Landlord from Hell: You wanted to sell the house we were renting from you. It was nice of you to offer us another rental (albeit for $200 more a month). What wasn't nice was getting phone calls every other day for the next six weeks, in which you shouted and threatened us every time you discovered NORMAL wear and tear in the house you wanted to sell. You towered over me as I scrubbed your kitchen grout with a metal brush, and painted the closets (that were pink when we moved in) white. You threatened my mom's life and nearly gave her a heart attack during the very unprofessional walk-through. We realized that you and your wife are crazy, pill-popping bitches when you falsely accused us of changing your basement door. We weren't even allowed to have one dust web on the ceiling after judiciously paying our rent on time every month, and leaving that house in completely move-in-ready condition. (I noticed it sold immediately, by the way.) I hope your next tenants knock huge holes in the ceiling, spray paint the walls black, piss all over your carpet, and breed 10,000 diseased rats in the basement! Then you will know what a bad tenant is really like. I hope your dog runs away and that your clean-freak wife comes home with syphilis.—Anonymous