inspiration will follow.

Walk. Seriously. Walk. It's not hard, and it's extremely meditative. Instead of thinking about how crappy it feels to gasp and sweat, walking sparks the imagination and induces deep self-reflection. Walk with a partner and a great conversation is virtually guaranteed. Studies show that simply walking for 30 minutes three times a week significantly improves your overall health and life expectancy. Are you really going to tell me you can't find a half-hour to walk around a bit? Walk to work, for God's sake, or walk to the grocery store. Combine an errand with the walking and give your exercise purpose and focus. Just walk, Flabb-o… just walk.