Kalah Allen

Dear men who like head: Hey, self-proclaimed (yet still single) "beer geek," want better odds on bedding that hot temptress at the end of the bar? Then don't assume she just rolled off the Hefeweizen bottling line. Why don't you ask her what her favorite styles of beer are, rather than assuming you need to be her teacher? Perhaps you'll hear a sexy response such as "Flemish Red." Don't forget that women owned the beer industry right up until Prohibition, and that we don't like being talked down to. Next time you want to school some cutie cuz she might be impressed, she won't be. She'll think you're a pompous dork, and will find some other dork who will actually talk to her as an equal, and then you can go back to your spot at the bar right next to all of your other single buddies and wax poetic about malts and hops.—Anonymous