IT'S BEEN two ice ages since we (ME!) have been part of the all-ages college set, so we turned to our delightful 20-year-old intern Zibby Pillote to answer our questions about what on earth a person does for fun (when they're not legally drinking oneself to sleep every night). As a head honcho of Lewis & Clark's newspaper, she knows a thing or two about milking Portland for every ounce of underage fun.

MERCURY: So what do "you people" do for fun?

ZIBBY PILLOTE: If we aren't at a house party, we are drinking in the woods or by the river. We will go to late-night food carts or Last Thursday. Honestly, if I didn't go to college and have college-y stuff to do all the time, I'm sure I would get bored as an underage person in Portland.

Any favorite hangout spots?

We like to go to Powell's, Tea Chai Te in Sellwood, Value Village, the waterfront if it's nice out, Stumptown in the Ace Hotel, this cute thrift store on NW 22nd and Glisan, Mike's Drive In, TartBerry yogurt, the Pied Cow, Hotcake House... oh, and I really like seeing things at the Hollywood Theatre. 

How about late-night action?

One good coffee shop that you can go to late night is SE Grind. All-ages venues suck in Portland. The best all-ages shows I've been to have been in the balcony of the Mississippi [Studios] or at the Doug Fir during the day when we kiddies were let in. The best venue by far was the Artistery, but that closed. Bring it back!

How about those skanky 18+ dance places?

Awful. I've never been to the really popular one, the Escape. I've been to the Golden Dragon, the 18+ strip club, and it was really depressing.

How about fake IDs?

Yes, I have one. My life has changed quite a bit since I got it, too. I definitely recommend it if you are into music, since it is nearly impossible to see a decent band in this town unless you are 21 (okay, that was dramatic, but it is way more fun to see them in a bar than in a fucking park). Just be careful. They are expensive and you want to get a good one.

Any other all-ages fun to be had?

It just takes creativity, planning, and good friends. There is so much you can do for free... for example, drinking free wine at First Thursday, or seeing bands play on the waterfront during the Rose Festival. Go see matinees with your student discount! Go to the [Goodwill] Bins! Write in the bathroom at Backspace! Take a class at the IPRC! Start your own band! Make your own beer!