Dear Rich Suburban Nazi: I would like to congratulate you on the fact that when you were on the bus with your friends you didn't say a word. Even when you and your buddies got to your stop, you all were quiet. The doors closed, and as the bus drove away you banged on the silent Hispanic person's window and yelled "FUCKIN' BEANER!" Congratulations! Congratulations on showing exactly how cowardly your genre of people really are. Not only were you waiting until there was no chance he could have replied to your ignorance but you also escaped to your predominantly white suburb after leaving downtown. If you don't like the variety of people in this city you should just move away with all your neo-Nazi redneck relatives. I hope I see you on that bus again so I can kick your teeth in. I guarantee we'll both be taking the same stop next time and I won't be "anonymous" to you.—Anonymous