BUMPS My bump, my bump, my bump, my lovely lady bumps.

THE PORTLAND UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL is upon us once again, so let's affix tiny lights to our proverbial helmets and delve into some subterranean cinema.

The Good: The shorts on tap (screening Sat June 30) are varied and amusing. And while it's about as underground as Zooey Deschanel, the inclusion of Tandem Hearts (Sun July 1) in the festival feels unfair. It probably cost about as much to make as the others, but a good eye and I assume lots of Apple products really show in terms of quality. Following the mumblecore travails of a gamine pair of Portland transplants, Hearts is a sweet little film, but Trash Humpers it's not.

The Bad: Equal parts Battlestar Galactica clips, truther theories, and lens flares, SpaceDisco One (Sat June 30) is a horrible clusterfuck and you shouldn't see it.

The Ugly: An avant-garde take on a supposed high school pregnancy plot, Bumps (Sun July 1) lands comfortably in the sweet spot between competent and unwatchable. Sound and editing issues abound, but it's fun to see some young ladies make a movie in their own voice.

See the Clinton Street Theater's website for complete PUFF listings.