With the boom of luxury apartments and condos on the rise in my 'hood, I was in denial that this city was pushing the bohemian, quirky characters out of my beloved Southeast. But the displacement of Cartopia (SE 12th and Hawthorne) by apartment developers is the nail in the coffin.

WTF? I enjoy the quirkiness, my artisans, my tattoo-covered, my funky art-making and clothes-wearing and non-chained anything and everything. This food cart pod is the last place us thirtysomethings can enjoy a meal under $20, a smoke, a bourbon and beer, and not have to use selective language around minors.

I don't want to pay $900 for a studio. I do not want to shop at a Whole Foods or have a Starbucks every two miles. I don't want restaurants that close at 9 pm.

Where can I sign up to find a way to keep SE from turning into the Pearl?—Anonymous