I just found some dog shit on my shoe. I went to Cathedral Park after work for some relaxation and picture-taking. Lots of people, lots of dogs, and LOTS of piles of shit, either in a little blue bag just thrown aside or actual piles of shit. I made my way through this maze and managed to somewhat enjoy my visit. Getting into my car, I smelled some dog shit, but I thought that perhaps it was a residual odor left from that minefield of canine fecal matter I just made my way through. Not so. I got home, took off my shoes and bam! Big fucking smear of smelly brown feces right there on the sole, and a little on the side. I know people in this town love to hate kids and babies, but god-fucking-damn-it, never in all of my days have I ever stepped on a dirty diaper. Dogs in bars, dogs at restaurants, walking down the street and there's a fucking dog. EVERY FUCKING PARK IN THE CITY: DOGS! And with all of this comes the dog's shit and piss fucking EVERYWHERE. I fucking hate dogs now; time to burn my shoes.—Anonymous