Illustration by Kalah Allen

I've been thinking lately about what would happen if a major disaster happened here in our little bubble, of the kind that wipes out power for weeks at a time. Could you depend on your neighbor to help you if they had the resources? Would you do the same for them? I'm only saying this because I've noticed a significant change in social patterns. To put it bluntly, people don't acknowledge each other in a friendly way anymore, for the most part. My particular street has had a major influx of people over the last five years, and folks just don't talk to each other. When that tragic, shocking time comes and the only way you can get news is within a mile from your location because the cellular grid and wifi are blown out, you'll wish you'd made friends with that guy or girl on the block that you always pass up and never make eye contact with. We can't survive weeks without the things we take for granted unless we work together.—Anonymous