Comedian Doug Benson has never shied from his reputation as a pothead. He's even been recognized in High Times as such, and it doesn't get more credible than that. Now he's come out with Super High Me, a stoner production if there ever was one, which, it is no doubt hoped, will catapult him into the addled consciousness of pop culture tokers alongside Tommy Chong, Willie Nelson, and Snoop.

It began as a joke: If Morgan Spurlock could make Super Size Me, a film about eating McDonald's for 30 days, why not try the same experiment with weed? Director Michael Blieden took Benson up on it, and the documentary that results is severely scattered, but frequently hilarious... quite like an aimless afternoon with a bag of weed, actually.

In it, Benson, a habitual pot smoker, spends 30 days not smoking weed, followed by 30 days smoking it nonstop. During both phases, he is given a set of tests: SATs, physical exams, tests of psychic ability, sperm count, etc. (Surprisingly, he improves on the SATs and his sperm count skyrockets. Unsurprisingly, he gains eight pounds and becomes seven times more psychic.)

There are somewhere around three or four incomplete films here: An attempted serious look at the physical and mental consequences of chronic pot smoking in the vein of the film it was inspired by (unfortunately, Super High Me is way too half-assed to succeed at this); a documentation of the legalization of medical marijuana (it haphazardly makes a mockery of the movement as a sham for recreational use, but sympathizes with the struggle of California's dispensaries against the feds); and a funny stoner romp with not only Benson but fellow funny peeps like Sarah Silverman (who definitely inhales) and Dana Gould, among others. With one foot in something serious, and the other in good-time silliness, nothing is really accomplished here.

Yep. That sounds about right.