AWE: In addition to to occasional Mercury contributions and devoting his time to the Labor Movement, the Incredible Kid spins "funk, hip hop, soul, old-school R&B, indie, Latin, girl groups, electronic miscellanea, and whatever moves the crowd." He'll be toting selections from his enormous, eclectic roster to Satyricon this Tuesday, Oct 31.

How did you get your moniker?

It was my all-powerful alter ego in my invented childhood superhero pantheon.

What's your greatest record score?

I refuse to single one out. Let's just say I have been blessed many, many times.

If you could spin while somebody rapped, who would that person be?


What is your dream date?

The events and locales mean nothing. It is all about the exchange of a palpitant and inflationary erotic charge.

Who's your favorite boy band?

The Ramones.

What do you really think of Jay-Z?

It would be nice if he rapped about less utterly redundant and stereotypical subjects.

Who's prettier, Britney or Christina?

Apples and oranges. They both have a certain appeal, and know how to use it.

What do you look for in a girl?

Awareness and energy.

Favorite color? Food? Car?

Blue, thai, bicycle or skateboard.

Favorite school subject?

Feverish resistance.

Favorite sport?

Bridge jumping and cliff diving.


Anything by the Rondelles
Kool Keith, Sex Style
My Bloody Valentine,Loveless
Helium, Pirate Prude EP
Stereolab,Music for the Amorphous Body Study Center

Shout outs?

ILWU Local 5, Caleb Peregrine and Jeremy Pinkham, the motherfucking mack.